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The tale of...Shari (8 January 2011)

I'm a sophomore in college and two weeks after I had my 20th birthday, I was diagnosed with IBS. I've cut fatty and greasy foods out of my diet completely, but the only problem I have with following Heather Van Vorous's diet is cutting out red meat. I love steak and my dad's deer steaks and jerky and can't manage to cut it out completely. I have lost 4lbs in nine days just by eating more veggies and more high fiber foods. I don't really have anyone who also was diagnosed with IBS to talk to so I didn't know the difference between the kinds of fiber and what to do until I read Heather's diet for IBS.

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The tale of...Alex (21 January 2011)

I found this site today by accident and I feel so much better knowing that I am not the only one dealing with this awful and embarrassing curse. It really rules my life and gets me down. I have to plan carefully every time I leave the house, ie: where the toilets are en route to wherever I am going. I use Imodium Plus if I know I have to travel which gives me some peace of mind but I don't want to get dependent on it. Thank you for this site, it has made me feel much better knowing I am not alone in this nightmare. Hopefully one day they will find a cure. I am 35 and I have had this for 13 years now.

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The tale of...Tracy (14 February 2011)

I was diagnosed with IBS after having my gallbladder removed and since then I have been taking lansoprazole every day increasing the dose to 30mg because of a recurrent feeling of acid making me belch a lot. I also have had severe bouts of diarrhea especially after eating meals. It has caused me to have over four weeks off work now, and it's making matters worse through me stressing out from being off work for so long. A vicious circle...

I stumbled across this site purely by looking into bile salts to do with gallbladder removal. I am so glad I've read all the posts about this and I now feel like there may be hope for me to get my doctor to prescribe Questran and hope it finally gets me back to the normal life again that I so desperately want, without having to worry where the next toilet is or whether I will make it on time. I will be glad if this treatment works. I will let you know in due course.

The tale of...Linda (27 April 2011)

I have suffered from IBS for the past six years and I have been to numerous doctors. I have been prescribed Buscopan, Colofac, Spasmonal and Lomotil to name but a few but nothing seems to work. I suffer from a lot of diarrhea, and abdominal cramping every single day. Sometimes it's so bad I actually faint from the pain. Lomotil works for a few hours.

Recently I had an endoscopy which found that I'm not digesting food fast enough. They prescribed Lopraz and Biodol tabs for the pain which seem to ease it but not enough. I've just received a copy of Sophie's Story and you mention a gluten-free diet so I'm now going to try that because there really is nothing else left (at this stage I'm at the end of my tether) so fingers crossed. You have really been an inspiration to me and I thank you for that.

The tale of...Jane (June 2011)

I have just had it confirmed that I have IBS. I went to a lousy gastroenterologist, and I suspected I had IBS after the endoscopy and colonoscopy. I went through hell with this first doctor in Brunei. The doctor took two specimens from my stomach for biopsy. I then saw another doctor which slightly improved my situation, and I was diagnosed with inflammation of the gut and prescribed an antibiotic. I got better for one month only. Then it started to get worse, every day I would have loose stools and watery stools four to five times a day, especially in the early hours.

The second doctor confirmed that it is IBS. This goes on and on until I can't take it anymore. I flew to Singapore to get another doctor's opinion. He did another endoscopy and colonoscopy and found that I had two big growths/polyps in my stomach. These were taken out by laser and burnt to seal the wound. I was also found to have H. pylori bacteria and given a heavy dosage of an antibiotic (1000mg). This relieved the symptoms for two weeks along with other medication, and I felt good for one month until I ran out of Librax.

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