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Fybogel is a fiber supplement made from Ispaghula husk, a plant fiber. There is also a version of Fybogel which contains added mebeverine, which is an anti-spasmodic designed to relax muscles and reduce pain. Fybogel is generally used to treat symptoms of constipation, although it may be useful for diarrhea sufferers as well as it can add bulk to the stool. Fybogel comes in powder form in individual sachets. The powder is mixed with water and then drunk. There are orange and lemon-flavored versions available.

Fybogel side effects

The most common side effects of Fybogel are stomach distension (bloating) and flatulence.


Review by Joan

I have just been put on Fybogel because my GP says I am not emptying my bowels properly so have had terrible symptoms of IBS, although the doctor has not confirmed this. This is my third day on Fybogel and I emptied my bowels three times this morning and I thought 'Great'. Then a couple of hours later I suffered with pain in the lower abdomen that has continued all day.

I just hope this is a blip and it will go away as Fybogel does say the side effects are bloating and wind. It is very painful. I would be interested to know if Fybogel has reacted thus way with anyone else, if possible. I have been feeling poorly for so long so I am very anxious.

Review by Toby

I am undiagnosed as yet but most food including fruit and veg makes me either constipated or the other way, always going. However at the moment I am constipated due to giving up veg due to how my stomach feels. However, in the last few days the doctor put me on Fybogel and said they take 12 hours to work. I am not sure how normal this is but five hours later I will need a good bowel movement. I just wish fruit and veg did what this one sachet a day did to my body. But I hope that long term there will not be any repercussions if I rely on this powder. Just letting you know some people might find this works a lot faster than stated.

Review by Yvonne

I used to take Fybogel with good results and no ill effects for my IBS. I don't get a lot of constipation (mostly frequency troubles but not diarrhea) or didn't but now Fybogel is causing blackish stools which only appear the day I take the Fybogel.

Review by Elizabeth

I have only recently been diagnosed with IBS after roughly two years of intermittent, horrific symptoms such as stabbing pains in my lower intestines and switching between diarrhea and constipation. This led to me pretty much being housebound because I was frightened of an attack. I was first of all put through numerous blood tests where they found my B12 was low (I am vegan and I was veggie long before that). They then wanted to focus on that and the symptoms got pushed aside...

After much persistence I saw a gastroenterologist and went through a colonoscopy (which was horrific because I was only given one-third of the dose of anaesthetic and I remember everything) and they found nothing. My follow-up appointment with them was then set for 13 months later!

After not being able to cope with the pain after nine months of waiting I went to the GP again in desperation and saw a new doctor who said it was IBS and suggested Fybogel. OMG, it is a miracle cure (almost)! I haven't felt this well in a long time and I can now leave the house confidently after just two weeks using it twice daily. I realised that I have had IBS for a lot longer than I have had the severe symptoms, as I never knew what feeling like you have 100% finished on the loo was like before, and I never realised that that was an issue until now! Sorry for rambling, but I can't recommend this simple solution enough after the torment I have been through prior to it.

Review by Frances

I have had IBS on and off for years. For the last month I have had pain and a dull ache across my lower abdomen. After frequent visits to my GP and still being told that it is IBS I was given Fybogel to take twice a day. The results are amazing, although it took six days to work. I have lost the bloating and anxious feeling. My only concern is how long can I continue taking it and should it be taken before or after food. Thank you for your wonderful website at least I know I am not alone.

Review by Aaron

I am a 24 year-old man and recently my IBS was diagnosed whilst at a chronic peak! I thought I was actually going to die...I work out daily and weigh 12 and a half stone. I occasionally suffered from constipation and bloating but nothing a laxative couldn't cure.

One day after four days of no movement a tremendous illness gripped me. I felt oh so sick. I was cramped up. I couldn't move. After a month of doctors visits and losing one and a half stone in weight they were baffled and suggested it was IBS. I was lactose intolerant as a baby and too much dairy now brings on an attack. Also I've noticed that wheat goes hand in hand with a bad reaction.

My partner suggested Fybogel and the results were amazing! My bloating disappeared. I felt normal and had decent movements again. It is wonderful and I can now get on with being a police officer. One word of caution - make sure you drink plenty of water with it!

Review by Abbie

I was diagnosed with IBS in April 2009. I suffered mornings of terrible pains caused by constipation, so I went to the doctors and they diagnosed me with IBS. She suggested I tried Fybogel as it was a natural aid. After two days of taking it after breakfast and dinner my symptoms had relieved dramatically. I am still taking Fybogel once a day, and although occasionally I do suffer from symptoms, I live a normal lifestyle thanks to Fybogel. I would recommend it to anyone.

