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Rated 4.6/5 based on 38 reviews

Librax is a combination of two separate drugs. One of the drugs (chlordiazepoxide) is a benzodiazepine, a family of drugs which are most often prescribed for anxiety and tension. The other drug (clidinium) is an anti-spasmodic, used to relax the muscles in the gut wall. Librax is used to treat general symptoms of IBS such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and spasms. It comes in tablet form.

Librax side effects

The most common side effects of Librax are dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, blurred vision, dry eyes, dry mouth, nausea, constipation and stomach bloating.


Review by David

I have been on Librax since 1991 taking it two to three times a day. It works and I also take a glass of Metamucil daily. My insurance quit covering it in January 2018 and I was put on hyoscyamine for two weeks.

I am now paying $70 cash for Librax which is money well spent. I read some reviews on here about the sedative part of Librax and if it gets a little overbearing you can take one at bedtime to make your day not as tiring. This pill flat out works and I have stress-related IBS.

Review by Siva

For the last two months I have been suffering from IBS. I have a coated tongue, constipation, abdominal pain and gas. I have taken many medicines but it is no use...then my doctor prescribed Librax. It was a wonderful medicine and now there is no pain and bowel motions are going freely.

Review by Judy

Librax is the only thing that relieves bloating associated with my IBS-C. My former doctor prescribed it over 30 years ago. I'm off it sometimes for two to four years then back on. Hyoscyamine didn't help, Bentyl didn't help. My present gastro really doesn't like to prescribe it, she prefers any of the drugs that didn't work! But she reluctantly prescribed the Librax six months ago.

I take one to two a day, sometimes one a day once in better. And sometimes I skip a day! I've never been addicted to it. My insurance will not cover it. I pay $80 cash per month. But it is worth it. No constipation, no cramping or bloating. Colonoscopy has always been fine.

My IBS seems to be stress-related but I'm not sure what the stress is - I'm not depressed, I sleep well, I have numerous food allergies which I avoid. I have had to just deal with this since I was in my mid twenties and I'm now 69. I pray Librax will continue to be available. Nothing else works for me.

Review by Christine

I have been using Librax since early December 2013 for IBS and it has really worked well for me! Previously I had used hyoscyamine which worked for two weeks then stopped. I take one in the morning and one in the afternoon and I have not had any of the terrible IBS symptoms I was having before which included belching, bloating, stomach pain and flatulence from anything I ate. It was like my food would not digest. I still watch what I eat including limiting dairy, but this drug has been a lifesaver.

I am using the generic version which is chlordiazepoxide/clidinium and for some reason my insurance won't cover it. I called and they said it was on their exclusion list but the agent was not sure why as it was generic. He said there must be another drug available with the same benefits, which sounds crazy to me - every person is different, how can they just exclude a drug? I pay about $70 for 90 pills so it is not totally cost-prohibitive, but it still makes me wonder why in the world it would be excluded. I will ask my doctor at our next visit if he has had other patients run into the same issues with their insurance.

I can only pray this keeps working. I would not wish IBS on my worst enemy and it is great to feel normal again! Also to note I take Digestive Gold which is an over-the-counter digestive enzyme (I read about it on this site as I recall) and I also feel like this greatly helps me digest food. I buy it on Amazon but Vitamin Shoppe also sell it.

Review by Diana

I am 36 with two young girls. I've had IBS since the early 90s and been on a lot of medicine. I've had a lot of pain and constipation. I went one night to the Good Samaritan Clinic in the next town and the volunteer doctor gave me a prescription for generic Librax, 45 pills which would cost me 25 dollars at Wal-Mart, and they worked! It's the only medicine I've ever been on that actually works. No more abdominal pain or cramping.

I feel so much better. Before I couldn't eat breakfast or lunch without going to the toilet after eating. Supper food doesn't bother me but breakfast foods killed my stomach within minutes of eating. I take it when I get up and by the time breakfast is cooked and I feed my kids I'm OK to eat (slowly). I've had good luck with it, and I would recommend it to anyone with IBS!

