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Miralax (polyethylene glycol 3350) is an osmotic laxative, which means that it helps to produce a bowel movement by drawing more water to waste matter in the colon. It used to be a prescription-only drug but is now available over the counter. Miralax comes in the form of a white powder, which is dissolved in water or another drink and then swallowed. A generic version is available and is often cheaper than the branded version. It is sold in the UK under the name Movicol.

Miralax side effects

The most common side effects of Miralax are cramps, diarrhea, gas, nausea and stomach bloating.

How successful is Miralax in clinical trials?

A study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology in 2000 looked at the effect of Miralax on patients who suffered from constipation, but who were otherwise healthy. Constipation was defined as two stools or fewer in a seven-day period.

There were 131 female and 20 males subjects. Patients in the test group were given 17g of Miralax in water for 14 days, and patients in the placebo group were given 17g of dextrose over the same period. By week two of the treatment, patients who were receiving the placebo were having an average of 2.7 bowel movements a week, and patients who were receiving Miralax had 4.5 movements a week.

Conclusion: Miralax is a safe and effective short-term treatment for constipation. Pubmed article: DiPalma JA, DeRidder PH, Orlando RC, Kolts BE, Cleveland MB

A study published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics in 2006 looked at the effects of Miralax on adolescents with IBS, and also the effects of Miralax in combination with Zelnorm.

Forty-eight adolescents with constipation-predominant IBS were treated with either Miralax only or with Miralax plus Zelnorm. Patients who were given Miralax alone had a significant increase in the number of stools passed, but had no significant reduction in their levels of pain. Patients who received Miralax plus Zelnorm had more bowel movements as well as a significant reduction in pain.

Conclusion: Miralax can help to relieve constipation in adolescents with IBS, but can only relieve pain when used in combination with Zelnorm. Pubmed article: Khoshoo V, Armstead C, Landry L


Review by Dana

I have suffered with constipation all of my life. A friend recommended Miralax and emphasized the importance of drinking a lot of water. The first time I tried Miralax, I probably used triple the recommended dosage. I did experience some cramping and sweating. It took about two days until I noticed results but it worked! I started having normal bowel movements.

If I take too much my stools will be loose and ribbon-like. That made me very anxious but I read that some other users had similar results. I use Miralax on an as-needed basis. If I start to get constipated I start using it and increase my water consumption. Within two days, I am usually getting results. Miralax has been very effective for me. It's not harsh either.

Review by Ralph

Several doctors have diagnosed IBS without the proper exclusion of other causes. I believe I have adhesions from surgery to remove part of my colon that have caused my remaining colon to narrow. My constipation is intermittent and definitely not stress-related. I can go for months eating a bran muffin daily but then enter a phase where nothing works except magnesium citrate.

Miralax does not work for me. The doctor suggested taking dose after dose until it did and I have taken as many as five capfuls in four hours. All it does is make me cramp and urinate every 10 minutes. I also believe it does weird things to my energy level. But usually no BM.

If it works at all, it turns my stool the consistency of toothpaste and I cannot evacuate completely. In contrast, a bottle of mag citrate is predictable to within 20 minutes, between two hours and two and a half hours, emptying me. Yes, magnesium citrate is a last resort and I try not to use it more than once a week, but Miralax actually makes me feel much worse.

Review by Josephine

On the advice of the ER doctor the other night I gave in and decided to give Miralax a try. I have had other doctors prescribe it for me but they seem to prescribe it like candy and I worry about an osmotic laxative giving you diarrhea. I have also heard it is made from the same ingredient that anti-freeze and other household products are made from, PEG (polypropylene glycol).

I tried 17g in 8oz water. About eight hours later I had horrible cramps. The ER doctor wants me to take sachets for five days in a row for severe constipation, but I don't know if I can take another night of cramping. It was the worst pain ever. I could not eat.

I don't think I want to go through this again tonight. I may go back to using Senna-Lax on weekends. No cramping for hours like Miralax. I'm glad others have had success, but so far, no BM, just terrible cramping. I'm very disappointed.

Review by Jayne

After years and years of constipation and then excruciating bowel movements, my current physician put me on Miralax. It is like a miracle. I have bowel movements every day and the only side effect is I sometimes have a rumbling stomach and intestines. I can live with that.

I also slowly lost weight because my intestines were always impacted before. After three years I have lost over 50 pounds and seem to have stabilized. Sometimes a huge problem can be solved by a very small thing!

