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happy tales: women with ibs-d page four

The tale of an Ex-Sufferer (August 2004)

I have suffered from severe spasmodic attacks for four years. Now that I'm almost completely over it, I want to share my thoughts with you. So something has obviously changed since those four years ...

  1. I finally give myself some attention. Don't think your problem is not important and that you have to just carry on like that. There is a way out.
  2. I did not have good self-esteem and because of that I was always stressed among people and in public. I felt extremely self-conscious among people. So get an image!
  3. Anxiety when in small rooms or among a lot of people was a big problem for me. It was normal for me to sit on the floor of every shop I went to! Try to avoid shopping at busy times or with a group (more relaxing on your own time).
  4. I was especially stressed and conscious when eating my lunch in the university canteen. Relax while eating!
  5. Chewing gum (especially with xylitol) is for me also a cause of bloating.
  6. I avoid organic bread or products, too natural!
  7. I dress according to the weather. Muscles can be tense when too cold or you can dehydrate when too warm.
  8. I drink water when I am thirsty (or more if I can) or drink two cups of tea and relax when doing so.
  9. I was too afraid to do sports with other people. Now here is the miracle: my cramps disappear during my taibo classes!
  10. Never over-eat! But eat! If I don't eat when I feel hungry, I get cramps! (Maybe stomach acid going down in the guts). It is better to eat smaller and more frequent meals (rather go to the canteen two times for two smaller lunches). Always drink something with the food, like a glass of wine or tea (not too much).
  11. Onions and beans. Don't eat them!
  12. Sleep in on Saturday mornings.
  13. Go to the toilet immediately when you feel a need for it. I noticed that if I go even just to let go of some gas, if prevents worse cramps later on. Don't worry about the toilet of your hosts, it is meant for this purpose! Take a spray if you want.
  14. Wear clothes you like and that are comfortable.

Overall, try to relax, enjoy smaller meals, and make use of the toilet regularly. Create a more comfortable environment around your body. If you have a low self-esteem, work on it with someone. I hope this information is valuable to you and gives new hope.

The tale of...Robin (October 2004)

I have suffered with IBS for over 20 years. I do not have a story that is any different from yours. I actually smiled after reading these stories. I too have had so many accidents because of IBS. I truly think I own Walmart's underwear department. I was so embarrassed each time I would have to pull over on a road or run through a store to the bathroom or having to leave a pair of undies somewhere in the trash.

I felt like I was the only one who couldn't control my bowels but I see now I am not the only one. I wish I could talk to each and every one of you but since I can't, I just want to say I am so proud that you all spoke up about how you have to live each day with IBS, I am even learning that some symptoms I have go with IBS.

I am wondering if any of you ever have an attack that feels like a knife being stabbed through your chest into your back, making you double over in pain for five minutes to 30 minutes. I had my gallbladder removed so I know it isn't from that, I am just wondering if this is another symptom of IBS. I would love to hear from any of you.

God bless this site, I think we all know there are many of us out there and maybe we can all support each other. I don't know which section this tale belongs to, I suffer too but yet I feel this is a happy tale for we all have found that there are many of us who suffer from this and can be there to help each other as well.

E-mail Robin: [email protected]THISPLEASEhotmail.com

The tale of...Tracie (October 2004)

I first started with IBS seven years ago with constipation, massive bloating, and discomfort. It was caused by the stress of my mum's death and my son's diagnosis of autism within a very short space of time.

However in January this year my bowel habit completely altered. As we have a strong family history of cancer I was really anxious. I was sent for a colonoscopy (the laxatives - ugh) and waited three weeks for the results. Irritable bowel!

Even though I was very relieved I did not have cancer I was gutted to think I am stuck for life with this distressing condition. I went onto IBS Tales after reading about it and discovered one lady used slippery elm tablets, which I tried. It's been a while now and I feel much better - no bloat, no pain, no gurgling and better poops! Whilst there are no miracles for IBS this is the nearest thing I've found.

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