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Privacy Policy for IBS Tales

It's important that we all have our privacy respected on the web. This privacy policy lets you know about the type of information that may be collected when you visit the site and what it is used for. Be assured that I never reveal any of this information to any third party.

Technical Data

Most of the sites on the internet today collect technical data through log files. These files tell webmasters things like what your IP address is, what browser you have used to reach the site, what pages you looked at when you got here, and what ISP you might be using. This information is provided automatically through your browser, and can be useful when running a website. If lots of visitors are using an unusual browser, for example, then I might need to change my website design to accommodate them.

Cookies and Beacons

The IBS Tales blog uses a cookie to see if you have left a comment before, and if you tick the 'remember me' box the cookie will remember your name and email address so you don't have to type it in again the next time you comment. The rest of the site does not use cookies to store personal preferences, although cookies may be used for traffic analytics programs (eg: Google analytics) which tell me how many people are visiting the site and how many of these people are brand new visitors.

Cookies may also be used by advertisers, including Google AdSense, to collect your IP address, internet service provider info, browser info and possibly whether or not you are using Flash. These snippets of information are used for geotargeting (showing ads about shops in Hawaii to people who live in Hawaii) and they can also be used to show adverts which might be of particular interest to you (fishing adverts if you regularly look at angling sites).

The Google advertising program uses a DART cookie which means it can shows ads which have been chosen because of visits to this and other websites. It is possible to opt out of the DART cookie by visiting this link.

By selecting specific settings within your browser you can choose to partly or completely disable cookies and/or third party cookies.

IBS stories, treatment reviews and email addresses

IBS stories (tales) and treatment reviews may be removed at any time if you request their removal by contacting me. I publish first names and email addresses alongside IBS stories unless you specifically ask for your email address not to be shown. I publish first names only, with no email address, alongside treatment reviews. Your email address will never be passed on to anyone.

If you join my IBS email mailing list, your email address will never be passed on to anyone. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

Private Emails

You may choose to contact the webmaster of this site, Sophie Lee, privately via the contact form if you choose the option that says 'Private message - NOT for publication' when you fill out the contact form. These messages will be read and, if necessary, responded to, but they will remain confidential. Your email address will also be confidential.

Advertising Policy and Funding Sources

This site is funded through the sale of advertising placements and through donations from site visitors. Adverts are accepted through the Google AdSense program, and can be identified by the words 'Ads by Google' or 'Adchoices' next to the adverts. Banner or skyscraper ads may also appear and will be displayed with the word 'Advert' next to them. Adverts are accepted from reputable, established companies who market to IBS sufferers. Adverts for prescription drugs are not accepted.

Legal Requirements

This site undertake to honor or exceed the legal requirements for medical/health information privacy in the United Kingdom.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

privacy policy