Review by Cheryl

I have been on Miralax for a little over a year now. It worked wonderfully up until a couple weeks ago. Now I go up to three days with hardly any bowel movements at all and when I do go during those days it is hardly anything at all. I constantly feel like I have to go but nothing happens when I try to. I am at a loss. It wasn't this bad when I started taking Miralax. Back then I would have at least one bowel movement a day but it would be really hard and small. I don't know how much longer I can go with my body not wanting to work properly. I am to the point that I am ready to go buy a laxative.

Review by Fran

I am 71 and I have suffered with constipation since birth. I sometimes think my dear Mom ruined my intestines because as a baby I did not eat and therefore I did not have BMs and she would give me a suppository. As I got older it was enemas or Exlax. As an adult it did not bother me to go days without a BM until I hit my thirties and then I was uncomfortable.

I have tried everything. Prune juice gives me horrible gas and after years on so many different fibers I finally developed pain every other night in bed with gurgling and then feeling like I had to pass gas without being able to. I finally tried Miralax at the urging of my GYN and it worked like a miracle for about a year. During that time I took no extra fiber at all. Then I had to go on a thyroid medication and it may be my imagination but the Miralax does not seem to be working like it did.

I am at my wits' end because I can't go out until after about noon some days because I can't stop going. Then I go days after that without going and I can never go walking after I eat or I visit every bathroom in the vicinity. I sure wish there was an answer for me and all the people like me with similar problems.

Review by Gerald

Miralax was recommended by my doctor who suggested that I take a small amount every night. I have done so for over three years and I have had excellent results with no side effects. I would not be without it. Thanks Miralax.

Review by Donna

I had to write this as it could help others with this condition. I know how badly IBS-C hurts, it's worse than labor pains: hours of cramps with nothing coming out, sweating, feeling like you're going to pass out and vomit...I tried most OTC meds and nothing really helped until I found Miralax. It took about eight days until it finally started to work. I had no BMs, but then after eight daily dosages I had about five normal BMs in one day and then the same the next day. But then a few days later I started getting too loose so I cut it back to two or three dosages a week and I am pretty regular now. It has greatly reduced my cramping episodes and constipation.

Review by Phyllis

I have suffered with constipation since I was three years old. I have always suffered from constipation and had to take laxatives to have a bowel movement. It started out at six or seven pills at a time. When I turned 40 I was diagnosed with IBS (which I had never heard of) and the doses of laxatives kept increasing until I was taking 20 to 30 pills.

In the years after my children were born I would go four weeks without a movement and most of my later years have involved laxatives and suppositories. It's been hard on my health and heart. I told my husband that I didn't know what I was going to do because I couldn't keep this up. It was bad enough when I was young and my body could take it, but I just don't have that kind of strength now.

All this time I was seeing doctors and going to clinics and hospitals. One day I was complaining to my OBGYN and she told me about Miralax. I really didn't think it would help because nothing else ever had, but one day I was in such pain I thought I might as well try. I took it for three days and had a bowel movement. I couldn't believe it.

I have now been taking it for four months. I do three days of Miralax and then wait two days and repeat the dosage. I am afraid to take it every day as I don't want to build up a tolerance to the medication, but for four months I have not had to take a stool softener or laxative or anything other than the Miralax. And if it continues to work I can actually say it is saving my life.

I haven't put in here everything that I have gone through, but enough to give anyone who suffered like I have hope. I just pray every day that it keeps working. I'm not saying this is a happy tale but it was a lifesaving tale for me.

Review by Brandy

I am a long-time IBS-C sufferer. I was taking daily doses of Maalox to go but that started causing other side effects and not working, to the point that I was taking way too much every day. I switched to every other day and that helped, but then it completely stopped working. I then switched to magnesium with vitamin c and that stopped working, so my doctor said to try Miralax.

I tried this for a few days - nothing. The doc said to wait a week, but I waited and no BM. She then said to take it with a fiber supplement and a stool softener, so I did (Citrucel and Miralax twice a day and a stool softener in the morning). I started having very loose BMs once a day for about a week, and then after two weeks I noticed I had significantly dropped back to every other day or even less. I seemed to have built up a tolerance and I was taking more and more and just not seeing the same results.

I went back to Bentyl, even though it has horrible side effects, just to have a BM, and then back on to the magnesium until that stopped working too. I then randomly switched between all of these, adding in Align, and tried to take each one only for a week or so, switching to another for a week or so, and then to another. They all seem to have a harder time working the next time I switch back to them. Even Maalox now barely gets things moving. Seems like there should be something else out there.

Review by Wendy

My doc told me to take Miralax twice a day. I had to cut back to only once a day because I couldn't stay out of the bathroom. Miralax really does work. Maybe it works faster for some people than others but don't give up on Miralax. You can mix it with juice, water, coffee and so on. If this didn't work I would tell you but it really does. It is available at Wal-Mart, Kroger and Kmart. If you are having trouble try it, you will feel like a whole new person, it's the best.