Review by Lori

I am an IBS sufferer, and my IBS goes hand in hand with my anxiety and bipolar depression. Anyway, Librax did wonders but made my eyes really dry! I had to stop taking it, and now take Xanax, but the Librax did a much better job for my IBS! I am now suffering from reflux since going off Librax.

Review by Suggi

I was diagnosed with IBS and also had an eight-hour bleeding Crohn's attack in 2001. I quickly found out I am allergic to Crohn's medications and the gastroenterologist put me on 5mg Librium plus a Librax four times a day and I have been in remission ever since. He states that without the Librax that controls the spasms I definitely would have had another attack. The IBS has gone also. So, here's another reason to use Librax.

I have tried other anti-spasmodics but none worked for me, just the Librax. I have not increased my dosage at all and sometimes even skip a dose (not being home or just forgetting) which the doc wouldn't like, but it really does work well and I wish Medicare would approve it. To all those out there with IBS and/or Crohn's disease - I know what you are going through and I do recommend Librax.

Review by Sandra

This may be difficult for some people to believe but it is a sincere testimonial to the effectiveness of Librax. I was diagnosed with spastic colon (now more commonly referred to as IBS) at the age of 21. I seriously think I had been suffering with this ailment since childhood. When I finally started seeing a gastroenterologist, he ran tests and I kept a diary of eating habits as well as bathroom habits. He reviewed all this information and immediately prescribed Librax along with a diet that involved avoiding foods that coincided with a flare-up according to my diary.

That was 41 years ago and I am still taking Librax. My doctor suggested a dosage but also suggested that I self-adjust the dosage when I felt the need. Many doctors since then have had me try new medications as they became available but none were ever as effective as Librax.

My pharmacist just advised me that his new order of Librax cost six times what he had been paying. This may have the unfortunate result of my not being able to afford Librax since I am totally disabled and living on social security. I know Librax will not be the miracle drug for everyone but it has been for me.

Review by Susan

I have had IBS for what seems like my whole life. I am now 55. Recently I found a doctor who actually took the time to listen and try his best to help. I was given Elavil and a return date to see the doc. When I returned my doctor was out and his partner was in. The partner gave me Librax. It helped but not as much as I would have liked.

I made an appointment with my original doc and he prescribed a treatment of Elavil and Librax. My first day on both meds I had to leave work at noon. I am still not sure how I drove. I was beyond sedated. Needless to say I phoned back to the doc. Now I am going to be on a higher dose of Elavil for a while to see what happens. This is a horrible condition to live with. God help all of us, the doctors are sure having a hard time.

Review by Marilyn

Upon reading the comments on Librax and seeing the comment I wrote earlier in 2008, I wanted to add something. Yes, when first taking Librax it can make you rather drowsy, but usually after two to three weeks the side effect of drowsiness goes away. My doctor prescribes three a day for me, but I seem to do well with one in the morning and one at bedtime. Back in the late 1970s when I was first diagnosed with IBS (back then it was called spastic colon) I suffered from severe pain on the left side of my stomach and constipation. I got it all under control with Librax.

I have to be careful what I eat, which is what I did most of the time over the years when having colon problems anyway. Also, Digestive Advantage IBS is great. I take it along with the Librax. It is an over-the-counter medication that can be purchased at most grocery stores. I have also found drinking a lot of water, limiting dark colas, eating small portions of food (not stuffing yourself with food) and avoiding nuts, popcorn, seeds, greasy foods and spicy foods helps control the IBS. Good luck to all!

Review by Cindy

Miracle is right, I cannot express to you what a wonderful drug this is. After years of quack doctors and their stupid pills I gave up and suffered with this horrible syndrome. The pills weren't working, diets weren't working. I was tired and worn down.

I started to see a new doctor in October. While in the middle of the office call I had to go. When I came back in the doctor asked me if I had been tested for IBS. I told her all my life since I was 12. I am now 43. Heck I had the last colonoscopy results sent to her that day. She suggested I try Librax saying that drugs have changed over the years and they have improved them. I thought what the heck why not. Librax is the best thing in the world next to my hubby and kids. I no longer care if a bathroom is nearby. I have taken up sports, going out hanging with my kids and not worrying if there is going to be an accident. I did not have the tired effects with this drug at least not yet. I take it four times a day.

