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L-Glutamine is a supplement which contains an amino acid. It is most commonly used by bodybuilders and endurance athletes, to help them build up their muscles and lose weight, but there have also been a number of research studies which show that glutamine is linked to intestinal function. It is most often recommended for diarrhea. L-Glutamine is available as a tasteless powder which is dissolved in water.


Review by Nathan

I have suffered for 10 years from IBS symptoms that I think may have started from a bout of salmonella poisoning. At its peak a glass of water would set it off! I have been using L-Glutamine for one week and I have no idea why I suffered for so long. I cannot explain how many things I have tried over the years with limited success. I am now looking forward to re-visiting those suggestions with the aid of this fantastic supplement.

Review by Andrew

This was an accidental discovery. I am weight training again. Up from 155 to 187 in a year of hard training. Watching my triggers. I am trying Sci-Fit Gluta-Lyn (glutamine) from a friend. I noticed I had absolutely normal habits for the first time since I can remember. This is coming from someone who has done it all, fasting (definitely helped), P-defense, (small and mega doses for months), peppermint pills which helped but had what I call the Skeletor Effect, and liquid probiotics, again the Skeletor effect. I ordered a bottle of L-Glutamine and I will let you know the long-term effects.

Review by John

After my doctor diagnosed IBS his only suggestion was to be careful with what I ate and to try peppermint oil capsules. After some searching I tried L-Glutamine in combination with some other nutrients in a formula. I have been taking it for three weeks and I've noticed a reduction in bloating, cramping and frequency of less productive efforts in the bathroom. I have also been adding some psyllium husk, fish oil and zinc to the mix, and I feel 90% better. Most noticeably my energy is up and my thinking a lot clearer. I think L-Glutamine is a great nutrient.

Review by James

I have always had stomach/intestinal discomfort. When I get nervous or excited I have to make a visit to the bathroom, either for a number two or to vomit. I am in the marines, and I get deployed multiple times per year. Since I have started taking L-Glutamine my issues have died down. On my last two deployments (Philippines and the Horn Of Africa) I did not have any discomfort at all. Not only has it helped me with my stomach, but it is great for working out as well. I work out daily, and this has allowed me to exert myself in the gym for longer periods of time. I have little muscle pain the following day. All in all, this is a great product!

Review by Trevor

I've been on L-Glutamine for about a month now and I have noticed a few beneficial factors with this supplement. First of all I have noticed that my energy levels have greatly increased and it gives me a nice feeling of wellbeing and a feeling of good health. It does slightly upset my stomach but maybe I am taking too much at a time I have more regular bowel movements but I wouldn't say it has helped much with the stomach pain I suffer from due to my IBS.

Review by Lisa

I have suffered with IBS (constipation) for at least four years. I was officially diagnosed two years ago. I've tried many different medications and elimination diets but nothing helped for any length of time. A few months ago I decided to see a naturopathic doctor. She started me on L-Glutamine powder in a smoothie every day. It's been two months now and I'm feeling about 60 to 70% better. She said I should expect at least one month for every year I've had this problem for my healing to be complete. I will continue to use L-Glutamine and strive to feel 100% better soon.

Review by Linda

I have been an IBS sufferer for 12 years. I have always been glad that I have a job that is close to bathrooms so I can do the 'IBS walk' quickly without everyone knowing what is going on.

Last week I went to a local pharmacy that has a compounding pharmacist and is also into natural healing. He started me on L-Glutamine and IsoCort and acidophilus. I was absolutely amazed. I felt better the next day and continue to feel better. Gone is the backache and I haven't had a diarrhea attack in four days. I have more energy and am sleeping better. I have quit taking my Nexium, but I may have to start that again, as I am having some trouble with acid indigestion.

I am not saying that L-Glutamine and IsoCort is the answer for everyone, because as we all know you have to find what works best for you. However, my husband who has the other kind of IBS (constipation) has started on the same stuff and is feeling better also.

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