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Digestive Advantage

digestive advantage

Overall rating 3.8/5 based on 59 reviews

Digestive Advantage used to be known as Digestive Advantage Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but is now called Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support. The ingredients in the new Intensive Bowel Support product are exactly the same as in the old IBS formula. Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support is a probiotic supplement which helps to maintain the balance of good bacteria in the intestines.

Digestive Advantage is designed to help with occasional digestive upsets such as diarrhea, gas and bloating. The product comes in tablet form.

Digestive Advantage side effects

The most common side effects of Digestive Advantage are mild gas and bloating at the start of treatment.


Review by Carolyn

I have IBS-D. If I didn't take Digestive Advantage I would experience diarrhea after every meal, no matter the type of food or size of the meal. For those of you who have IBS-D with some constipation try to supplement with Florastor. I remove a small amount from the Digestive Advantage capsule and replace that with a small amount of Florastor. Florastor increases the regularity of bowel movements and increases the normalcy of bowel movements.

As many have said, I too have found no other product that can replace the effectiveness of the Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support capsules. One problem though - be sure to never finish a box without testing the next box first. Twice, from Amazon, I've gotten a bad box. The probiotic must have been subjected to improper temperature control and the bacteria were dead.

I've ordered many times from both Walmart and Amazon, for maybe five years solely from Amazon, but Amazon's suppliers or warehousers on rare occasions send me a bad box. I order one box at a time, the 96-count supply.

Like I've said, I've been burned twice and this stuff is difficult to find in stores, so it's a real problem to receive a bad box. Heed my advice, always test out the new box for two to three dosages before you let the current box run out.

Review by Dana

This product is amazing! For the first time in years I feel normal. This product worked for me from the first day without any side effects. Absolutely love this.

Review by Betsy

I never knew I had IBS but I have had a history of bowel movement fluctuations since I was a child. I've gone through all the tests but I was never diagnosed. It finally got totally out of control and my doctor suggested Florastor, which wasn't in the store, so I researched and went with Align instead, which did nothing to help.

I came across Digestive Advantage IBS and it was almost immediately like a miracle! For the first time in my life I had normal, daily, mostly regular BMs. It was amazing! Then recently I noticed that none of the stores had the product, so I purchased the newly 'renamed' product. I don't care what they say claim about it being exactly the same, I almost immediately started having issues again. I've read the comments here and know there are others who agree. If anyone still has the old and new product packages, please compare and see if the ingredients are exactly the same and post a response. If they are the same then I can only guess that the ingredients are not of the same quality. Thanks.

Review by Gary

I've had IBS for over 30 years and I've been prescribed all the medications available over the years. I've had very little, if any, long-term help, just many flare-ups and very restricted diets. I found Digestive Advantage Irritable Bowel Syndrome a year or so ago, and when I tried it I felt the best I have ever felt and I was able to enjoy a much wider variety of foods than I was able to before. I was overjoyed.

Then I noticed I had trouble finding it. I found this website and saw that the name had been changed. I bought the the Intensive Bowel Support and noticed a change for the worse right away. The change is obvious: burning and bowel movement changes. I found another box of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome formula and tried it and my symptoms improved. I tried this twice with the same results.

I ordered online and they sent me the new product, even though I ordered the Irritable Bowel Syndrome formula. There's something different than just a name change. It's so disappointing after finding something that works after all these years, and I hope they bring back the old product. I will be researching and trying something new soon.

Review by Kelcey

I have IBS-C and I have been using Digestive Advantage for a couple of years now. While it did not make my symptoms go away, it definitely does help. I take it first thing every morning with another supplement called Colostrum which has been shown in a recent study to reduce 'runner's runs' and diarrhea in endurance athletes, especially marathon runners. (I do triathlons and I am fearing the day I have an episode at an event.) I have just started the Colostrum, so don't know if that's helping yet.

Review by Ginger Ray

I have had IBS almost all of my life. I was diagnosed about 15 years ago but suffered with the symptoms for years prior to the diagnosis. At the time the doctor gave me some pills to try and they did nothing to help me, so he had me stop taking them. I ran across Digestive Advantage IBS (now called Intensive Bowel Support) and within a week it took care of 99% of my IBS symptoms! One pill twice daily is what works for me. I have been taking it for a few years and would never be without it. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Review by Barbara

I have IBS-D and Digestive Advantage has worked great for me for 10 years. Activia also works just as well so I would get one or the other, depending on what is available. I would get the big container of plain Activia which is very thick and creamy and can be used in place of sour cream. The last Digestive Advantage tablet that I took were the blue chewable tablets so I don't know how the new tablets will work.