Review by Cindy

This medication saved my life. I suffered from lower abdominal/pelvic pains for three months, and after every test I was finally diagnosed with IBS. I was first put on Levbid, and that did not work. Then I was put on Librax four times a day and I was a whole new person. I went from not having a life, lying in bed in pain, to no stomach pains and having my life back. I have been on Librax for two years now, and I am enjoying my life pain-free. Highly recommended.

Review by M

My colon problems started in 1977 at the age of 29, but I think I had problems with constipation when I was a child. The doctors back in 1977 seemed to have the attitude that it was emotional. I became paranoid about what I ate and worried constantly about having the painful bouts on the left side of my stomach and the nervous spells that seemed to go hand-in-hand.

After a couple of barium enema tests (which I despise) I was diagnosed with spastic colon. I was given Librax, Tagamet and also Gaviscon. I continued monitoring what I ate and lost too much weight (I weighed 95lbs). After about two years I started feeling better and gained a little weight back (112lbs) and cut back to one or two Librax a day. I did fine most of the time, although a couple of times a year I would have a somewhat painful bout, but I continued to watch what I ate.

In 1990 I started having tremendous pain on the right side of my stomach. After many tests I was sent to a gastrointestinal specialist and I was told I had IBS. He prescribed Bentyl and it helped a lot. In 1995 I started having problems again, started back on Bentyl and was diagnosed with panic attacks. I attended a 12-week seminar training on handling the attacks. After that I really didn't have much in the way of problems with attacks and when I did, I knew how to calm myself down (basically meditate). I also started seeing a psychologist.

Then in March 2008 I had a bad attack of pain and diarrhea at work and went home. I ended up quitting my temp job and stayed close to home for a month. During that time I found Sophie's website. It had so much info and things I wish I had known back in 1977! Also, I found out that IBS and spastic colon are basically the same things.

I got started back on Librax and yes the first few weeks I was tired a lot as I was taking three capsules a day. Then I cut down to two a day, one in the morning and one at bedtime. After several weeks, the Librax doesn't make me tired, but if I eat too much at one sitting I sometimes have a bout of diarrhea.

Most of the time I eat small amounts of food and watch what I eat (I avoid sesame seeds like the plague!). I mainly eat a soluble diet with some fiber from time to time. I also take flaxseed oil capsules, Life's Fortune Multi-Vitamins and Emergen-C powder. I feel much better, but if I eat too much greasy food or raw veggies I get diarrhea. So I am still doing portion control as I would like to lose another 40 to 50lbs, but I am feeling much better.

Review by Sandy

I was diagnosed with IBS in 2001. I am 54 now. For the past few years I've had very bad bloating and that tight I-have-a-large-rock-in-my-gut feeling, so uncomfortable I could hardly wear a bra. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy - nothing visibly wrong. I tried gluten-free, dairy-free, fructose-free. Gluten-free seemed to help for a while but now I'm eating gluten and there's no big difference.

A few weeks ago my GI doc said 'Eat anything you want, then we'll test for celiac and fructose malabsorption and lactose intolerance, and then we'll give you an antibiotic in case it is from bacterial overgrowth'. But first he had me take a low dose of Librax three times a day. It is working great, I noticed right away. The rock feeling is rarely there now, and I feel generally less anxious too.

It has a great side benefit of my sleeping more soundly and having no jet lag flying from the US to Norway back to the US last month. I only get drowsy at night which is of course fine, even though I take it with all three meals. I have been continuing to drink wine in the evenings, which they caution you about, and it does seem to increase the drowsy effect, but not much.

During the day I am perfectly functional, driving, working, etc although I have noticed a slight decrease in my ability to come up with precise vocabulary occasionally. Not that big a deal. At first, no dry mouth but lately I have had some dry yucky mouth. Today it seems better, so maybe that was food-related. But I will cut down to two pills a day and see if that helps.

