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My hubby and I were driving home from visiting his dad, and suddenly, with no warning and no bathroom or private area to 'go'...I was suddenly hit with unbearable cramps and IBS pain; and the urge...I tried to hold it; but didn't make it two minutes before I lost the battle. I ended up having explosive diarrhea that ended up all down inside my pant legs, socks and shoes and the odor was horrible!

I had to ride home like that and my dear hubby opened all the windows, trying to help. Once home, I had to jump out and run into the house and just get into the shower fully clothed and let it wash away the mess as I undressed, bathed and then cleaned and disinfected the tub and shower, in tears the whole time! For long trips I use Imodium, but I wasn't prepared for a short trip of 15 to 20 minutes! Now when I say I have to 'go' my hubby starts looking for a suitable place immediately!

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We had just flown back from our summer vacation in Cyprus and I was off again on a short business trip with a colleague the very next day. After a five hour drive we arrived at our hotel and then went out to dinner. We decided on Indian food and I made a big mistake by ordering something too spicy. It was a five minute walk back to our hotel and not long after leaving the restaurant I knew that I needed the toilet.

I tried as hard as I could to hold it in but without much success and ended up messing myself which was hugely embarrassing to say the least. Lucky for me I had packed a second pair of pants! I ended up cutting short the business of the day to return to my hotel room to sleep off the symptoms of IBS. I will never forget what happened that day and I have learnt that traveling really aggravates my IBS.

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I went out to eat with my boyfriend and my roommate before going to a concert. I had fried chicken fingers which I now know is a no-no, but at the time I only knew I was lactose intolerant and sometimes also got sick for an unknown reason. I have since been diagnosed with IBS.

Anyway, we got to the concert, and not ten minutes later I felt my stomach start bubbling. I ended up running to the bathroom, which was packed with people and barely made it in there. I went to the bathroom some, and was in a ton of pain, so my boyfriend who is very understanding about my condition, started to escort me out of the theater which was a bit of a walk.

We finally got to the car at the end of a very large parking lot, and started to drive out. I had him drive because I was in way too much pain. Then all of a sudden as we started to drive out of the parking spot, I had to go. I was suddenly in so much pain I thought I was going to die right there and I was having all I could do to keep from passing out.

I looked around frantically and saw some very tall grass at the end of the row. My poor boyfriend was frantic, having seen me get sick like this before, but this was worst attack I had ever had. If I didn't get somewhere where I could go to the bathroom right then, it was going to come out no matter what!

He started backing up the car and was so nervous and worried for me he ran into a parked car. (We ended up leaving them a note since it was such a huge concert and all I wanted to do was go home). I ended up squatting in the tall grass with him standing by as I emptied my intestines painfully, getting bit by mosquitoes and hoping there were no snakes lurking.

Needless to say it was pretty messy and I got some on my pants which was absolutely horrifying. My poor boyfriend was so understanding and helpful. We rode all the way home with me holding my tummy hoping that I could make it home again before the next explosion, which I did.

I just can't even imagine how embarrassing it would have been if we had left a minute earlier and I got that sudden attack while we were driving down the road. What would I have done then? I live in a metro area, and there definitely would not have been any grass or trees to hide behind!

Now that I have discovered Imodium, I never leave home without it - and I don't eat at restaurants anymore just before I go out somewhere! You just never know what they put in the food.

Well where do I start...I don't know if IBS comes on suddenly or progressively but for the last few months I've been having diarrhea on and off, combined with cramps and gas...it all culminated in me rushing for a public toilet...and not quite making it! I was barely five feet from the cubicle when it happened...I was stuck in the toilet for an hour with my lower half of clothing completely soiled...pants...shoes and socks...everything...all I could do was cry.

Nothing like that had ever happened before, what's worse I had just finished having breakfast with some of my fellow co-workers and one of them had to rush to my house to get me some clean clothes, after I had to ask a complete stranger to go and get them from the restaurant lobby.

I have never been so embarrassed, my self-confidence has taken a huge dive since it happened and I feel so ashamed...I had no control over it and tried to clean the cubicle as best I could while I was stuck in there...suffice to say I will not be going back to that shopping mall again.

When I think about it, I wonder if it will happen again...it really scares me, I'm afraid to go out clubbing or be with friends in public places for fear that it might just happen again...that evil diarrhea how dare it. Never mind, it's good that there are others out there not so afraid to share their experiences, hopefully western or eastern medicine will some day sort it out.

I was catching a train home from Center City Philadelphia, and as soon as I stepped on, guess what! I was in for a 45 minute ride from hell! My friend sitting next to me was very confused as to my state of panic/distress. I couldn't tell her that I was trying to hold back the most intense case of explosive diarrhea ever!

I'm just glad that I was able to hold out until I got home...this was the worst experience of my life, and as I look back on it, it must have been one of the weirdest for my friend, who probably thought I was going into labor!

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