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Colace (docusate sodium) is a stool softener, which helps water to mix with the waste food and produce a softer, bulkier stool. It is used to treat constipation. It can also be used where hard stool are causing pain, for example when a patient suffers from hemorrhoids or another anal or rectal condition. Colace comes in pill form.

Colace side effects

The most common side effects of Colace are stomach pain, diarrhea and cramping.


Review by Linda

I had colorectal cancer surgery 12 years ago and then gallbladder surgery six years ago. My doctor said I also have IBS. Since then I have severe constipation. I tried Colace 100mg and it acted like a laxative, causing diarrhea and preventing me from sleeping. The gastro doctors can't help me. I've tried so many things with nothing working and it not letting me sleep is torture. I can't take it anymore.

Review by Amanda

Right after I had surgery for a gynecological problem I was given Colace, but I felt it didn't work. I later learned that it takes a day or two to begin to work, so when my doctor recently prescribed it again for constipation, I was more patient. After about three days I am having very regular, painless bowel movements (just prior to this I was very irregular with tearing and bleeding when I finally went). However, like with so many medicines and supplements, I have now developed severe intestinal gas and bloating. I'm not sure if it's the Colace, but it's really the only unusual thing I've been taking.

Review by Dee

I have suffered from IBS for about 12 years now. It goes back and forth from diarrhea to constipation. Since I gave birth to my son two years ago it has been almost 100% constipation, with certain foods high in fat (usually containing oil) that will trigger diarrhea.

I have tried Levsin, I have tried Zelnorm, but everything seems to be a temporary fix. I am bloated just about every minute of every day, despite swallowing Mylanta Gas constantly. Over-the-counter laxatives haven't helped much.

My doctor prescribed Colace, and it worked immediately - but the cramping in my stomach was terrible. So I had to weigh it out, be bloated and constipated or suffer through severe cramps in order to have relief. I choose relief. I dread the pain after taking Colace but anything is better than being bound up and in pain for a week straight and then straining to have a bowel movement to the point the I start bleeding.

Review by Mary

I have had IBS for 20 years. At first the docs just told me to eat a lot of high fiber foods. That worked well for awhile, then the symptoms switched to diarrhea. I was able to tolerate all of this for several years and then I went to a new gastro and he put me on Levsin. Again this was great for a couple of years, but then the constipation was severe.

I went to another gastro who put me on Zelnorm. Again this worked for one year, then more problems. I have always had the bloating and cramping, but now another symptom developed, severe back pain. I had to delete bananas from my diet completely and when I lowered my sugar intake things got somewhat better. However, I started having bowel movements at very irregular times and they were very painful. Cramping and bloating always.

About six months ago I decided to try and find something that would be a happy medium. The Colace is what my doctor gave me when I was pregnant, so I took two every day no matter what the symptoms. Once the bowel movements became regular and normal I backed it down to one per day. That is where I currently am.

For probably 95% of the time I keep everything in check. I have several health issues that mask the IBS symptoms, so I am forever grateful when I can have some control.

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