Review by Melinda

I had been suffering for years without knowing what was wrong and never speaking of it with my doctor. After moving to NC conditions got even worse and I had no choice but to address the problem. That was about two years ago. I have tried many different food plans and lots of different medications, none of which seemed to work. I knew that some foods were triggers but stress was number one. Even the stress of a vacation would do me in!

I went to the doctor asking about a different medication and he was the one to bring up Librax. I filled the prescription but waited nearly two months before trying it. After an attack that did me in for a couple of days I was ready to make a doctors appointment but knew he would query me on the Librax. It was only a two-week trial so I decided to try it. In the two weeks I have felt normal...no nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, pain...and have traveled to another state to attend a party and a grandchild's baptism.

I never once had that panicky feeling and sweaty palms that preceded the immediate need for a bathroom. I have been a bit more cautious about diet but I pretty much know what to stay away from...but I don't feel deprived. I just refilled my prescription and I am hoping this honeymoon phase will last for a very long time.

Review by Hiraida

I'm 27 and I was diagnosed with IBS at 20, but I've had it since I was 12. Over the years doctors have switched my medications to control the painful stomach cramps, the severe abdominal pain, etc. I have been put on several medications including Librax, Amitiza and another medication that was taken off the market but worked well for me. The Amitiza did nothing for me at all like the doctor said it would. It didn't take away the pain or constipation - nothing.

But Librax has been a lifesaver. It does cause me some drowsiness but to me, it's worth it. It takes away my pain, especially my severe abdominal cramps and even helps me to use the bathroom again. And although my insurance doesn't cover it, I don't care. This medication is a miracle for me since I've been suffering IBS all these years and I'll continue purchasing it whenever I can.

Review by Karen

My GP prescribed Librax a few months ago. It seemed to help a bit at first and also calmed me down more. I also have anxiety disorder and take Xanax from my psychiatrist (PD) for that. The Librax prescription said I could take one or two capsules before meals. At first I was taking one before meals, but then my anxiety and IBS got worse, so I started taking two before meals. Then I realized I didn't have enough in the prescription to last me, so I cut back to one before meals. The withdrawal threw me into having panic attacks out of the blue and a lot more anxiety.

My PD upped my Xanax to 0.5, which helped, and told me to consult with my GP again about the Librax. I did so, and he told me to increase the dose back to two capsules before meals and stop the Xanax. I told my PD about this. He said that if the Librax is helping me, then it's OK to take both it and the Xanax.

However, since increasing my dose again, I've noticed symptoms that I've either never or rarely had in my life: acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion. My IBS has also consisted of diarrhea, loose stools, many stools, a strong sense of urgency, cramping, sweating...well, you all know. I've never had any of this acid reflux, etc before (my husband gets all of that, and it's awful for him).

Anyway, I'm trying to cut back to one Librax before meals and hopefully get off it eventually. It isn't really helping at all. I still have flare-ups nearly every day. There are good days, but at least every day or every other day I have loose stools up to six to eight times before I can even get out the door for work. And this is after taking two or three Advanced Imodium every morning, in addition to the Librax and Xanax.

This is causing me a lot of anxiety, which obviously exacerbates the IBS. The pain and discomfort of heartburn, etc makes me feel like I'm dying. I'm glad this medication has helped some people, but I don't think it's the one for me.

Review by Bee

Librax is a wonder drug for me. I've been suffering from IBS for more than three years. Before taking Librax, I used to suffer from extreme abdominal cramps with excessive flatulence on a daily basis. I often had loose stools up to two or three times a day leaving my limbs weak from diarrhea. My daily life was frequently disrupted by emergency trips to the toilet.

To make things worse, at the onset of each IBS attack I would start to palpitate and my legs would suddenly weaken leaving me unable to walk. My body would go into panic mode, and in extreme cases my blood pressure dropped and I felt faint because of fear.

I had to abstain from foods such as dairy products, spicy foods, seafood and even vegetables which triggered IBS. At one point, the food intolerance limited my diet so much that I could only eat meat. Somehow, meat did not trigger my IBS but I was concerned about not having any roughage in my system.

