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After I dropped my daughter and my neighbor's daughter off at school this morning I started getting what were at first mild IBS stomach pains. Within a couple of minutes the pains were much stronger and I realized I had to do something about it right now. There is a Starbucks about two minutes away from where I was so I figured I would go in and use the facilities. The nearest parking spot was a bit of a way from the entrance.

I parked where I could and as I was heading to the door I exploded with a huge load completely filling my underpants and I'm sure causing a bulge at the back of my jeans. I headed back to my car in defeat, pulled the newspaper out of my briefcase to spread over the seat and 'squish' I sat down and drove home. I am now feeling completely embarrassed and traumatized. It is not my first IBS accident but it's been a while and I am scared to go out anywhere now.

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In the summer of 2000, I had my first major IBS episode, when my then husband had a business trip to New York City. I went along with him, and we decided to see Cats on Broadway. We ordered our tickets, went to brunch with an old family friend, then grabbed a cab over to the Winter Garden for the matinee.

Right after we settled into our seats, I knew that I was in trouble. The pain started. You know, that pain that makes you think committing suicide would be more pleasant than what you're currently feeling? My gut started rolling and boiling, and I jammed for the ladies room.

Got in there just in time. Lots of nasty noises, plenty of nasty smell. Then I broke into cold sweats and dizziness and I nearly fainted. I got the rest room attendant to fetch my husband just as the curtain was going up (not really, no curtain, but the show was starting).

To make a long story short, my husband wiped my rear end for me, management called an ambulance because I honestly thought I was dying, and while waiting for the ambulance, my husband opened my blouse and removed my bra, so the entire Winter Garden staff got a good look at my chest.

The ambulance came, and had to back up to the sidewalk, shutting off traffic on Broadway! Yes, I stopped traffic on Broadway. Then the attendants had trouble lifting me into the ambulance because they put me in my wheelchair and that sucker just doesn't lift as easy as a gurney. I had an accident in my pants while they messed around. A big, smelly one.

Finally got to the ER, and the first thing I had to do there was.. you guessed it...race for the bathroom, while the nurses were screaming at me to 'Wait, we need a stool sample!' Wait, indeed. If I could wait, lady, I wouldn't be in your ER!

Husband had to go back to the hotel to get me clean clothes so that I could leave the hospital. There was no way in hell I was going to take a cab in poopy pants. I hate IBS. Hate it with a passion.

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I've been suffering from IBS for about 10 years. It has only gotten worse as I have gotten older. I'm in college now, but then again I have learned how to deal with it better. Like everyone else I have read on here doctors diagnoses me with IBS but offer no suggestions, and no medication or diet changes that I have desperately tried have helped.

IBS is awful and leads to many minor embarrassing moments in my life such as constantly having to run to a nearby bathroom during random situations. Luckily my family and boyfriend are quite used to this and I no longer have to worry as much. I just feel bad for constantly ruining dinners and nights out and vacations because my internal organs want to make me suffer.

The worst experience ever was back in junior high school when we had a field trip to the Keys for three days to study oceanography and biology. It was fun, I was happy because I did not get sick, and before we left for the six hour drive back home I made sure I had not eaten anything because you can't use the bathrooms on the bus and I was terrified of getting ill.

Three hours into the trip I got the worst stomach cramps, I thought I was going to die. I waited and waited hoping it would pass for about 20 minutes before I discreetly asked a chaperone if I could use the bathroom on the bus, saying it was an emergency.

No I could not, so they signalled the other bus full of kids to the nearest rest stop so I could get off and use the bathroom. I spent over an hour having a full-blown episode, while everyone waited. Besides being in immense physical pain I was also in immense emotional pain.

Luckily, there was only one stall so no-one knew what exactly kind of sick I was. I lied saying I had been vomiting and must have eaten a bad lunch, but it was so awful having to emerge from a restroom after an hour and having all these kids asking you what happened and lying to them about why you were sick and hoping none of them knew or teased you, and then when we finally got back on the road, praying to God you did not encounter another episode. That was definitely the worst. I hate IBS, I would do almost anything to not have to deal with it anymore.

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