At this time, unfortunately, I have been on unemployment for five months so I have to go the cheapest route. Regrettably I take two generic Imodium tablets a day, sometimes four. As soon as I find work, if I can tolerate the new formula, I will be back on the Digestive Advantage as it is cheaper than Activia.

Review by Cory

I've had IBS since my gallbladder was removed about 13 years ago. Nothing worked on my fluctuating diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating and pain. I had to plan meals, social events and even driving around the availability of a toilet. It wasn't until my GI doc suggested Digestive Advantage for IBS that found relief, and it was fantastic! After only two days on it, I was able to eat breakfast for the first time in a decade! (Morning meals triggered diarrhea for me.)

Though it hasn't completely cured me, my symptoms have drastically improved and my life has totally changed for the better. The only problem I have on it is that I am more prone to constipation now, but this tends to go away if I increase my fiber intake or exercise more.

Review by Jess

I was diagnosed with IBS-C this year and was put on OTC medication (Beano and fiber medication) which did nothing to help the symptoms, and in the case of the fiber, made them worse! I found Digestive Advantage-IBS on this site, and after reading all the reviews thought I had nothing to lose by giving the capsules a shot.

It's been five weeks now and my symptoms are 99% better! I now have regular BMs and almost no gas, bloating or pain. I was having most of my symptoms at night, so I take my capsule at night and for the first time in years, I'm not kept awake with terrible gas and painful bloating.

I still have to watch what/the amount I eat to manage symptoms, but this medication has saved me! I even just bought a whole year's supply on Amazon today (it works, so I might as well stock up - just in case!).

Review by Ken

After hearing the success others have had I decided to try this. Unfortunately I think this medicine is better suited for people with IBS-C who have trouble moving their stools. I suffer from IBS-D and it really didn't help. I tried it for about a week and a half and I believe it made my diarrhea worse. I had absolutely no formation in my stool and I am going to stop using this.

Review by Kathleen

I have suffered from IBS with alternate bouts of constipation and diarrhea for about 10 years. I have had two colonoscopies, endoscopies, tried Zelnorm, dicyclomine, and an elimination diet (I am lactose intolerant). After I eliminated dairy products from my diet I continued to have IBS symptoms. My gastroenterologist advised me to try Align, which I did for a month with no improvement. I gave it up, then came across Digestive Advantage IBS. Within 24 hours my symptoms began to clear up. I have become pain-free due to this product. In addition, Digestive Advantage is about one-third the price of Align. I wanted to pass this information on.

Review by Roxanne

I have suffered from IBS for over 30 years. About a year ago, after a really bad episode at work, I ran to the drugstore on my lunch hour. I came across Digestive Advantage IBS. I decided to try it. To my surprise, after about a week or so it was my miracle cure.

I used to have about three or four bad episodes a week. At one point I lost a lot of weight because I couldn't keep anything in me. I now have an episode maybe once every couple of months. I cannot say enough about this product. It has been a lifesaver for me.

Review by Jan

I had an official IBS-D diagnosis about two years ago but I have suffered with the symptoms for about 30 years. Over the years my symptoms have worsened so I had some medical tests run. The gastroenterologist sent me home with a note to increase my fiber intake.

Dr Gott is a medical advice newspaper columnist in my area and I noticed several letters to him raving about Digestive Advantage. I started taking it about a year ago and the results have been miraculous. I have had almost no IBS symptoms. For the past two weeks, however, my symptoms have returned and I don't know what has triggered them. I am still faithfully taking the Digestive Advantage and praying for recovery.

Review by Bridget

I have had IBS for some years and finally happened upon Digestive Advantage IBS at Wal-Mart some five years ago, the chewable berry-flavored/original tabs, and they were five star. But like everything else in this world they can't leave it alone when they have a good thing. So now I'm back to searching for something that will work.

The new improved capsules only improved my cramping, bloating, irritable bowel all the more. I also wrote the company and received an 'Oh well' type answer. With a 'Well we probably will not make the little chewable tabs anymore and if we do it will probably be with the sugar substitute'. Gee, thanks!

Review by Brenda

I've been using Digestive Advantage IBS tablets for quite some time now with wonderful relief from my symptoms, but ever since the switch to the new product in the capsules, 50 to 60% of my symptoms have returned. I have been searching out all the old tablet product I can find on the internet and ordering it. I wish the manufacturers would go back to offering the old product. I just don't know what to do when I have used up all that I can find.

Review by Natasha

I ordered Digestive Advantage from the US (I live in Canada) last year since my IBS-C is so very severe. It got rid of my constipation for three months and then stopped working. I'm extremely sad that it stopped working just like that. My constipation is the worst ever. I only have one bowel movement a month so you can imagine how happy I was when it was helping my C. Now since it doesn't work anymore I don't know what to do. I thought I was getting my life back.