Review by Karen

I was diagnosed with IBS over a year ago. I had abdominal pain on the upper left side and problems with constipation. For over five years now I have had occasional severe cramping that ended up with several bowel movements and then watery diarrhea. A surgeon thought my pain might be my gallbladder and I had a HIDA scan that showed decreased gallbladder functioning, so I had a cholecystectomy. But to my dismay, my abdominal cramping etc did not stop after that surgery.

My cramping was severe about a year ago and I ended up with blood in my stool. I had a colonoscopy that showed ischemic colitis. My GI doctor said that I have IBS and recommended Miralax every day. Since I started taking the Miralax my symptoms have decreased significantly. I do occasionally still have the upper left side pain and now some upper right side pain, which I didn't start having until after I had my gallbladder out. I take Levsin when those pains seem to linger; it seems to help sometimes.

I will occasionally have cramping and watery diarrhea, but rarely now, and usually if I haven't taken Miralax for one night and have eaten high fat foods. Although I have to plan to be near a bathroom until after lunch every day, Miralax has given me a pretty normal life compared to what I was going through before.

I worry about taking it every day and dependence, but if that's what it takes to be pain-free then I'll continue taking it every day. I get $3 off coupons online every month, and I hope they don't stop that since it is very expensive. The generic brand didn't seem to work as well for me, although I might not have given it enough time...I was afraid to.

Review by Kelli

I tried Miralax since I have extreme constipation which is so painful I can not work and every day is a painful nightmare. I took it for a week and had to stop because it made my severe gas and bloating even more severe and I didn't have a BM at all. I'm so completely depressed.

Review by Jennifer

I was diagnosed with IBS eight years ago after years of constipation, bloating, gas and intense cramps. Things would be so bad that my gas would come with no warning and produce leakage, which was incredibly humiliating. I started taking Miralax daily (once a day at night before bed) three weeks ago and I can't believe the improvement. I have a bowel movement every single day and it isn't watery, but somewhat loose. I travel a lot and that has always been difficult for me, as when on the road my IBS flared up the worst, but I just returned from a four-day trip and again, had a BM every day...no bloating...no painful cramps! Yeah!

Review by Bob

I was diagnosed with IBS-C complicated by slow transit motility, a condition that results in a slowdown in the movement of matter through the entire digestive system. In my particular case, this resulted in constipation as well as severe bloating and gas that occasionally backed up toward my chest and resulted in palpitations and irritation of the vagus nerve that also caused occasional palpitations.

My doctor acknowledged that typical constipation treatments including fiber and water etc would not work as a result of the motility issues and in fact, he suggested that increased fiber would likely worsen the problem.

Miralax was prescribed at the usual starting dose of 17g per day, usually taken in the morning, with a cup of coffee in which it more or less completely dissolves and is tasteless. I have been on Miralax for several months now with virtually no side effects and it has for the most part been successful. Occasionally, I have had to increase the dose, and when doing so I add a half dose mixed in a hot beverage at dinner time.

I have also found it helpful to try and retrain my bowel habits by making the effort to go each morning, within an hour or so after breakfast. My morning routine involves taking the Miralax with my morning coffee, then eating breakfast, and then making the effort to go to the bathroom within 30-45 minutes after breakfast. Much to my amazement, it now seems that my body has become used to this regimen and I am now going on a regular basis with no difficulty. This comes as quite a shock to me after having problems for over 30 years.

As I say, there have been occasional times when I have had to add the extra half dose of Miralax, but otherwise it has been working extremely well and there is, according to my doctor, no reason why I cannot remain on this indefinitely. I wish this had been available 30 years ago but in the meantime, I would highly recommend this as a treatment for IBS-C.

Review by Amanda

Like the most of you I have had problems and been diagnosed with IBS. I tried everything but I was only loading my body with so many medicines that never helped. I tried Amitiza but it made me so sick to my stomach. My family member recommended Miralax and it has saved my life. I can go to the bathroom with no pain and for the first time in years I feel normal.

I take a capful once, sometimes twice a day, and take a lower dose of Amitiza every other day and it does not make me sick, only helps. I also eat a couple fiber bars a day, the new ones with chocolate which taste good and help. I must say it's so nice not having to wonder if going to the bathroom is going to hurt.

I haven't tried getting a prescription, I figured since it's over-the-counter they won't pay. I go through so much I am going to talk to my doctor. If you have tried Miralax and it didn't work, try again and give it time. I would not be able to live without it.

