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Biofeedback is a kind of re-education tool for processes in the body. Basically a computer and video monitor are used to provide a 'picture' of bodily functions which would otherwise be controlled subconsciously. Sensors are used to measure these functions and they are then shown on the monitor as graphs or translated into sounds. The information which is displayed is then used by a biofeedback therapist to help modify or change any unusual responses which are discovered.

Biofeedback can help to change how we control our bowels, because in adulthood and even later childhood we have established patterns of controlling our bowels which we no longer think about. However, if we develop bowel symptoms such as constipation, biofeedback can help to restore normal bowel habits and retrain the bowel to work properly.

In a biofeedback session, the therapist will connect electrical sensors to different areas of your body. The sensors will monitor your body's responses and you will be trained to recognize the responses in your body which are causing the problem symptoms. You will then be helped to change these responses through the relaxation of muscles and other techniques. The end goal will be to learn to control the bodily function without needing the sensors to tell you where you are going wrong.


Review by Priscilla

I suffered with IBS for five years before I got this treatment and it is the best thing that ever happened to me. I was tested to determine that it was definitely IBS and not something else, and then I had a meeting with a specialist nurse who helped to re-educate me in how my body should work. I had to retrain my muscles to work.

I have now learnt more about what affects my IBS for the worse, and that routine is very important for my body. I generally suffer a few days every month because my IBS is triggered by my hormones, but in general I have a better quality of life from this treatment. This is the best thing that ever happened to me and I recommend it to those who can get an appointment for it. I noticed a difference quite quickly with this treatment but for some I know that it can take longer. A+++ treatment!

Review by Thomas

Biofeedback has been a tremendous help in controlling pain associated with IBS. I use to run through my days going from task to task, feeling anxiety progressively scorch through my body. I ignored this and other sensations until I reached my breaking point.

Biofeedback taught me to 'know' my body very intimately. As I became acquainted with my body, I learned skills to decrease stress and increase relaxation. As I became an expert in dealing with my body, my IBS symptoms decreased AND I know that when there is a flare-up, I can either abort or reduce the pain and constipation. It's not a miracle cure; however, biofeedback pointed me to a miracle healer, me.

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