Review by A

Digestive advantage chewable tablets changed my life. I eat yogurt with cultures every morning as well. I have problems when I allow myself to eat too much of what I know I probably shouldn't, but sometimes I can get away with eating 'bad' foods in small quantities without any problems.

Review by Brenda

I had been suffering with the pain of IBS for over 10 years. I had a colonoscopy, barium test, etc and was prescribed Librax, which did nothing more than make me feel lethargic. The gastroenterologist diagnosed IBS with diarrhea so I went to the internet and came across information about Digestive Advantage, which isn't available in Canada. I had a friend bring me a box from the US, and after only two days my bloating and swelling was reduced. After a week my severe pain subsided, and after a month of taking Digestive Advantage all my symptoms disappeared.

I brought the box to my follow-up visit with the doctor and he checked out the website and said that they have been trying to scientifically prove that Lactobacillus works but can't. I haven't had to take Digestive Advantage for months now but I keep a box on hand, just in case. I only wish that it could be purchased in Canada.

Review by Amy

I've taken Digestive Advantage chewable non-sugar pills for four days, and I seem to be getting worse and worse. I know that artificial sweeteners don't agree with me, so that might be the problem. The bloating and cramping are worse, and the pain seems to be moving back up to my esophagus, which it hasn't done in a while. It could be just coincidence, but I'm stopping taking the pills just in case.

Review by Jennifer

I have had IBS/colitis (different diagnoses from different doctors) for almost 11 years, with severe diarrhea and bloating for almost all that time. None of the prescription drugs worked well for me. Nothing did until I found Digestive Advantage. Suddenly, although I still had diarrhea, it was not as severe, nor did I have the pain and cramps. I could even eat an occasional salad, an unheard of treat during these years.

Then they changed the formula. And my symptoms got quite a bit worse. Not knowing why, I went to a doctor, and after thousands of dollars in (unnecessary) tests, and recommendations to take steroids (which I refused), he determined it was the change in sweeteners which was causing the diarrhea. Not a smart move for a medication for diarrhea sufferers.

The company's response to my complaint was extremely flippant and dismissive. And their claim that there is a non-chewable formula at Costco is not true...at least not at my local one. I am so disappointed and can only hope I can find something else that works.

Review by Jeanie

After reading all the comments about the change to the formula for Digestive Advantage, I went to Wal-Mart and saw that the reason the new formula may be a problem is because the first ingredient is erythritol! This is a sugar alcohol that can cause cramping and diarrhea in people with a normal gut. I wouldn't waste my money.

Review by Ana

I have had IBS-C for about two years now, triggered by my intolerance to hormonal birth control. I had been going crazy because my intestines would be inflamed, painful and bloated to the point of looking like I had a football stuck in my womb. I even had people ask me how far along I was.

A couple of weeks ago I had to go to a wedding and my constipation was so bad I couldn't fit into my dress. I went to CVS to find a laxative so that my bloating would mildly go away. I happened to see the box of Digestive Advantage and figured I'd give it a shot.

It has been about 10 days since I started taking this, and although it may be too soon to tell, it has done wonders for me! I finally feel comfortable and have had regular bowel movements since. I did experience gas and bloating for the first five days, but then it subsided and it's been great.

I don't know how well it actually helps with bowel movements because I do take fiber supplements as well as high fiber cereals and foods. Eating five or six small meals a day has also helped tremendously. I hope this product keeps working for me And I hope that others with this awful illness find some peace with it.

Review by Michelle

I love, love, love this product. I was diagnosed over a year ago with IBS-D. My life has been miserable and very lonely. I have tried everything imaginable with no results. I became very depressed. I'm currently on anti-depressants. About three weeks ago I went into our pharmacy to gets some meds filled and had to wait in line. As I was waiting, I happened to scan the shelves and noticed this product. What stuck out was the word IBS. I immediately grabbed the box and purchased it. I was in hopes of this helping me in any way.

Three weeks later I have had one bout of diarrhea (three hours worth of visiting the bathroom) due to eating huge quantities of goulash! Other than that I have had no diarrhea at all. The gas was bad for the first week but has subsided. I take their other product for gas and I am excited to say that the gas issue is almost non-existent. I still feel a bit jittery when I go out to eat but I am just careful what I eat and the amount. I wish I had stock in this company.