Review by Danielle

I have been taking Miralax for four days a month as needed for chronic constipation, thought to be IBS. Since I am handicapped with spina bifida, IBS and constipation is a chronic condition in all of us diagnosed with spina bifida. I would not recommend taking this product on a daily basis if you are constipated chronically, as it causes diarrhea for me. Other than that, it is a great product! It really works! Much better than enemas and suppositories.

Review by Cynthia

I've suffered from IBS all my life. I was always nervous to leave the house and always knew where public bathrooms were. I've passed out from stomach cramps when everything was bursting out and laid on the bathroom floor. I broke a tooth from one fall. I'm with the others. Miralax has changed my life. Since I go every day, nothing's building up to explode at any given time. Per doctor's orders I take it every day and have never had a problem.

Review by Kim

I was diagnosed with spastic colon as a child which I believe is what is now known as IBS. I've never had regular bowel movements - if it was once a week I was lucky. I'm always crampy, gassy, bloated, etc. The past few months my bowels just stopped working. I would get no urge to go and if I did go, they would stop mid-movement and just die on me.

I've gone to the doctor again only to expect the same old, take more fiber, exercise, drink lots of water, etc. But she did suggest a colonoscopy at my age of 34. In the meantime until I see the GI doc she told me to try Miralax and fiber twice a day. I've been taking it for four days now. Starting last Friday I took three capfuls right away - the doctor told me I'd probably need more than the one. On Saturday I took two caps and then three caps so five total that day. Sunday I took three. I finally had a bowel movement Sunday night and I've been going all day today! Yippee! I need to keep it at two or three caps until things are cleared out.

I have never taken a laxative that didn't make me feel worse after the BM than I felt before it until this one. No cramping, no nausea after the BM. I love it and it's been four days. For those of you who say you tried it and it didn't work, you could try to up the dosage if you were only doing one capful. If you've been constipated like I have been, you'll need more to jump start things and then taper back the dosage.

I see a lot of people talking about Zelnorm. I took that for a bit, it caused diarrhea in me, and was not fun - it just jolted my bowels too much. I like that Miralax works on my stool and not my bowels. I have rumbly, grumbly bowels right now but at least things are on their way out! Take care to all you who suffer like I do!

Review by Carla

I have had IBS with constipation since I was 17. I truly didn't understand why I was chronically bloated and constipated all the time. I would take laxatives, stool softeners and anything I could think of to get a little relief. At one point my gastroenterologist had me on Zelnorm for about a year. After hearing about people having really bad side effects from the drug I stopped using it and began to suffer once again.

IBS was controlling my life. When I went out, how long I planned on staying when I went places, and I always had to know where a bathroom was no matter where I went just in case I did get the urge to go. Finally about five months ago my doctor told me to take Miralax three times a day with two teaspoons of Benefiber mixed with it. It was like my prayers had been answered. Within two weeks of this regimen I had lost five pounds, I didn't feel as bloated and I was having soft gentle bowel movements. I swear by it to anyone who is a long-term sufferer of IBS with constipation.

Review by Helene

I suffered from IBS for several years, and I tried Miralax one time and it didn't work. I didn't give it another chance as I had tried everything. My colon was completely full. My doctor suggested on the weekend, when I had time to spare, mix a large dose of Miralax with two liters of Gatorade. I was instructed to only drink fluids for 24 hours before this. Then I drank eight ounces every 20 minutes until it was gone.

I was worried because nothing happened, but six hours later my entire colon started cleansing, and I didn't even know! No cramps and now I use it once a day to keep me on track! I never knew this was a trick to cleanse the colon. You see if it's really backed up, sometimes it's hard for anything to work. Props to my excellent doctor!

Review by Dee

Fortunately, my insurance paid for polyethylene glycol, which I assume is some version of Miralax because that is what I turned in a prescription for, and after days of being afraid to take it because I didn't want to taste anything horrible, I finally took a dose in hot tea. There was no taste, and I was able to have a normal bowel movement a few hours later. So far I haven't had any side effects, and I will update as needed.

Review by Gale

I've had colon issues since I was 18, and I am now almost 51. The doctor prescribed Miralax last April. When I first started taking it it worked great. Then after a short time I began to have pain in my colon, all over my abdomen. After months of pain, and no relief from any of the meds the doctor prescribed for the pain, I lay crying in my husband's arms one night. I told him that even though the colonoscopy showed everything to be OK (no cancer) it must be wrong. I thought I was dying from cancer.

