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Dicetel (pinaverium bromide) is an anti-spasmodic which can help to relax the smooth muscle of the bowel. Dicetel can be used to treat general symptoms of IBS such as diarrhea, constipation and pain. It is taken in tablet form.

Dicetel side effects

The most common side effects of Dicetel are abdominal bloating, diarrhea, constipation, dizziness, dry mouth and drowsiness.


Review by Lukas

Thanks everyone who shared their stories about using Dicetel! I'll tell you my prescription, a bit about my history and then how Dicetel has affected me. I take Dicetel 50mg, three times a day, prescribed for IBS. I am 6 foot two inches, 170lbs (approx), mostly caucasian male, age 33 and I had a fairly stable upbringing in suburban central Canada. I am generally pretty active since I was a few years old (I regularly play sports, swim, work out and dance).

I've had severe gas ever since I was a teenager, maybe before. Since childhood I have commonly suffered from night terrors/nightmares. From ages 10 to 13 (approx) I would get migraines/severe headaches and vomit from what must have been social anxiety (it would happen almost like clockwork if I went to a friend's house for a sleepover).

Anxiety/stress/depression followed me through teens and early 20s. I have always wanted to move around and talk a lot, and I might seem like a tense person, but my heart rate, whenever tested, is always about average. My gastrointestinal system reacts terribly to coffee, beans (unless completely crushed up like in hummus or falafel) and all soy products (although maybe not tofu but that's not clear).

I'm not certain what other foods bother my gut. I drink lots of water regularly and I'm very well hydrated. I don't drink coffee or tea (like, maybe four cups a year or less). I occasionally drink alcohol. It doesn't seem to bother my gut until my first BM the next day when (if I had maybe three or four beers) it burns a bit, but nothing terrible.

I haven't eaten meat since I was 19, except by accident maybe two or three times and it never seemed to bother me. I would regularly have four to six bowel movements per day. I would ask my doctor a lot about what to do for my gut, especially the horrible flatulence.

The doctor was (and is) not that helpful, but he prescribed Dicetel a few years ago. I tried it for a few weeks and it seemed to make a bit of a difference but I didn't stick with it. I went back on it maybe one or two years ago. I don't remember if this happened the first time, but the second time there were or or two weeks of feverish adjustment (literally, I had almost constant fever and felt high, it was weird and unpleasant).

But after that, and some serious constipation for those weeks, my bowels have calmed down a bit. Basically, I have no more farting than what I assume a regular person experiences and one or two bowel movements a day. Beans and caffeine and lots of stress still bother my gut in spite of the Dicetel.

I am considering trying an elimination diet to confirm if other foods are bothering my gut. I should probably also try another doctor as this one never ordered any stomach tests (blood and urine tests, yes). We'll see what happens.

Review by Samay

I had my first colonoscopy when I was 10, the pain was so bad. The doctor said it wouldn't hurt; he lied. They all lie, it hurts, it hurts like hell. I've had several surgeries to try to repair my intestines which works for a while but then the lesions and pain come back 10 times worse. I have endometriosis as well as IBS.

In December I went from 128lbs to 185lbs in less then three months but I was having a minumum of 30 to 40 bowel movements a day. The pain was so bad and I looked like I was three years pregnant. I was so dehydrated and in so much pain I passed out. I called my Dad and he carried me to emergency where they told him it would be a minimum 19-hour wait!

I woke up in a hospital bed two hours later stoned from all the morphine. I ended up in the hospital for two weeks staying on morphine and gravol. I was so weak, I couldn't walk and I was still having 30 to 40 bowel movements a day. Finally they gave me Dicetel and within two days I was feeling 500% better.

I left the hospital with my prescription and cried when I got the bill for $75.98! Outrageous! It makes me sick that they charge so much for a med that doesn't have a generic brand for it (pinaverium bromide). If there is a generic version please let me know as no pharmacist knows of one. When I take it, I feel a lot better. Within two weeks I was down to 140lbs!

Review by Attila

I have been suffering from IBS for a long time, but I didn't know that it was IBS, and it wasn't so terrible (sometimes diarrhea once or twice a month) up until this year. Over the summer, when I went anywhere (to work, to a museum) I had to consider whether there was a WC there. I had diarrhea more and more often, and when I was nervous it was worse.