Review by Celeste

I have had IBS with constipation all my life. I have been taking Digestive Advantage for almost two weeks now, and my constipation is worse than it has ever been. My stool resembles golf balls and is very painful to pass. I have also had rectal bleeding. Then last night I had cramps so severe they were reminiscent of labor pains when I had my daughter. I was up half the night with some serious diarrhea. This drastic change in my bowel habits has me convinced that this medicine is not right for me.

Review by Elsie

I have had IBS-constipation for around three years. The gas and bloating used to be so bad that I could not close the pants I was wearing from one hour to the next due to the air in my intestines after eating a small meal.

I decided to try Digestive Advantage and found that it did help after steadily consuming two blue chewable tablets each day. One tablet did not seem to help me, but two tablets each morning before any food gave me wonderful results! I was able to avoid embarrassing bloating and gas in just eight weeks, although I still needed to be careful of what I ate.

The unfortunate thing is that the manufacturers have switched formulas, and they have added artificial sweetener! All artificial sweeteners create problems in my intestines - this is a fact I have learned about my body. I have stocked up on boxes of the old version, but what to do when I run out? I have emailed the company five times pleading with them to switch back to the old blue chewable, but I never get a courtesy reply or comment.

Review by Roberta

I used Digestive Advantage with good results, and I have suggested this supplement to other people as I was so pleased with the results. But the manufacturers have taken something out of the old pill, as the new formula in the new packaging does not work as well. I am very unhappy about this as I have had such a hard time finding help, and when I did they changed the formula. I would give the old pill a five-star rating, but the new one only a one. Now I will have to look for something else that will work as well as the first pill which was blue and bigger than the one now which is white and small.

Review by Kim

I was diagnosed with IBS 13 years ago and I was miserable until Zelnorm came along. Last fall I discovered Digestive Advantage. It has to build up in your system, but it works pretty well for me. It is not the magic pill that Zelnorm was, but it's better than nothing. For me, the best way that works is to take two chewable tablets at night before bed. I pray they bring Zelnorm back!

Review by Christine

Digestive Advantage works immensely well for me! I have been taking the tablets daily for two months. I have IBS (constipation and gas only) and I am also lactose intolerant. Within two weeks my symptoms were 95% gone. Every now and then I have some gas/bloating, but it usually goes away pretty quickly. I also take a fiber supplement in the morning and make sure that if I have any dairy product that I take my lactose pill with it. For me, Digestive Advantage has been an absolute Godsend.

Review by Josephine

I bought my first box of Digestive Advantage because I had a coupon from the paper and I thought, why not? Shortly after I bought it, I entered a six-week IBS study program and could only take the test medication. I had a miserable summer, because I either had a placebo or a very low dosage medication. Once the study was over all my symptoms returned.

While going through my medicine cabinet, I ran across the box of Digestive Advantage. I got on the computer to do some research and found many positive reviews from users of this product. I am now on my second box and have a third one in reserve. This product has greatly improved my quality of life.

I occasionally take a Fibercon and/or a half-tablet of Imodium. The gas and bloating are very minimal and I have not had any spasms recently. My new supply is the sugar-free version; however, other than the taste, I am still having the same positive results.

Review by Wanda

I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and IBS. I live with my daughter and family. I feel obligated to comment on this product as I was to the point that I wouldn't leave the house because of the sudden bouts of diarrhea, the bloating and the pain of fibromyalgia. I just stayed in my room and got more and more depressed.

Out of desperation, my daughter started looking for help. She found a wonderful doctor who helped me with the fibromyalgia, but I continued to have IBS. Then my daughter found Digestive Advantage IBS and my life has completely changed. It started working the first day I took it and I now go out without worry, I can go for walks which helps with the fibromyalgia and I'm planning a long trip to visit my son soon. I pray that Ganeden will continue to manufacture this product as I'm sure I will be using it for a long time. (And thanks to my daughter for caring enough to not give up on me.)

Review by Evelyn

I began using Digestive Advantage about a week before a big trip. I had suffered with IBS for three years for sure - painfully. Prior to that, I guess I didn't notice much and attributed it to my lifestyle (late nights, poor food choices). I became a marathon runner, so I started to eat healthily and my IBS got worse. My doctor tells me it's stress and to get out of my job!

Anyway - Digestive Advantage worked like a miracle the week before the trip, and I was so excited to have normal bowel movements to look forward to while on the trip (because travel always messes with me more). Well, to my dismay, I was never more constipated than on the trip, and now I'm home, and it's been a month since I've been home, it's almost like the Digestive Advantage completely stopped working!

I'm back to the old IBS symptoms. I'm so annoyed. My doctor since told me to try Citrucel, and I've only taken it one full day so far, so we'll see. Digestive Advantage did not work well for me after the first week on it.