Then I stopped taking the Miralax, and sure enough the pain stopped. All of it. As I began to recover from the pain I began to think about how I was taking it, and then I read the reviews on this page and something I read stuck out like a beacon - you must dissolve Miralax. I had switched from taking it in my coffee to putting it in a cold drink. It wasn't dissolving. A few weeks ago I started taking it again in something hot and made sure it was fully dissolved before consuming it, and I have had no pain whatsoever.

Review by Brendan

I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago and I have tried several medicines, but all that has really helped me is Miralax. I still get cramps and bloating, but I can control myself a little more, and I'm starting to have regular bowel movements etc. IBS is absolutely terrible, and it's so nice to read all these comments, and sit here nodding my head when I read these horror stories! I'm glad this product has helped some of us, and to everyone who still suffers, good luck and just keep trying. We all deserve to lead normal, comfortable lives.

Review by Jazz

I did not find this product to be helpful at all. After daily use for five days with no results, I was so uncomfortable I gave up and used Exlax. I will not use it again. I find the advertising to be a cruel joke. It is expensive, at about a $1/dose.

It seems that so many doctors have such a simplistic approach to IBS-constipation: more fiber, more fluid, more exercise. I'm sure that approach helps some, but reading the comments on this site it's clear that just doesn't cut it for so many.

Review by Sherron

IBS-C was controlling my life, making me miserable, frustrated, and scared. Miralax is the only thing that consistently helps. I've used Fleet enemas one after the other for several days in a row, and the same thing with magnesium citrate solution, bottle after bottle, with no results. One episode was so bad that none of that helped and finally resulted in a colonoscopy.

The doctor said to get back on Miralax. I had gotten mad when Miralax went OTC and my insurance would no longer cover it. Also my gastro doc would not write a letter to my insurance company protesting their denial of charges, so I was mad at her too and stopped the Miralax. I only punished myself. Terribly.

Now I take it twice a day and I am so thrilled - for the first time in years I actually get 'the urge' to go to the bathroom. I only have cramps if I wait too long to go. I have a little bloating but I can live with that - it's better than the misery of constipation and impaction. I wish I could buy larger quantities of Miralax. It is expensive if you have a tight budget. Thanks Miralax for making me feel normal again.

Review by Dallas

After having been on over-the-counter products for a long time, my doctor told me that Miralax was available now without a prescription. It was expensive, but my FSA covered it so I picked a bottle up. I noticed right away after taking it that I got hot and flushed, but that went away in about an hour.

The real problem started when I woke up the next morning. My hands and feet were blotchy with red spots and were itching terribly. I quit taking the Miralax and within a few days everything returned to normal. I started back on Miralax and everything started back up, the flushing, and itching, with lower back pain associated with my kidneys.

I tried taking Benadryl and Zyrtec to help with the itching the second time, but it didn't work at all. The sad thing is that Miralax didn't even produce a bowel movement after three days straight taking the 17gm. Tons of side effects with no benefit at all.

Review by Isha

I have suffered for over 20 years with IBS, and I have been given just about all types of treatment. I have had to go to the hospital several times a year due to pain in the stomach. Just in the last nine months the gastroenterologist put me on Miralax. Things have been so different. I go to the bathroom faithfully every morning. I don't take this drug with anything hot, as it goes right through your system. I also take Colace every other day. The over-the-counter cost is not too bad, you can get a 30-day supply for about $20.

Review by Roz

I had a terrible reaction to Miralax. After suffering from chronic constipation doctors told me to try Miralax, which I had tried before and it didn't work. This time he said two capfuls a day, which I took, and then had diarrhea for a week. He wasn't concerned and then said one capful a day. Still diarrhea. Then he said one capful every other day. Still diarrhea, until I had to be rushed to hospital and get IV fluids. What a joke?!

Review by Christina

I used Miralax for six months after Zelnorm was taken off of the US market. For me, it did not help at all. I got all of the side effects with none of the benefits. I had constant bloating to the point where I felt like I couldn't wear jeans anymore.

Review by Connie

I love Miralax. However, taking it in the morning with coffee, I find I have to stay close to a bathroom, and the stools are so soft that I have leakage and need to wear a liner pad. By the evening I am usually OK. I wonder if I should take the Miralax at night after supper?

Review by Lorrie

I have always suffered from constipation, ever since I was a child. Mom gave me a laxative or caster oil. Up until last year I took fiber pills, Exlax, magnesium citrate and enemas to get very little relief. I have cried, had so much pain, and been so swollen and miserable and even sick to my stomach. I was not diagnosed with IBS until after my daughter was born.

I saw a commercial on TV saying that Miralax was available over the counter. I bought some and it took three days to have the BM, but it's blessed day, to not hurt or strain and bleed. I am so happy that this is available and I hope I am able to take it every day. But I will say I take Benefiber with it and they work great together.