I visited a doctor and she recommended a colonoscopy. It showed nothing (fortunately). Then my stomach was examined by ultrasound. It showed nothing again. My doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist. He said that in his opinion it is IBS but he would need some more examinations. He suggested Dicetel at first, because it had helped his patients many times, and said that if it doesn't help me there could be other solutions.

That was one week ago. I do hope that what I have experienced won't change! I have go to the bathroom only once a day (in the morning) and it is normal. In the afternoon I feel a little distension and it disturbs me a little when I'm sitting, but when I'm walking I don't feel it. So I have had a good experience so far. I hope it will continue!

Review by Shelley

After three years of vomiting, fevers, stomach pains, diarrhea and constipation I have finally been diagnosed with IBS! I was treated for parasites, malaria, and everything in between, taking medications that not only got rid of bad bacteria but also all of the good that I had left in my system. I recently began seeing a new doctor who put me on Dicetel about two weeks ago. I cannot begin to tell you how much it has helped me! I feel like a brand new woman. I take three pills a day, 50mg per pill, and I am now eating small snacks/meals more often during the day as opposed to eating three regular meals, and I have found that this has helped hugely too!

Review by Helene

I've had IBS for eight months now, and my doctor just decided to try me on Dicetel. I was reading through this page and comments on Dicetel and I wanted to add something I didn't read there. I started the medication five days ago, 100mg three times a day, and my doctor told me it takes about two weeks to really start working. I'm going to see a specialist once the referral comes through so by that time I will know if Dicetel solved the problem or if it's something else.

Review by Alex

First of all, when I first heard of IBS I thought that it was something my roommate made up, because she was so dramatic about her 'illnesses'. She never wanted to go out with us or take drives that were longer than 30 minutes. Now, I totally understand her. After a very embarrassing moment on the biggest highway in Canada, I won't say what, you all know...I knew something was wrong.

I haven't been diagnosed with IBS officially, I am still pending a colonoscopy (yay). But my doctor is 99% sure I have it. I also work in the healthcare field and know for sure it's IBS. Anyway, he put me on Dicetel on the eighth of February, and it's the 17th now. I have not had any sort of flare-up (except for stinging pain sometimes) but Dicetel is not supposed to get rid of the pain. I'm just worried about the diarrhea and nausea. I take 50mg three times a day and love it. I'll be back to my normal self soon enough!

Review by Tim

I've had IBS for 24 years and several years ago my doctor gave me Dicetel to try. I normally get 10/10 extreme pain with pain attacks that leave me bedridden for several hours. When I was taking Dicetel I noticed that the pain came down to 8/10 but the pain lasted three times as long. Although the pain was noticeably less, it was still strong enough to keep me immobilized.

I came off Dicetel because I simply could not continue having so much of my life taken away by pain, and went back to the 10/10 pain that only left me down for a maximum of seven or eight hours instead of the two or three day attacks I was getting with Dicetel.

I hope someone out there gets better results from this than me. I hate how IBS is just a diagnosis by elimination and we are all thrown into this one group, when in reality there are probably many sub-groups all with separate nervous and metabolic pathways that have gone amok.

Review by Donna

I've suffered with IBS pain and severe constipation, cramps and the whole works for two years, to the point I thought I would lose my mind. I tried Dicetel with meals and it really has helped with pain, mine being left-sided. It never helped with constipation, but I will tell you what has - high-potency enteric-coated probiotics from the health food store, a small little pill full of beneficial bacteria. What a little miracle worker. No more laxatives, no more suppositories, and I want to tell the world. So now I take Dicetel for pain and acidophilus for constipation. Please try it and end the misery. Get enteric-coated high potency. Mine has 11 billion live active cells.

Review by Emma

I have recently been re-diagnosed with IBS after being diagnosed with it some six years ago. After my initial diagnosis, I was ill for about five years before doctors discovered that I had celiac disease. Recently, my symptoms have shifted and I've started having absolutely crippling abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, and diarrhea. I knew that it couldn't just be a reaction from gluten.

I initially tried Buscopan and noticed no difference, but I have recently started a 100mg, three times a day dosage of Dicetel and I am actually noticing a change in my symptoms. The medicine has not been perfect for me; I am still struggling with pain, diarrhea and discomfort (in fact my stomach seized up in pain) but the pain has reduced and I am grateful for whatever I can get! I have so much empathy for those who have suffered with IBS now - it is such a challenge to deal with! I wish all of you out there luck at curbing those symptoms!