Review by Louise

I have had Crohn's Disease for 40 years, and my last colonoscopy revealed that I had very little of the disease that was active now. However, I have developed IBS with horrible spasms. It would feel like something was kicking me in the ribs. I was on Paxil for three years which was prescribed for anxiety, and I discovered it helped my IBS immensely. I didn't like being on it and going off this medication was absolute hell.

I went back to my doctor who prescribed another anti-depressant for the IBS which I took for seven days. It caused such severe symptoms of constipation, dizziness, insomnia and even heartburn that I felt like I was being poisoned. I was in despair about this discomfort that I had felt for more than half of my lifetime.

While walking through a grocery store I happened to see Digestive Advantage sitting there innocently on the shelf. I said What the heck...I'll try this. Within seven days my pain, my bloating, my spasms, everything was gone, gone, gone. I even have normal stools...only on this website would anyone appreciate this fact. This product is terrific. I have been on it for three weeks now. Yes, I would like to buy stock in it also. What a great find. Doctors need to think outside the box.

Review by TJ

This is the most amazing thing ever. I have had IBS for 10 years, tried everything from probiotics, multi-enzyme tablets, anti-spasmodics, anti-depressants, the lot. I was booked in for a colonoscopy and to try the food elimination diet. I tried cutting out milk, bread, and coffee. Some weeks I had problems, others not.

Just recently I had a really bad bout of it, it seems to last forever. So I looked on this website and saw Digestive Advantage which seemed to help a lot of people. I went out and bought it and two days later no sign of pain, cramps, bloating, gas etc. It has been a week now and I'm still OK. There is no way this is just coincidence as I have had this problem for years. The only other thing that helped to not have as many attacks was an anti-depressant. I will carry on taking Digestive Advantage and hope and pray I have finally found something that works.

Review by Linda

I've been taking Digestive Advantage IBS for the past two months. It has been the most amazing product I've ever tried for irritable bowel. I was skeptical at first, but it starting working within two days. My life has changed completely. Before using the Digestive Advantage I was using Imodium to try to control the diarrhea without much success. I take two caplets a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. I pray every day that the manufacturers continue to produce the product. I couldn't live without it! I finally have my life back.

Review by Jenna

I've been using Digestive Advantage for about two months I have seen a real difference. I have acute IBS-diarrhea and this product definitely helped! I don't feel sick or have a bubbly stomach after I eat. I still get diarrhea if I eat really badly but it's cut my problems down at least in half! The only drawback I found to this product is sometimes it did the opposite and it was hard for me to move my bowels. However, I would rather have that then diarrhea. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, and I would recommend anyone with IBS to at least try it!

Review by Lindsay

I've been using Digestive Advantage for about half a year and it is wonderful. I do have only mild IBS but it has made me paranoid to go anywhere. I am planning on going to Spain this summer and this is something I put off doing for so long because I was too afraid my stomach was going to be sick. I rarely have problems anymore and the peace of mind this product gives me is amazing. I really recommend trying it since this is the only medicine that has truly worked for me. It is a lifesaver.

Review by Faron

This review refers to the new sugar-free chewable version of Digestive Advantage

After 32 years of suffering with IBS with esophageal spasms I found a miracle. I tried everything under the sun without any relief at all, and the spasms were the worst pain I had ever felt. Remember the guy in Alien with the creature coming out of his chest? That's what it was like for me (not exaggerating).

I took all the meds from the doctor and had all the tests and scopes you can ever imagine, but I couldn't get any relief, until I was at the drug store one day and decided to try Digestive Advantage. Thank God I did. I haven't had a spasm in two months and I am going regularly. Thank you Ganeden, you've given me a life after so many years without much of one. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Review by Jim

This review refers to the new sugar-free chewable version of Digestive Advantage

After suffering for years with cramps and diarrhea after anything I ate, I finally discovered Digestive Advantage IBS in a drugstore about a year ago. It was incredible. I still have to be careful what I eat but now I can live like a normal person.

However, about a month ago, I went to the drugstore and found that the packaging was different and that the formula had changed. Since then I have found myself reverting back on occasion to Pepto-Bismol to get through the day. Of course then I become constipated and the vicious cycle begins. Bring back the old formula Digestive Advantage! The old formula was six stars! The new formula maybe three.

Review by Barbara

This review refers to the new sugar-free chewable version of Digestive Advantage

I was diagnosed with IBS in 1989, and I have used a variety of products/vitamins/etc to control it over the years. Earlier this year my 15 year-old daughter developed IBS, so we started her on Digestive Advantage IBS, which worked wonderfully and quickly. Things continued to go well for months until all of a sudden her symptoms returned and even worsened. That's when I saw that the package had changed...the product was now sugar-free. I know from my own experience that IBS and artificial sweeteners don't mix.