Review by Linda

I have had IBS for years and I have needed a colonoscopy every three years. Each time I took the Dulcolax pills and drank the Golytely solution I would be in so much pain trying to pass a bowel movement. Well this time my doctor told me about Miralax and I started taking it daily a month before the colonoscopy. I had no pain at all when it came to passing a bowel movement. Miralax has changed my life!

Review by Carolyn

It seemed I would never get any relief from my IBS-C. I have tried medicines, over-the-counter laxatives, fiber diets, you get the picture! After going another miserable 12 days without passing a stool and feeling totally miserable, I stumbled onto this website!

Figuring I had nothing to lose I tried Miralax! The first two days were even more miserable than before because I was sure this treatment would fail just like the rest, but on the third day I finally went to the bathroom. Just a little at first but it did give me some relief!

I stayed on it and I am happy to say that I have been taking the regular capful dose every day and I have not missed a day of going. This is amazing as I would normally go three times a month and now I go two times or more a day. To normal people this would seem stupid, but to me it is wonderful, sometimes I don't even finish a meal and I already have to go. I don't know if it would work for everyone, but for me it is a Godsend and I am just ecstatic so far!

Review by Anna

I have used Miralax several times. It hasn't really worked for me until I used it with Zelnorm. Sadly, this has been taken off the shelves. Zelnorm was a Godsend. I wish they would bring it back. Anyhow, my doctor told me to take Amitiza with Miralax, but I was too scared to try it.

Now I have upped my dose to two tablespoons of Miralax, and it is working fairly well. I wish it worked a little better, but hey it is better than nothing. My only fear is growing immune to Miralax and not being able to have a bowel movement without medication again. fiber does not work for me. It makes me severely bloated, and in a ton of pain. I hate fiber!

Review by Camille

Miralax is wonderful! I have tried Zelnorm, which worked occasionally as long as I didn't take it every day...then I tried Amitiza, which gave me headaches and nausea. Then I tried Experience pills from the health food store, and they worked for a while, but they griped my stomach and I eventually stopped taking them. I have been diagnosed with IBS for about three years now, but I have had it for at least 10 years. I pooped every couple of weeks without taking anything. I was performing enemas to help with the flow of things.

But then I found Miralax. I have been taking it for about three weeks now and I go almost every day! Plus I don't feel bloated! And I don't have nausea or cramps. It's very easy on the tummy. This stuff is great! And I like that you can just place it in your drink and it doesn't have a yucky taste. A lot easier than trying to swallow pills. I love Miralax!

Review by Becky

I took Zelnorm for three years, and it worked for me - kept my stomach feeling good and kept constipation at bay. When it was taken off the market I freaked. My doctor prescribed a few things that did not work. I took Miralax, but with no success - I just didn't think it worked for me. I felt so bad that I went to see my doctor as I needed some direction. He said I wasn't taking enough Miralax at one sitting. I upped the dosage and I feel like a new person. How simple was that? IBS with constipation is horrible, but Miralax is helping ease that...thank God!

Review by Tracy

I was diagnosed with IBS in high school. Back then the pills they gave me would put me to sleep, or my life was so busy that I would forget to take them. I suffered for years, until recently when my 14 year-old son was diagnosed with IBS. At first we had to do enemas two times a day, then suppositories, then Dulcolax for three more days. As you can imagine this was pure hell for my son.

Then he started the Miralax...and wow! He overcame his embarrassment and said 'Mom! This stuff works great, first time it felt good to go poop in my life! Doesn't hurt, and not a blow-out or rocks!' For the next several days I had to hear him proclaiming how he can now poop like a normal person and what he has been missing out on all his life! You would think by the way he talks that he had been deprived of salt and sugar and meat or milk or money!

So this of course led me to go back to the doc for treatment, thinking there is something better out there now. I am amazed! And it's so true how Miralax does not change the taste of any liquid, even sweet tea with lemon or water. Wal-Mart now has the two-week dose available for $9.50! Even with this low price, my insurance still covers it in the monthly size.

Review by Andrea

All I have to say is that Miralax was a Godsend. I took Miralax for seven years. After my last child was born I went to the pharmacy to find out that insurance doesn't cover Miralax any longer, which really blew me away. I was taking two full doses a day religiously and without my insurance covering it I can't afford 50 dollars a month.

So I have been trying to stick to the Eating for IBS diet which really sucks because all of the side effects of IBS are still there. My bowels do not move, not to mention the stabbing pains in my gut, the horrible heartburn, and the disgusting tastes in my mouth. I feel like I am falling into a depression, and my hair is falling out. I honestly hope there is something out there that my doctor can prescribe that is going to help. I just wish I could have my Miralax back. My life has been a living hell since and I hate it.