Review by Sophie

I'm 22 and I have been diagnosed with IBS. I tried Spasmonal but that didn't work. My GP has not given me any other treatment or medicines other than Imodium.

I had a really bad month of loose stools and severe stomach pains. I went back to my GP and he didn't give me anything, not even for the pain, he just referred me to the gastroenterologist. After a month of loose stools I then had bad, painful constipation. I work at a hospital so I went to see a general surgeon who recommended Fybogel. I went into a Boots store and asked the pharmacist his advice. He said it would help with the constipation and also help with the loose bowels. I was amazed that such a product existed. My mum suffers from constipation weekly so we both tried it and that next day we were both over the moon.

Also I love this product because in the past I have been unable to enjoy certain junk and comfort foods that I used to be able to eat all the time. Now I have the confidence to eat these foods in moderation and not worry about where the nearest toilet is or the pain I will be in. I have lost many days of work due to IBS and now I've found this product I feel a lot better.

Review by Deepak

I am 24 years old, and I was diagnosed with IBS in November 2007. Since then I have been having treatment. My doctor who is a gastroenterologist suggested Fybogel and folic acid tablets for my constipation and bloating. I take Fybogel every day after supper. My motions have improved a lot and the bloating too. Until June 2008 I was OK but then I started having liquid motions too ie: diarrhea so I am still going undergoing treatment.

Review by Mark

I was diagnosed with IBS in March 2007. My symptoms were mainly constipation and severe gas and bloating. I also had mucous in the stools which was very embarrassing when caught at work etc. After trying to add fiber to my diet I found the gas and pain would double up and just make me feel worse.

After giving up on the fiber I went to my doctor explaining that I could not add much fiber to my diet due to the symptoms I described above. He suggested I try Fybogel, and I thought I had nothing to lose. After just two days using the product I found that my IBS almost faded away. The gas and bloating subsided to almost minimal, and I don't have any more episodes of mucous. Plus I can now pass regular stools without any real urgency.

Although I still have to make sure I eat sensibly and not go over the top with rich or fried foods my symptoms have been under control ever since and I feel 95% IBS-free. Thanks for reading everyone and all the best in battling your IBS symptoms.

Review by Julie

I have a long history of intermittent IBS spanning some five years, and I have been back and forth to my doctor because of this. I have the diarrhea-type IBS with associated stomach cramps, and my doctor recently suggested trying Fybogel during acute phases. Because I don't want to get dependent on it, I decided to take just one sachet a day, after supper. For the first time in years, I started to pass formed stools! I still get the odd bout of urgency but nothing compared to how it used to be. I stopped the Fybogel a week ago as I was relatively free of symptoms and I am now back to passing mushy stools again.

Review by Deborah

I was diagnosed with IBS five years ago when I literally thought I was dying. I suffered from severe abdominal pain and the most horrendous constipation. The bloating is the worst symptom. I have had days where I couldn't even get dressed because none of my trousers would fit me! I still get extremely tired and nothing in the world can move me to do anything. Those are the really bad days, but Fybogel helps with the constipation and Spasmonal eases the pain and bloating a little bit.

Review by Elena

I have suffered from constipation since 1996. I have used Dulcolax every two or three days to help me. Today I registered with a GP in the UK and she suggested Fybogel. I have used it for two weeks and there were no results. After two weeks of headaches and pain I had to take Dulcolax to help me find relief.

Review by Lynne

I suffer from chronic diarrhea. After IBS was diagnosed by my GP she prescribed Fybogel and recommended only one sachet a day, which did solve the problem after two to three weeks. However, the diarrhea reoccurs frequently (sweetcorn and peas have turned out to be major culprits). I have over the years tried some herbal and other remedies, and changes in diet, as Fybogel has not worked every time. However, recently I have come back to Fybogel and found it effective and I think maybe I will try it first when the next bout of diarrhea occurs.

Review by Laura

I have suffered with intermittent and ongoing stomach cramps and diarrhea and my doctor diagnosed IBS. During acute phases I would feel lethargic, depressed and anxious. I was fortunate enough to belong to a GP's surgery that has a dedicated practice nurse seeing IBS sufferers, and she suggested I take a combination of Fybogel and Colpermin.

I have been taking one sachet of Fybogel after breakfast and one after dinner, and two Colpermin before breakfast and two before dinner for three weeks now, and the improvement is incredible. The practice nurse has been incredibly supportive and reassuring; the most helpful part was when she told me that it was a case of finding the right combination of treatments for me and then sticking with it for three to six months. I really feel like my life could be normal again.

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