I wrote to Ganeden Biotech (the manufacturers) and they said they are not making the old product anymore, which explains why I can't find it anywhere. So disappointing! My daughter is now trying daily doses of lactobacillus. We'll see what happens. We give the old version of Digestive Advantage IBS five stars, and the new one just one star.

Review by Sue

I have had IBS for years and years, progressively worsening since gallbladder surgery in 1997. I have diarrhea five or six times daily and almost immediately after anything I eat. I ordered the free sample of Digestive Advantage IBS and truly could tell the difference the first day! I ate breakfast and didn't have diarrhea. A little later, I had a normal formed bowel movement (which I rarely experience). I went the whole day without diarrhea and took another tablet the next day. The same thing happened! Trust me, this is a rare phenomenon!

I have now been taking Digestive Advantage for a week with the same wonderful results (a little gas) and I can hardly wait until my next shipment comes in! It's amazing that doctors can only prescribe Imodium or medications and nothing else. I knew there had to be something out there that could help and I am so very glad to have tried Digestive Advantage. I have already told two of my IBS friends about it!

Review by Ann

I started taking Digestive Advantage Lactose Intolerance Therapy in August. I still take my meds for IBS. I must say the outcome has been fabulous. I would say my symptoms (diarrhea-type) have improved 90%. I was able to go to Italy for three weeks and not worry about where the closest restroom was. I now see the company makes a product for IBS but when I look at the ingredients it looks the same. The question now is should I change to see if it's better or stay with the type I'm taking.

Review by Natalie

This product has changed my life! I have suffered from IBS for eight years now. I suffer from primarily nausea and diarrhea, almost daily. I have now been taking Digestive Advantage for one year, and my quality of life has improved beyond words. I have gained five much-needed pounds, simply because I am now actually getting the full nutritional value and calories from the foods which I eat.

I have undergone the usual awful diagnostic tests, and have had consults and appointment after appointment with multiple gastroenterologists. I have two children, and have had to care for them as infants, running back and forth to the bathroom for myself. I would love to buy stock in this company, and I pray that this is manufactured indefinitely!

Review by Dave

I'm less than a week into using Digestive Advantage IBS and already the results are remarkable. I was almost doubled over with gas cramps at some points and had regular bouts of diarrhea. I just about lived on Imodium. Now, I'm largely normal. I just hope it keeps working.

Review by Lisa

I have been using Digestive Advantage IBS for about a week now. My IBS is much better than it was a week ago. I stumbled across it as I was having cramping and just took two Imodium for the diarrhea I had.

I feel so much better that I ordered some more. I haven't had any diarrhea in this whole week, and now I just have minor cramping and gas. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from IBS, maybe it can help you too! I'm just hoping my body doesn't get used to it like it has with my prescribed medication.

Review by Amy

After being diagnosed with IBS and suffering through my first year of college with diarrhea after every single meal, I finally decided to try Digestive Advantage. It has improved the quality of my life 110%. Before, I could only eat foods that were mainly carbohydrates without getting sick. Now, I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want without having diarrhea immediately after finishing my meals.

The anxiety of worrying about whether or not I could go out with friends due to where or what we will be eating is now gone, and I can enjoy my life much more than I ever could before. I have to take two tablets a day instead of one because my IBS is very severe, and once or twice a month I do have diarrhea (usually because of alcohol consumption), but besides that, I feel SO much better. I would recommend this product to everyone with IBS! It's worth a shot!

Review by Amy

I am feeling better and I have to say that I think it is because of the Digestive Advantage IBS. I have been taking it for two months and have noticed a huge improvement. I highly recommend it.

Review by Bill

This little over-the-counter stuff has helped me more than any of the meds or herbs I've tried. And boy have I tried them all. I buy the constipation capsules that they make that include the colonizing lactobacillus miracles that the regular caps have but with a little fiber, don't know what difference that makes but the caps seem easier to swallow. I take my Digestive Advantage on an empty stomach, seems to be more effective that way.

Imagine my delight when this little OTC product provides such amazing relief. It's the closest thing to a cure yet. It helps about 90% of the eating symptoms. The constipation part it does very little for, but for that I use three caps of Nature's Way magnesium complex with water every other day...a little coffee the next morning and finally a real poop.

The amazing part is that the stools are forming normally again for the first time in three years and I can not go...and have a day without any cramping or problems - amazing. This may seem gross but let me tell that you when you have IBS for a few years you get envious looking at well-formed dog poop on the sidewalks, and for type C like myself a day when you can't go is a living nightmare of cramps and bloating.