Review by Brenda

I was diagnosed with IBS after I had my second child eight years ago. I have been suffered from IBS to the point that it controlled my everyday life. I quit my job as the pain would be so intense I would have to go home until it passed. I had every test under the sun with cameras in every opening and the most they could find was a small polyp, which was removed, and still no relief.

I have been on Zelnorm and Amitiza with no results. I was at the end of my rope! I went back to the doctor and asked him to fix me, like I was in a mechanic's shop, just make the pain stop and fix whatever was wrong with me. Unfortunately there is no cure but he said to take Miralax, he said that it was safe to take every day for as long as I need it. I laughed, like right, this over-the-counter stuff will work while a prescription didn't!

Well, let me tell you, it is a miracle drug! I take one capful in water when I wake up every morning and it is great! I am back working again and enjoying life. I have no pains or cramps and I even get the urge to go to the bathroom. It sounds funny, but for years all I had was pain, no urge. My husband laughed at me when I had a look on my face and he asked what was wrong, and I said 'I actually feel like I have to have a BM!' I forgot what it felt like without the pain associated with it.

I take Miralax every day, and every day I have a normal BM. I am a little lax on the weekends, but my body lets me know if I forget. I wish they would sell it in bigger quantities like in Costco or a warehouse store! I love the product, keep up the good work Miralax.

Review by Arnold

I have had poor bowel movements for several years with occasional pain in my lower left abdomen. My doctor prescribed Miralax, one tablespoon twice a day. It has worked wonders. I no longer have hard stools. Also, I have never experienced diarrhea. I take the Miralax in juice after breakfast and dinner.

Review by Caren

I went to a GI doc and he diagnosed me with IBS-C. I kept a food diary for a month and tried fiber supplements. Then my doctor put me on Miralax, after quite a sales pitch, but I was skeptical. He said the product would prove itself, so I bought it. This was before it was available over-the-counter.

I took it according to his directions, and it made no difference. He upped the dose. It made no difference. He upped the frequency. It made no difference. All the while I'm choking down fiber, pills or the stir-in stuff, and all the while I'm feeling like a blimp in pain. I go to the gym regularly, I eat whole foods and I'm very healthy, I don't get it. I haven't had a dairy product in years! This is totally discouraging.

Review by Cindy

I was diagnosed several years ago with IBS. I have been constipated I believe since the day I was born. Nothing would help. I became dependent on laxatives, and now they rarely have any effect on me. A few months ago I was having such excruciating pain that I went to the ER. They gave me a gallon job of that nasty-tasting Golytely. Even after drinking that entire gallon, the only thing I got was the worst bloating and pain I ever experienced, but no BM.

Finally a doctor gave me Miralax. I thought, 'OK here we go, something else that may or may not work'. Usually when something works, it doesn't last. I have been taking Miralax now for several weeks. It took about three days for the first BM after taking my first dose in my morning coffee. I can't even tell it is in there - there's no taste.

For a week I had wonderful BMs - by wonderful I mean very gentle. I actually got an urge, which is a rare feeling for me. But good news - no grand blow-outs! Sometimes I would go two or three times a day, but I really needed to go. I must have been full up to my eyeballs!

During the second week, my stools became a little too loose and I had a little accident. I decided to take Miralax every other day. This made me have to start the cycle all over again. I couldn't go. If I don't go every day, I have tremendous pain, but I still have a lot of pain even after I go. I take valerian root with it for the pain. That is my magic potion.

I am so glad it is now over-the-counter. I am going to take it every day, but if my stools are a little loose, I might skip one day, but that is it. This morning I ran out and didn't get to the store. I still went like clockwork. My body is getting used to going every morning. It seems to go straight through me.

I love Miralax. Plus I highly recommend valerian root. It helps relax your abdominal muscles, helps with the pain, and makes it easier to go when the Miralax kicks in. The two together are a great combination for me.

Review by Margie

I have had chronic constipation my whole life but was just recently diagnosed with IBS. I had tried Zelnorm on two different occasions and did not have any results. Now that I'm on Miralax I have a normal BM daily. It works great.

Review by Janille

My first thought was why did they ever take Zelnorm away. I've been on everything and it was the only thing that brought me relief. They have now put me on this Miralax that I can't stand and have decided to stop. I am so bloated I feel like I may explode. The cramping is killing me. I can't take it anymore, not to mention I can barely go to the bathroom since taking this. I do have a friend whose daughter is taking it and it has worked miracles on her.