The IBS symptoms improved after my first intake of Librax. After one week, the symptoms were gone but I could not stop taking the drug as my IBS returned without it. I don't think I'm getting hooked on Librax yet. I will not stop taking Librax until I find a better way to manage my daily stress, which my doctor suspects is the main cause of my IBS.

Review by Jessica

I have been having stomach pains for the last four years, and at age 14 I have finally been diagnosed with IBS. I have made countless trips to the hospital, had many tests done and have tried many medications, but nothing has helped.

I just recently started taking Librax and it has made a dramatic difference. I used to not be able to stay at friend's houses, go on school trips or to summer camp because of the stomach pain and occasional diarrhea. When I began taking Librax everything completely changed. I am now able to do everything a normal 14-year old does. Librax has changed my life, and I am very happy for it.

Review by Samantha

About two years ago I started having bad abdominal pain. This was looked into for a couple of months, to find out that I had gallbladder failure. I had the recommended surgery and the pain stopped for awhile. Then about two months later I started having more severe pain. Thinking it might be related to the surgery, I went back to my doctor. After many more tests, and many types of pain medication, I was informed that I had IBS. My doctor put me on Librax, and it worked. I have minimal pain if any these days, and it feels good not to double over in pain.

Review by Anna

I'm so glad to see so many positive responses about Librax. I was diagnosed with IBS after an incredibly rough pregnancy five years ago, when I left the hospital with what would become chronic diarrhea. I have tried many medicines and had a few colonoscopies with not much to show for it. Levbid worked for awhile, as long as I had a stronger medicine for the really bad pain. The dry mouth from the Levbid exacerbated my kidney stone production it seemed, because it felt as if it was taking all of the water from my body! So which is worse? I was also on three Lomotils three times a day, but it was not terribly effective.

With Librax, so far so good, and I am thankful for being able to post this. I am familiar with all of the planning involved with trips, the embarrassment of using a public restroom, all of it is so difficult. Hopefully I am on to better days with the Librax.

Review by Casey

I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 16. I was given Librax at age 18 but I only took it for a year or so, then quit, as I felt too bad on it. My doctor then prescribed Stelazine, which worked great for me for years, but it's inevitable that certain side effects will develop with that drug and I cut down and got off it a few months ago.

Finally, at age 52, my doctor insisted that I see a gastroenterologist and have a colonoscopy done to check for colon cancer. It was stressful to have the test done but I saw the need for it. All turned out well...no polyps, so no fear of cancer. The GI doctor gave me Librax, even though I told him on my info sheet that I was taking Xanax for panic disorder.

Before taking any of the Librax I saw a psychiatrist, who agreed that I could take one Librax a day but not at the same time as the Xanax. I started doing that and the IBS pain, which was constant and worrisome but not debilitating, went away.

However, I have been dealing with tiredness. I have been taking one Librax at night for a couple of months now and many mornings I feel hungover (at least, I call it that but, of course, with Xanax, I don't drink and have never been drunk, so not sure if it's the same feeling).

I am now going to cut back on the Librax and I am seeing the psychiatrist tomorrow about it. I will keep it on hand, I think, and maybe take it once or twice a week for the anti-spasmodic effect so that the pain is manageable. I also watch my diet and never eat fried foods or anything high in fat (cream sauces, etc) and I take a small dose of soluble fiber morning and night.

Review by Dottie

I have had IBS for well over 12 years and I have always been told that if you have the diarrhea and not constipation there was not much they could do - until I was referred to an actual GI doctor. He performed several tests on me and found that I have delayed stomach emptying, GERD, and IBS. He put me on Librax, Levbid, and Regulan and I am now a totally new person! I may have a bout of IBS once or twice a week, as compared to four or five times a day with lots of pain! Now I have no pain either and I just feel like a new person! Of course I still have to watch what I eat, but after 12 years I know!

Review by Chris

After 10 years of diarrhea (one to 12 times daily, but without too much pain or bloating) I was finally diagnosed with IBS. Just having a label to the symptoms was a relief. I have a great doctor who patiently tried a long list of medications - none of which worked - until Librax. The difference was immediate. I do not get sleepy as others have experienced.

