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The tale of...Marylyn (27 June 2010)

I decided to go back on Zoloft after reading all of your messages. I was checked by a gastroenterologist and they found nothing, and I don't have H. pylori. I think I was going to go insane - I have all the same symptoms as when I did have the infection! I remembered that when I was on anti-depressants they helped with my IBS.

I feel like I have let myself down because I've been off my anti-depressants for about a year and got off them so I would be ready for pregnancy, but I read other comments that a happy mum has a happy baby and let me tell you I was not happy with all the cramping and not being able to eat it's horrible. The Heather Van Vorous soluble fiber diet also seems to be working. Good luck to everyone out there with IBS.

The tale of...Jennie (29 June 2010)

Oh my God, I am so glad I have found this site. Thank you to everyone who has posted a comment, just to know that I am not alone or my thoughts are shared and I am not going insane is a huge relief. It is so very embarrassing living with IBS-D. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I am 27 now with four children. I did not leave my house for three years as I could not face taking my children to school and being trapped in the playground petrified me.

I have however had a little confidence boost from passing my driving test which helped and I got myself a job, but lo and behold the IBS is back with a vengeance. I have a meeting at work tomorrow to explain my condition and I had planned to leave, but thanks to all your comments I will now try and hold out for a few weeks and give Imodium a try again. A big thank you to all, and I will let you know how I get on.

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The tale of...Monica (31 July 2010)

I'm 29 and I have had stress-related IBS since I can remember, although I was only diagnosed with it this past year after a series of tests. It wasn't always so bad as a kid, as it really only happened on rare occasions when I was in a really stressful situation. A couple of years ago, life got a lot more stressful, as I think when you get older you just take things more seriously and get stressed much quicker. My job was hell and I was applying to grad school, so needless to say the job, the interviewing process etc got me to a really bad place, and it never went away.

I think my base level is pretty high stress, which has caused me to have daily issues with my IBS. Unfortunately, I have a hard time identifying the stress so managing it is hard. I don't feel stressed, but I can tell when I am since I have to rush to the bathroom. I have missed work and gotten much worse anxiety issues due to wondering whether there are bathrooms around, and how many, and how big the line is, etc. It's so horrible and unless you suffer from it, you really can't understand the mess it can make of your life.

The funny thing is, it's not IBS-D or IBS-C or a combo. I don't get either. Mine is just centered around frequency and urgency, but the matter is pretty normal each time. Not sure I get how that is and if that is also considered to be normal for IBS, but that's what I've got. It's a huge pain in the ass - literally and figuratively, and I'm in the process of trying new meds. I did acupuncture, which seemed to help once, and does seem to help a bit while I"m doing it and for that day, but the very next day life is back as normal.

I was also told exercise is helpful, which admittedly I haven't done in a very long time and am hoping to start yoga or something again. I tried Hyomax, which for me did nothing, and now I'm trying Librax, which I hope will be more successful. Let's hope something works since I got into grad school, and really don't need this to add to the stress of life.

The tale of...Shar (28 October 2010)

I began having problems in January 2010. The pain got so severe that I went to the emergency room. I was there for over eight hours and they did not do a CT scan on my stomach. They gave me some pain meds, Nexium and lorazepam. A few months later I saw my primary doctor and he gave me a prescription for Donnatal Extentabs which really helped. Last week when I tried to get a refill I found that this med has been discontinued. Now I'm back to hyoscyamine and it is not helping at all! My stomach pains are chronic. I can't eat and I'm losing weight. I've seen my gastro doctor and he did not find anything other than classic IBS. What else can I do? Thanks.

The tale of...Lauren (2 January 2011)

I have read all the current reviews on Lotronex and can't believe there is such an effective drug out there! Unfortunately I'm from the UK and believe the product is not licensed for use over here and I am so disappointed. I have been suffering very badly with diarrhea from IBS and have had to quit my job. The tablets the doctors put me on have all been a matter of trial and error - one week I get prescribed something, it doesn't work, and so I am put on something else. I hope Lotronex can come to the UK to help more people live a normal life.

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