Review by Paul

I have had IBS for years, never knowing when or where it would act up next. It was so bad that it caused bleeding painful hemorrhoids and I began to wonder if life was worth living any longer. I have been on Miralax for around six months now. It is definitely a miracle drug. As long as I follow the directions and take it daily, I never have painful hemorrhoids anymore, and it's a real pleasure once again to be living pain-free. Easy as 1-2-3.

My only fear is that it will be taken away from me, or become too expensive to buy. It is now over-the-counter, just within the last couple months.

Review by Angelia

I have tried everything to control my IBS-C. Zelnorm and Amitiza did not work at all for me. I was reduced to using Exlax and Dulcolax which were harsh on my system. I saw an online ad about Miralax and decided to give it a go. I bought the seven-day trial. The first day it gave me gas and made my tummy sound more like a water cooler with nothing produced. Day two - same water cooler noise but progress. Day three was an 'Oh my gosh', it was so bad that I thought Miralax was too, strong and I had the same water cooler noises.

On day four it seemed to settle into a pattern, and I also added Zelnorm (that stopped the water cooler noise). It has been 14 days since I made the big investment and I am trying to find a five-gallon bucket of this drug. I am convinced because for the first time I get up, mix my Miralax (in half a mug of coffee) and pop my Zelnorm and in 40 to 50 minutes it works. No cramps, no crazy watery stools, no cramping or dehydration. It just works.

I attend school all day and don't need surprises like the Exlax gave me, my tummy cramped all day and I had the rush to the bathroom feeling like I had to go and then nothing. Then there was the Exlax hangover, my face, hands, and feet swell and I am drained. With Miralax I have none of this, it's drink, enjoy, go then get on with your life. Where has this combination been all my life?

Review by Dee

I have been taking Miralax for a year and a half. My daughter was prescribed it as well. She was only six when given it. For myself and her, it is so gentle. I can take one full capful and not have it work for a day or so. I have heard other people say that they can't take it every day. I really think it depends on your own body. It has helped us a ton. I do drink plenty of water throughout the day when on this medication.

Review by Frank

I have started using Miralax for constipation. If I take it in the morning I am tied up for the whole day going to the bathroom, maybe five to six times, and sometimes into the next day. It makes me a little nauseous and very cold. I don't think I can take this every day, it's too much, but maybe every three to four days, then I am really constipated. Taking this every day would be impossible for me, I would not leave the house. I take the recommended dose.

Review by Rosalind

I have had IBS for 35 years now. I have tried everything, even taking magnesium citrate once a week. Recently I was seen by my doctor because I was having searing pains like labor in the rectum. I found out that these are called contractions. The pain would stop me dead in my tracks. Anyway, the doctor prescribed Miralax. Immediately, no more pain, and now I have been taking Miralax once a day for three weeks. No constipation and no pain.

I hope I will be able to continue this regimen for life. I can't believe after all these years there is relief and this is actually what a bowel movement should feel like. Hope this helps some of the other IBS sufferers.

Review by Karen

I have been on Miralax for three years now. It has been a terrific help, although I have noticed after this many years it is not working as well. However, I will stay on it forever if needed. There was no cramping, pain, gas etc. I even know small children that use this with great results.

Review by Becky

I have suffered from IBS with constipation since I was a child, but I was only officially diagnosed after the birth of my last baby three years ago. After drastic lifestyle changes for 18 months - changed to mostly whole foods and exercise four times a week - I started to try several of the drugs on the market. At best, I've had fair results that usually only lasted a few weeks before building up a tolerance to them.

About six weeks ago my doctor prescribed Miralax. I feel like a new person. It's easy to take, and I get great results - one bowel movement each day at the same time. For the first time in my life I have a normal bowel pattern and normal-looking stools. They are soft and long, all one piece and perfectly formed. For the first time I feel a normal urge to stool. No cramping, no bloating, and no more bleeding hemorrhoids. I'm in and out of the bathroom in two minutes with no pain! I even went down a whole pant size thanks to no bloating.

I've grown somewhat skeptical of all the treatments for IBS, so to be sure it was the Miralax, I have been very careful not to change my diet or exercise habits while I was starting the drug. It's amazing the change. I feel like I have so much more time to enjoy life.

I prefer to mix mine with Crystal Light or Propel. There is absolutely no taste to Miralax, but it does make the liquid slightly thicker, so it is just weird to me to take it with water. After six weeks, I've noticed no decreased effect. I've even missed a few daily doses and been totally fine. I've read that you cannot build up a tolerance to Miralax because it doesn't work on the bowel, it acts on the stool itself. So hopefully this will continue to work for me.

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