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My IBS story happened about two years ago. I had recently been dating a man and one night he asked if I wanted to stay over at his. I accepted the invite and was really looking forward to it. I went round in the evening and we got a takeout and had a lovely evening chatting and eating and laughing around.

It started getting late and I was preparing to go to bed when I started to feel sick with IBS, then my stomach felt like it was a washing machine. I just let it pass - you see at this time I didn't realize I had IBS, I got the odd bout of diarrhea and constipation but thought nothing of it. Then about five minutes later the feelings came back but more intense. I didn't know what to do, I really didn't want him to catch on that I needed to have a huge poop! So using his toilet wasn't an option.

I made my excuses and said I'd forgotten my toothbrush, I must go home and get it - by this time it was 1am. I ran to my car clenching my butt cheeks together and trying not to think that I needed the toilet - they say it's mind over matter - not in this case.

I started to drive home and did put my foot down, as I got to the end of the road I could feel something happening under me and spreading out of my knickers. I pulled over and searched the car for something to sit on - but nothing! I had to just drive home and hope that my car seat wasn't in too much mess!

I got in ran to the bathroom and just sat on the toilet with my undies on still - didn't want to get it all over the floor. I cleaned my self up and the car seat in the dark, got changed and headed back to my boyfriend's place, where he was a bit baffled why I had changed.

I have only just been diagnosed with IBS and am now determined to do something about it - it ruins your life and the people around you have to be very understanding.

My doctor has put me on some tablets called Mintec which are peppermint oil capsules. Only just started on them and writing a food diary so I can pinpoint the foods which disagree with me the most. If you have any feedback on treatments I would be most grateful.

E-mail address: [email protected]

Embarrassing moments. My gosh, there are too many to ever list here...ha! After having this for almost 18 years, my stories could take up several pages! I would like to say that I have gotten used to these 'accidents', but I think the word is more like tolerant, since there seems to be nothing I can do about it! It started when my son was just over a year old, in 1985, and I was about 22 years old. I am now 39, and I am still living with this nightmare!

I have been out getting gas at some gas station and it hit. I ran, with gas deal still in my tank, just to try and make it to their bathroom before it is all over me. This has happened at least two or three times. Twice I made it, once I didn't. I know everyone thought I must be crazy. I never went back to those places for gas again, even though I know they had no clue what my deal was!

I have been out shopping when it has hit many, many times and if it weren't for either my sister, or a very good friend shopping with me, I would have probably stayed in the bathroom at that store, or mall, until they closed, just so no one could see me, or smell me. How horrible!

I have been out with friends and it strike, either at a concert, or just partying, and thank goodness on those few occasions I made it to the bathroom on time. I normally try to wear a panty liner, just in case.

It wouldn't totally protect me if I did, pardon the expression, 'blow'.. but it would at least keep some of it from hitting my clothes, or if I had just a slight trickle come out, I was saved and wouldn't be in the bathroom for an hour trying to scrub a spot from the seat of my pants and letting a hand dryer dry my pants...ha! Which, by the way, I have done in a private bathroom where only I was in there.

It has even happened in the middle of sex before. No, I didn't have any accidents, I was able to immediately go to the bathroom, but afterward the mood was ruined completely for me, and you always feel that no matter how well you clean up, shower, scrub, douche, whatever, that the person still might 'smell' something, even though you know, somewhere in your mind that they really can't. It doesn't matter, the mood is gone!

That feeling is totally horrible. And I am sure you women out there know exactly how it feels to have diarrhea, so much that your behind actually gets sore and the last thing you want is your partner down below messing with you, etc...

I just thank goodness that my family, and friends, that are closest to me understand and never laugh, or make light of what I am dealing with. Friends and family that know when I say you need to find a place, now, that I do mean now, right now! And they know I keep clothes in my car and my best friend has a key to my house! Ha! There have been many times someone has had to go to my house for clothes.

One time a friend bought me some sweat pants at the store we were in because we were to far from home for her to go and get clothes and I forgot to bring any, thinking that all would be fine! They know after all this time that my condition is very serious and not in my head, or any other thing that some people say. You know, those that have never experienced such an ordeal!

Now when I travel, I never go without at least one or two sets of clothes, depending on the length of the trip! Even just for a simple one day of work I carry extra clothes in my car! Oh yes, like the rest of you, I have had it all over me, down my legs, socks, shoes, in jeans, pantyhose, etc...so I know exactly how you all feel, believe me. Eighteen years makes me pretty much a pro on this situation.

I could go on, but I believe this gives you an idea of all that I have gone through in the past 18 years and I have definitely had my share of embarrassing moments. Trust me!

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