Update on Bill...

After continuing on this regime noticed a change on another health front that I thought was unrelated but turns out it was not - lower back pain. A few weeks ago I started noticing that while I was taking the magnesium every other day my back problem was feeling significantly better on days when I had not taken it.

Since the Digestive Advantage allowed me to go as many days as needed without a BM I stopped the magnesium for about three days and the back pain disappeared! I took it again and back pain attack city! It was clear to me that the magnesium was affecting my back pain.

So I turned to an older non-magnesium based lax regime that had never been tolerable before discovering the Digestive Advantage, five prunes and a glass of prune juice at bedtime. The prune juice was intolerable before I started the Digestive Advantage, it would make me so gassy and give me vicious diarrhea and gas pains...now however it gives me an enviable and pain-free BM without straining, like clockwork in the morning after that first or second cup of coffee.

Review by Cindy

I have suffered with IBS for five years now. My general MDs and gastro specialist have debated about my condition. I have largely been diagnosed with IBS by three general MDs and a mild form of Crohn's by the specialist after a battery of tests. All medications prescribed were largely physically rejected by my body.

To manage my constant pain, diarrhea, constipation, bloating and nausea I was placed on Lomotil which was still harsh but needed to manage my condition. I recently discovered Digestive Advantage and it has helped me tremendously. The form for Crohn's Disease sufferers has been more effective for me. I have been on it for two weeks and my symptoms have been greatly alleviated.

Review by Joan

I tried this product after seeing the reviews on this site and I'm amazed at the results. I have diarrhea-type IBS and have suffered dreadfully with extreme bloating, gas, and painful, sudden attacks which went on for hours. I've only been using Digestive Advantage for one week, and it's been such a relief.

The first thing I noticed was a major reduction in bloating. Before using Digestive Advantage, each evening I would try on outfits to wear to work the following day, select one and upon waking in the morning, find I was so bloated that the outfit that fit the night before was now impossible to wear.

Today my stomach is so flat I feel like I've lost 10 pounds. My stomach hasn't been agitated and upset and today, unbelievably, I had the first normal bowel movement since...well, I can't remember when. I hope the results will continue, but if what I've experienced so far is any indication, I can look forward to spending a lot less time suffering from my IBS.

Review by Debbie

My husband actually found this product in the pharmacy on our military base and so I tried it and it really gave me some relief. The key to taking this product is you have to follow the directions and take it every day around the same time. I've been taking it now for about seven months. I still do have some pain with my stomach but this product has cut down on my pain a lot. I've had IBS for two years now and boy have I suffered but this product has truly helped. After all it's worth a try.

Review by Pierre

I started using Digestive Advantage four months ago. It took over one month for the effects to kick in. Then, my life started getting better. Yet, I was still very nervous when going to public places...which triggers my IBS. As luck would have it, my doctor prescribed me a daily dose (1mg) of B12 and that calmed me down in a hurry. Now I am able to go out to hockey games and other public events without that creepy sense of panic that I carried around for the past 10 years. Heck, we're even planning a trip to Disney World. Don't despair, there's hope. I never thought I would get better.

Review by Bridget

Digestive Advantage did not help me even a little bit. It actually caused my symptoms to get much worse. After taking it for a month I was advised by my doctor's office to quit taking it because I had started to have bleeding with my bowel movements and it may have been related to the tablets. I still suffer from IBS but with the right dosage of Citrucel and Glycolax (a prescription laxative) I'm feeling much better than I used to.

Review by Linda

Digestive Advantage is the best thing I have found so far. It has lessened my symptoms, but not completely. I can get up and go to work, but still need Imodium once or twice a week. Please let everyone know this can help them.

Review by Barbara

Digestive Advantage seems to help a little with my diarrhea. It helps the cramps to not be so bad and seems to give my stomach a rest. It is supposed to help with the normal flora in the intestines. Right now I am in the middle of a bad episode of IBS (I have the diarrhea type). It seems that even two Lomotil three times a day is not really helping, but when I take Digestive Advantage it seems to soothe the stomach some. It can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription. Maybe it will help someone who has a mild case of IBS. Good luck!

Review by Beth

Digestive Advantage did not help me at all and I have relatively minor IBS symptoms. But I give the company credit for putting out safe products that, it seems, have helped loads of people.

Review by Joan

I am on my third week with Digestive Advantage and it has definitely helped with the gas, bloating and pain. I can't believe how bloated my whole body has been during my 21 years with this problem - not just the abdomen but the entire body. I realize I may be premature in my evaluation but just had to say that of the zillions of products I have tried over the last two decades, this one has by far been the most promising. Whether it will have permanent results remains to be seen.

