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The tale of...Leyla (January 2007)

I've suffered from IBS-diarrhea since I was six (I'm now 38). I feel for all of you. It paralyzes my life, and my family's (two kids, five and eight). Once I saw on this site that some people benefited from calcium, so I tried it. It took a while to adjust but it works. Thanks a million. I use two pills a day of 600mg. Once by mistake I used the oyster calcium and it did not work.

But as you all know it's ups and downs with this syndrome. But fortunately I'm leading a normal life most of the time. I can take the kids to school without stopping four times to find the nearest bathroom (and most of the time we change countries because of my husband's posting, so it's not always easy to find a friendly place to pause in a bathroom). Thanks again for the advice that changed my life.

The tale of...Misty (January 2007)

I was 15 when I started having major embarrassing problems. I had the symptoms badly for 10 years, but then I changed my diet severely and now I don't have much of a problem with it. I found out that many others in my family have it too, my brother, some of my cousins, an aunt, and lately my mother has it.

The good thing is that it can be treated. I think getting tested for food allergies and intolerances has a major part in it. I am intolerant to lactose, so I limited it to a very small amount. Also limiting caffeine helps a lot! You have to know your own body, what foods trigger it, also your emotional level, as anxiety, upset, anger, and sadness always affected me, I would get diarrhea if my mood was not calm (balanced), even when I got excited/happy I would end up in the bathroom. Good luck to everyone!

The tale of...Lora (January 2007)

About 20 years ago I had giardiasis from poor drinking water. I was badly infected, had diarrhea and was terribly ill. Never been the same since. Thus my journey with IBS. Seems to me this century is inflicted with numerous 'new' diseases/syndromes that no doctor or health practitioner can diagnose or get results. The only results I've had are a nice pat on the head, take lots of fiber, and live with it! I'd guarantee any doctor or scientist who has this would soon discover a cure! It certainly is a debilitating syndrome.

I'm looking into my malabsorption of fructose now, but I don't know where to go to get the breath test. I refuse to believe there is not an answer to this problem! It isn't in the head it's in my gut. My tale is...happy! As there will be an answer.

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The tale of...Roxanne (7 February 2007)

I've suffered with IBS for approximately 11 years. A few weeks ago I read Linda's tale. She had had her gallbladder taken out and afterwards she had to take lots of calcium to alleviate stomach bloating. I just wanted to say that despite not having had my gallbladder out I gave the calcium a try, and it really seems to have made a difference to my bloated stomach which sometime resembles a football when I wake!

I have been taking two 600mg tablets every day and I have noticed a difference when I finish a meal. Although bloating is not the most painful symptom I suffer with, it still isn't very nice and can be embarrassing and very uncomfortable. I'm so glad I read Linda's tale as it really helped me. I figured that even if it didn't work the calcium would be good for me!

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The tale of...Lucy (February 2007)

I have had IBS for about 10 years now - it reared its ugly head following a spate of panic attacks which I think were brought on by an incident at university (I was on a coach trip with the world's worst hangover and thought I was going to be sick all day. I then seemed to remember that feeling and developed a fear of being sick in public).

Following a couple of hypnotherapy sessions I controlled this and thankfully prevented agoraphobia, but I did seem to be left with an annoying ability to develop anxiety (often subconsciously) which would develop in my stomach. Without realizing I was worried about doing something or going somewhere, pains would appear in my stomach that would then result in frequent loo visits. The cycle effect of then worrying about my stomach and what if I needed the loo when out would make it worse and even bring it on.

I have managed to control the situation over the last few years (and have always carried Imodium pills with me), but I have missed many a good opportunity for not wanting to be in a difficult place for that 'what if' reason. My happy story relates to reading some information about the benefits of aloe vera juice. I have been drinking it now for about eight weeks and although only early days, I have to say that I have been on two events with work which in the past would have been likely problem days.

I am so happy to say that on both these occasions I had no stomach funnies and did not even go to the loo (like that) once - in fact I didn't even think about it - and that is the main thing! I am very pleased with the results and think that even if there is some placebo effect I don't care because it is working. I am looking forward to other events as a trial if you like, but I have a much more positive outlook and with that a more motivated outlook for my career too. If aloe is the savior then I wanted everyone else to know!

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