Review by Jolene

After undergoing small intestine reconstructive surgery, I suffered from bloating, and often my intestine would block due to the spasms. I was prescribed Librax. Before this I was taking up to six charcoal caps at a meal, now I take one Librax pill twice a day, and problem solved. It even takes care of my anxiety without affecting my mental ability.

Review by Marinella

Librax has worked for me because it relieves the pressure and the bloating almost instantly, but it does make me sleepy, so I cannot take it while driving or when doing a demanding task.

Review by RNB

This product has helped me so much. I am 29 years old and I had never had any stomach trouble at all until I experienced a terrible incident several months ago that caused me to be in a coma for 26 hours, hospitalized for a week with IV antibiotics. and suffer from short-term memory loss (along with a list of other things). I could eat anything, do anything, travel with no problem and stress never bothered me.

My IBS symptoms started in the hospital but were thought to be just a side effect of the antibiotics and the fact that I did not have much of an appetite. However, even after stopping the antibiotics, my symptoms worsened. I had problems with stomach cramps but mostly mild to severe diarrhea. I would spend most of my day going to the restroom. After that, I was scared to go anywhere. I would not eat a meal out because of stomach pain and the fear of having to spend 45 minutes sick in the restroom. If I did go out I would be so nervous that my IBS would worsen.

Thank God for my gastroenterologist who prescribed Librax. I was diagnosed with IBS caused from the traumatic experience. Now it can be brought on by stress, my nerves, certain foods or sometimes it flares up for no reason. I have to be cautious about taking any medication, especially antibiotics. However, since starting Librax, I have been able to return to work after seven months and even though I still have flare-ups once or twice a month, I am stable enough to travel and have an active lifestyle again.

I feel more comfortable knowing that if I need to take a Librax that within 30 minutes I will start feeling better. It works. The one side effect that I sometimes experience (extreme tiredness) is way better than dealing with the IBS and the anxiety that comes with it.

Review by Barbara

I have suffered with terrible right upper quadrant pain for sometime. Having had my gallbladder out 10 years ago, I knew that wasn't the problem. I was terribly worried that something was wrong with my pancreas or liver. The gastroenterologist diagnosed me with IBS and gave me Librax. I couldn't believe the difference in my pain within a couple days. It did, however, make me feel quite tired and so I cut back on the dosage and the pain returned. I have started taking it again, as prescribed and I am hoping that my body will adjust to a point where I don't feel so tired. Librax works for me!

Review by Barbara

I have been taking Librax for IBS for many years. I have had several bowel obstructions as well, and the doctor has prescribed it for spasms after my surgeries. It's a great product, but I was just informed that it is no longer on the Medicare list of approved medications so they won't cover it. I have to pay for it myself. It's not really that expensive.

Review by Dianne

I was diagnosed with IBS in my early 20s, which is 40 years ago. My doctor prescribed Librax. My symptoms of feeling a tight knot high up in my stomach were relieved right away. Over the years I used Librax as needed whenever I would get a tightening or knot in my stomach and it relaxed my stomach right away. I would go without symptoms for as long as a year, but often the change of seasons would bring them on.

Lately though my symptoms have changed. I have three or four days of constipation and then wake up in the night with cramps and a need to go to the bathroom. This has gone on now for four months, with the last episode landing me in the emergency room. Tests for diverticulitis showed up negative. I have been hesitant to take the Librax for my constipation, as I've read it can make you constipated. But after reading reviews by others who have used Librax, I think I will go ahead and try it for my new symptoms.

Review by Dirk

I have been suffering from IBS since my early youth. Nine months ago a French doctor gave me a Librax prescription for times when symptoms were very strong. It helps in a wonderful way but unfortunately it is not available in the Netherlands where I live now, because the Dutch think IBS is not a disease and also think that nothing can be done against it.

Review by Curtis

I was diagnosed with IBS about six months ago after doctoring for about two years. I had eight or 10 tests for gallbladder disease, ulcers and other digestive disorders. I had debilitating bouts of pain, bloating, gas and nausea to the point of desperation. I finally insisted that my primary care doctor refer me to another gastroenterologist who, after a long consult, prescribed Librax.