The product says it takes a month for the product to have its full effect. As it said on the package, I did have a bit more gas the first week or so but it seems to have subsided. It is very easy to use, and can be taken anytime with or without food. They also give a money-back guarantee which I think says a lot for the product. The price is reasonable. I found it at Walgreens and have also seen it on Ebay if you can't find it near you. Definitely worth a try for one month!

Review by Stephanie

I have been dealing with IBS for the past 25 years. I went through the past 20 years not really knowing that what I had was actually a condition and that it was something that could be treated. When I finally spoke to a doctor about it a year or so ago, he prescribed Zelnorm, which I was not crazy about taking because it may cause birth defects and I was trying to get pregnant. Zelnorm was also not right for my symptoms.

I happened to come across Digestive Advantage in the drug store and thought I would try it. When taken regularly, it really did change my usual episodes and I was able to see what it was like to be normal. Although there are certain things that still trigger episodes, I can honestly say that the urges have definitely reduced and I have more control over my bathroom habits.

It has not provided complete relief from IBS but it does work, and I have recommended it to others that I know who have the same issues.

Review by Anonymous

My life has been a relative nightmare in varying degrees due to my problems having regular bowel movements. For the most part, I have a problem with too many movements in the morning, which prevents me from leaving the house. And, while driving to work, my stomach is always nervous, as if I'm going to have an attack while stuck in traffic. This is compounded by the fact that my morning commute averages between 45 minutes to one and a half hours.

I feared that I would never be able to find a job I really liked because the potential stress of being timely and dealing with emergency situations would wreak havoc on my bowels. Likewise, I felt sorry for my young son who would grow up realizing his father had an embarrassing bowel disorder. Needless to say, my outlook on happiness was tempered with fear and anxiety.

Seven days ago, I began taking Digestive Advantage IBS tablets. Although it's only been seven days, I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my bowel control and stool consistency. In fact, the level of confidence I have had this week is starting to border on cocky.

This morning was the first time this week on my commute that I started to have little cramps, as if I my bowels were moving toward elimination. Normally, I would have panicked and pulled off the freeway. However, I was able to remain calm due to my faith in the tablets.

Then, the freeway I was traveling on at moderate speed suddenly came to a standstill, and the highway patrol pulled up and started directing some of use to move over to different lanes. In earlier times, I would have just about soiled myself right then and there due to the major anxiety of being stuck in traffic for hours. However, I was able to keep my spasms under control, always reminding myself that I was beginning a new outlook on life now.

Luckily, I was able to pull off the freeway and take surface streets to work. While making a mental note of the possibly bathroom stops along the way, I realized that my anxiety and cramping had subsided to the point where I knew I was going to be able to hold a BM until I got to work. By the time I arrived at work, I felt like I didn't even have to go anymore! In fact, when I tried to go, I couldn't! Then, I ate breakfast (orange juice and oatmeal square), and as I write this, I still don't feel the urge to go!

I haven't really been following a strict diet or IBS-friendly diet this past week, either. Just drinking moderate amounts of water at night and chewing one IBS tablet before bedtime. So I attribute this improvement solely to tablets.

I encourage people to give these tablets a try so that this company continues to make them. I don't know if they will work for everyone, but they worked for me. I only pray that these changes in my bowel movements are long term and not some fluke. If the change is permanent, I will be thankful for my new life, and the possibilities that bowel control and predictability will open up for me.

Review by Natasha

I have severe IBS with alternating bowel movements, with constipation being more frequent. My IBS is so severe, and when I found out about Digestive Advantage I decided to order it online since I live in Canada and it's not sold here sadly.

I've taken it for several weeks and have found that it has helped my constipation a lot when I take it in the morning before breakfast.

Review by Joan

I just wanted to share with other sufferers that after 35 years of IBS horror I have finally been symptom-free for over seven months now. I do still have slow motility and that won't change, but I do not experience urgency, bloating, continual gas, pain and all the fears associated with socializing and the work place.

I began to use Digestive Advantage IBS found in drug stores...nine bucks for a month's supply. It carries probiotics or healthy bacteria for your intestines. I still cannot believe I can now eat whatever I want without the attacks which always followed. I can't believe I've had this for so long when the remedy was so simple. I can't tell you how many doctors I've been to see.

I can also tell you that this has helped a great many others as well from the feedback on the support line, but it doesn't help everyone. Just thought I'd share it since it's cheap and can potentially help to get lives back - and they refund your money if it doesn't work for you.

Do you suffer from IBS? Have you tried Digestive Advantage? Please contact Sophie to send in your review.