Review by Andreas

Whenever I feel the symptoms of IBS I take a Dicetel tablet and it has a positive effect immediately. Usually after three days of taking the tablet the symptoms disappear completely. I have been taking Dicetel on and off for seven years now. It definitely works for me.

Review by Murray

I started using Dicetel three times a day two years ago. It was my only hope after being diagnosed with IBS. I must say it does help me to do more than I could before without looking for bathrooms all the time. My lifestyle is a lot better now for me, so best of luck to everyone with IBS.

Review by Diana

I was put on Dicetel about a month ago after being totally bedridden pretty much for five and a half months. I saw a few specialists who put me through a bunch of tests and nothing. Then I found one doctor who said let's just try Dicetel. Well I still have pain but nowhere near as bad as it was. The eating still scares me but one day at a time.

Review by Isabelle

I was diagnosed with IBS about three months ago. I have had all the tests done and my doctor put me on Dicetel to help with the cramps, nausea and diarrhea. I noticed a big difference after the second pill! It has helped me immensely. I take three pills per day and feel a lot better.

I am struggling with trying to figure out what to eat, and I bought Heather Van Vorous's books on IBS and eating for IBS. I am having some luck with eating a plain white piece of bread when my stomach is empty, and before meals.

Dicetel has allowed me to feel more confident about sports, eating out, and just enjoying life! Life is too short to have to worry about diarrhea!

Review by Lorrie

I am a 32 year-old mother, newly married to a wonderful patient man with three children. I have suffered from pain, bloating and diarrhea at the most inconvenient times since I was about 18. It's crazy to live that way with no relief or reason. I was diagnosed with IBS three years ago and was told to use Dicetel as needed, but it did not prevent anything at that time because my stress was so high.

I now live in the country, have a wonderful family and my IBS just came to the point where I was crying in frustration - have you ever tried camping, hiking, kayaking and water sports as an IBS sufferer? I continued to do these things and even cleanses, I'm doing a parasite one now. I finally went to the walk-in clinic while in the city because I could not even go for a two-hour drive to the city without heading for the bush. I have been on Dicetel for 48 hours now and combined with changing my diet drastically, all is well. Hey I go once a day now. Thank you. I will check in at the end of the month, to let you know how it all is.

Review by Ann

I started using Dicetel about four weeks ago. I have to say that it is wonderful. I have suffered from IBS pain for about three years and every doctor I saw said that they did not know what was wrong with me. I finally got a wonderful doctor who ran some tests and said let's try Dicetel and see if it helps, and if it does not we will try something else.

I still have a little bit of pain but nothing close to what I used to have. I was going to bed most nights crying from the pain, trying to ease it with a heating pad on my belly, and most of the time I had to take Demerol in order to fall asleep. Now the pain lasts for about five minutes max and I no longer have to take painkillers. It really has made a difference.

Review by Maeve

The first couple days this drug was OK, but then I was having severe reactions after eating a larger meal (ie: dinner). After playing with the dosage (after the recommendation of my doctor), I'm taking half a tablet three times a day. I can get away with twice a day but I notice it a little. I don't usually take medications, so I reacted quickly to this one, hence the cutback. I hope to cut back after a while, but I don't know what sort of timeframe this will be. Overall, it works all right.

Review by Nomlas

I started taking Dicetel over 48 hours ago, and my symptoms of chronic upset stomach, cramps, and a sore bowel and rectum have diminished about 90%. I have suffered for about 15 years. I lost friends, a lover and my family because of my inability to get involved in living! Now maybe I can gain back what I have missed.

Review by Karin

I think that Dicetel tablets really do help! I was in the hospital for two weeks in order to find out what was wrong. My doctor at the time (no longer) said there was nothing wrong with me. However, upon my insistence he finally diagnosed IBS. He put me on Dicetel and I began to see a difference almost immediately...abdominal pain was especially decreased. I take one tablet daily, and when I have flare-ups I will take up to four a day.

Review by Magda

My doctor prescribed Dicetel for the extreme discomfort and pain I experience from chronic bloating. I had high hopes for it, as it was the last resort in medications. I was to take it three times a day with meals. I probably tried it for two to three weeks, and there was no change whatsoever. Very disappointing. I've been sent for blood work to rule out celiac disease, which I doubt I have. Otherwise, there is no foreseeable relief yet. This is not to say it won't work for other IBS sufferers, I truly hope it helps someone.

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