I filled the prescription on the way home from the doctor's office and began taking it that day. By the second dose that very evening I could tell that my digestive system was calming drastically! By the third day I was free of most symptoms (especially the pain). I have continued taking the medication and have not had an attack since. The effects for me were nothing short of amazing.

Review by Wanda

I have had IBS for years. Maybe 45 out of my 60 years I have had problems with constipation and then diarrhea also. It was very hard to explain to a doctor just what was happening to me. I hurt so bad at times I couldn't even get out of bed. I used laxatives all the time and tried to self-medicate. Years ago I had every embarrassing test the doctors could think of to try to diagnose me. They started to tell me it was my nerves and that some people have pains in their stomachs and some have headaches etc.

Finally after moving to Hawaii I had a real bad bout with pain and went to the doctor, and he ordered a barium enema. I was hurting so bad during this test I was convinced I was going to die. The radiologist that read my x-rays told my doctor in a report that I had colon cancer. I was called to the doctor's office and told this. I was devastated but not surprised, I thought nothing else could cause this much pain and bouts of constipation and then diarrhea.

This doctor then sent me to a gastroenterologist who promptly did a colonoscopy. He told me when I woke up that I had IBS and diverticulitis. He put me on Librax and right away I was feeling better and better. I took Librax for a period of about a year and then backed off of them. Every time I get a symptom I know what it is and the doctor gives me Librax again.

Review by Kelli

This product has saved my life. I am only 23 years old but for the past year have been living the life of a 90 year-old, scared to go anywhere in case I had to go to the bathroom. I became too thin because I was scared to eat or in too much pain to eat and became very depressed.

I was diagnosed with IBS and given Librax. Wow, has my life changed. I am stable enough to have an amazing boyfriend and go on spontaneous weekend road trips that before Librax would have been unthinkable. I feel more confident and fun. Thanks to Librax and some counseling I feel like my life is back.

Review by Donna

I was diagnosed with IBS over 15 years ago. My doctor started me on Librax and I have used it ever since. I usually take one a day and it keeps flare-ups at bay, but over the past few weeks it has come back strong and I have had to up the medication.

It really helps but it tends to make me tired and dizzy sometimes. I hate to take it while I am at work so I tend to put it off, and by 4:30 the cramping really gets started. Usually within 45 minutes of taking it the cramping lets up.

This disease or whatever irritates me so much. I go for long periods fine then out of the blue it is back. Constipation is usually the first sign for me and I just hold my breath it won't turn into a full attack.

Review by Agneta

For more than 10 years I have suffered from irritable colon, later diagnosed as IBS. I have tried several drugs, including Zoloft, Imodium, and Tryptizol. I have also tried different diets. None of these cures has helped me.

Five years ago I went to Portugal on vacation, and during the first week I suffered from a tremendous pain in my stomach and I ended up in the emergency ward. For the first time in my life I was prescribed Librax, and 24 hours later all my pain was gone - a miracle!

Since then I have tried to get the drug in Sweden, where I live. Unfortunately the drug is classified as a narcotic and therefore forbidden on the Swedish market. As long as I'm able to travel abroad to countries that sell Librax without a doctor's prescription I'm able to cope with IBS. I don't want to think about what will happen to me later in life when I'm not able to buy the product any longer.

Review by Julie

I drive a school bus and I have a classic case of IBS. I had to change to a special education bus so I would be able to bail out of my bus to find the closest bathroom numerous time. The panic and humiliation are more than I can sometimes handle. My doctor prescribed Librax and it has made a huge difference. I still hit the Imodium occasionally, but the Librax sure helps on a daily basis. It has a calming effect and takes the pain and sphincter spasms away.

Review by JS

I had terrible bouts of IBS. I even went to the ER once in so much pain I passed out. It took the ER's referral to my OBG to get a diagnosis. He recommended I stay away from certain foods, and prescribed Librax. That was over 10 years ago. If I avoid fried and greasy foods, especially when I'm stressed, that generally is all I need. But when once or twice a year I have a bad attack - you know, where I can't even get out of the chair to stand because of the pain - the Librax is the only thing that does the trick. And it works pretty fast too. I recommend it!

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