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sad tales: women with ibs-d page fifteen

The tale of...Hollie (26 April 2005)

I'm 22, and have been suffering with the symptoms of IBS for about eight months now. After reading some of the stories on this page, I now realize that my symptoms are mild by comparison, but they still cause me a great deal of distress. It's bizarre to go from leading a normal life, to suddenly having to plan everything in advance. Being spontaneous is impossible, and if my friends or boyfriend suggest a last minute trip or night out, I immediately feel my stomach start to churn!

The embarrassment factor is terrible...it's not very glamorous to have to tell people that you suffer from chronic diarrhea! In situations such as long car journeys, I start to hyperventilate and have terrible panic attacks, because I know that it will be terribly embarrassing if I need the toilet.

I'm aware that the psychological aspects can be just as severe and real as the physical ones. Luckily, by eating carefully, and taking Imodium when I need the extra security, I still manage to have fun. My boyfriend and family have been so fantastically supportive and understanding, and this makes a huge difference. I try not to think of myself as an IBS sufferer, as it sounds so long term. I keep hoping that it will all just go away.

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The tale of...Maria (26 April 2005)

Wow...I have had stomach 'problems' for years, no fried or greasy food, no fast food, nothing too unhealthy etc...I have had accidents, in public, how humiliating. I have had to run to the bathroom during a meal, after a meal.

Reading all these excerpts has made me realize that I am not alone and it can get better, or at least I hope. The doctor is ruling in or out all kinds of things that may be part of my problem, but after I had my gallbladder out eight months ago it all got worse.

Luckily I work in the field of mental health, so I am able to understand my mental status and what I am going through. I am also overweight, I should be thin for going to the bathroom so much, it is so embarrassing. Thanks for listening. I really don't take meds for it yet, only on trips.

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The tale of...Tracie (24 May 2005)

I have had IBS for eight years or more now. It's changed from constipation-predominant to diarrhea in the last 18 months. I find if I eat anything too fatty not only do I get pale stools I get diarrhea as well. They have checked me out with an abdominal ultrasound and I don't appear to have liver problems or gallbladder ones. I just don't know what's happening really.

The diarrhea is painful, crampy and distressing. I'm odd as well in that when I'm due on I get normal poos, it's so odd. It could be hormonal, but one thing I do know is that there is never a typical IBS, the only typical thing is we all suffer. I have had accidents and carry spare things around.

I've tried all the old favorites, Colpermin, mebeverine, turmeric tablets, and nothing really helps that much. I feel sorry for anyone in our position. People tend to say 'Oh yes, you've got the dicky stomach thing!' I wish it was that simple. If somebody going through your insides with a jackhammer is a dicky stomach I give up.

Anyway I'll just keep on trying, the cure is out there somewhere. Maybe not the same one for all of us but I'm going to find mine eventually. Good luck everyone.

The tale of...Michelle (26 May 2005)

I suffer from IBS with diarrhea, and have had diarrhea every day for three months. I tried Lomotil. It did stop the diarrhea for one full day, but it made me feel like I was very drugged. I couldn't even drive, or hardly sit up straight.

So I went to a gastroenterologist. He told me to take Imodium. Two tablets 1/2 hour before breakfast, and one after each loose stool all day, up to nine pills a day. Guess what? It had absolutely no effect. None! The only thing that helps slow down the diarrhea is if I eat nothing at all for two days. Fasting is the only answer for me. Not good...I wish there was something, anything out there to stop this. I am searching the internet for any 'alternative' remedies.

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The tale of...Rebecca (27 May 2005)

I am Rebecca, age 51, and have suffered (mostly in silence) from IBS-diarrhea for most of my adult life. When bringing my condition to the attention of healthcare providers, the common response was to 'add fiber'.

Had a colonoscopy in June 2004 and blood tests to rule out celiac sprue. All negative. Had an appointment on Thursday, May 19, 2005, with an MD from the same group that performed my colonoscopy.

A sigmoid scope has been ordered along with a complete thyroid profile. This physician told me that he likely could not help me. I needed to be seen at a Functional Bowel Disorders Clinic. This clinic can see me in January, 2006.

Meanwhile, I've been told to 'keep doing' what I'm 'doing.' Imodium Loading, clearly, is no issue for doctors. As is weight loss and no appetite. (Why eat when everything makes you sick?). Would love to try Lotronex or the new drug from Solvay, but they are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to come by in the USA.

Thanks for listening. For the last year or more, this website has given me the courage to begin to speak out - publicly - about this wretched condition. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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