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I was shopping in town with absolutely no IBS symptoms that day when suddenly the sweating and gripes started while I was in Next. I grabbed any old pair of jeans off the rail and ran into the fitting room. I pulled a carrier bag out of my bag and managed to 'go' into that.

Luckily I was carrying some perfume and sprayed it about, dumped my carrier into my bag and shot out of the shop. Thank you for this site - I have never, ever told anyone that and know of no-one personally who has (or will own up to) IBS.

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OK...there I was on a beautiful weekend day, with my then boyfriend and a couple of friends of his, visiting from another country. We had gone to an area that had walking trails overlooking beautiful bluffs. Well about 20 minutes into this crowded hike and very far away from the bathroom the first IBS cramp struck. I had fallen back behind the group since any more strenuous activity would certainly expedite this process.

As the minutes went by it was evident that I needed to go and fast. I desperately (and in much pain) attempted to make my way back towards the main area where there was a restroom, after I reassured the rest of the group to continue on without me.

I told them to meet me back at the car in about an hour, which I estimated it would take for the hike to finish and my stomach to settle. Well, about 50 feet from the restroom the explosion took place. I could feel the weight of it in my jeans and was desperate to get to a stall before it stained through everything.

I flew into the restroom which had two stalls and no toilet paper to be found. There was maybe a small handful of paper hand towels which I grabbed. As I tried to clean the mess I seemed to make it worse as it was now everywhere down my legs, socks, shoes, all over the seat and now the floor. The smell couldn't have been more sick.

As I frantically scrambled now outside of the bathroom stall for more paper, I had locked the front door to prevent anyone from coming into the area. I was forced to dig through the garbage pail for anything I could use. Not for long though since two people were now banging to get in.

I desperately tried to clean up this mess which now seemed everywhere, scrambled to put my soiled jeans back on, and counted to three before I opened the door and literally bolted past the others waiting to get in. As my heart continued to pound away I got into the car and drove a half hour away to a nearby Gap store.

I tied a sweater around my waist and stood on line with a new pair of jeans. While on line a small child got blamed for the wretched smell. (There is a God.) I bought the jeans, changed in a nearby diner and made my way back to pick up my friends who had been waiting in the lot.

Unfortunately, I could not camouflage the smell left on the car seat which enveloped the car. No mystery there! They were all kind though as they chose to avoid discussing the whole debacle. We just drove with the windows open. I pray for a normal stomach in my next life.

We had finally got out of the house together, and we were driving an hour and a half to go to the mall. I was in Old Navy looking around while my mom went to the bathroom. (She had been there for about 20 minutes.) She came back looking really worried and said we had to leave.

We literally had to run, and the whole way she was crying, because by then she had pooped her pants. Luckily she had bought a new pair of pants that day, and we went to the nearest bathroom so that she could change.

Hello, my name is Sherry. I have found out that I have IBS with DDD. I call that triple D (for diarrhea). I could really write a six-page essay about my horrible days, but I will not write about them all.

Before I found out that I have IBS I would have these 'poop fits' as I call them. I would speak to my friends about how my stomach got to feeling. This is the way I felt. I would get horrible pains in my stomach, I would then feel extremely hot, sweaty and very nauseas, like some other stories I have read here. You really do not know what end to put on the toilet, literally.

I would sit on the toilet with my head in the trash can. No-one knew how I felt, my husband just thought I was being 'stupid'. With no-one to turn to, that knew how I felt, I have been all alone in the world.

This is the embarrassing part. I never know when I am going to have to run to the toilet. At work, I literally run to the nearest toilet. Run as fast as I can. Well hopefully no-one who works with me reads this as it is very bad.

We had our Christmas party, with lots of treats, goodies and just plain food that I should not eat. Well you guessed it I ate and ate and ate. My fault, but it was all good finger food. Thinking it is only finger food I could indulge. Well, guess what happened. I felt that feeling in my guts, and I ran, thinking the whole time I am not going to make it, I will not make it.

I turned around to see if anyone was coming. As I hit the bathroom door I started to pull my pants down, I really did not want to poop my pants again, it happens so frequently. Well as I hit the stall my pants were down, I started to sit on the toilet and bam, it hit.

I literally went all over the wall, floor and stall. It was a wild storm, I really started to laugh, better to laugh then to cry I was thinking and thank God that no-one was in the stall beside me cause the force of the 'runs' splatted all over the place, into the next stall. I had never been so embarrassed in my life.

I had to wash the wall, the toilet and the stall, the one I was in and the one next to me. It took me 30 minutes to clean that up. I would look out the door to make sure no-one was around. Some days are better some are worse.

Thanks for this site it has really helped me understand that I am not alone and there are others who will know just how I feel. My husband thinks I am just being stupid and is embarrassed when we go anywhere. God bless you all.

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I live from constipation to diarrhea daily. You would think I would be as skinny as a rail! My most memorable moment was recently. I took my son school shopping on a Saturday. I try to eat a little something mid-morning because my IBS is doubly worse when I haven't eaten anything prior to lunch. I forgot that morning.

Anyway, after shopping we decide to stop into a restaurant where my other son's girlfriend is waitressing. I order fajitas. Within 15 minutes of finishing my meal, I feel the need to go so I use their bathroom, three or four times within say 15 minutes. Think I am done? No!

With sonny's girlfriend in tow, we decide to hit one more store, thinking everything is clear. We get in the store, the urge hits. It just so happens the girlfriend used to work for the same store. She asks if I can use their bathroom and is told they don't have a restroom, that even the employees use the restroom next door at the grocers.

Well, in a pair of khaki shorts, I made the 'wobble' to the front door and never made it out. By then it was mainly mucous but none the less, smelly and noticeable. My son's girlfriend hadn't seen this before but was so sweet. I was so embarrassed by the smell traveling the 30 miles we had to travel but she was too nice. My son drove so I wouldn't stain my drivers seat.

There have more occasions of 'accidents' than I care to admit, days of going around my office hoping no one notices the 'spot'. My husband tells me to keep extra clothes with me at all times, but I always forget to bring them in.

For years, I thought I was the only one who ever had accidents until I met my angel, my best friend. She is symptomatic with Crohn's and suffers like I do. This has been going on for 25 years since elementary school. I am so glad to know I am not alone.

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