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About the mailing list

mailing list no longer running

The IBS Tales mailing list will be discontinued in February 2016 due to the price of running the service ($200 per year). I may send a few final emails before that date but no new email address sign-ups will be accepted.

If you wish to remove your email address from the mailing list just enter your email address in the form above and click 'Leave'. All email addresses will be deleted in February 2016.

  • Here's a sample newsletter...

  • Sophie's IBS Newsletter - December 2011

    Welcome to my December newsletter!

    If you have ever wondered whether you can get benefits in the UK as an IBS sufferer, the answer is yes...as long as you don't look too clean. Find out why in a second.

    But a quick question first - would anyone be interested in sending in an IBS Tale in video form? I've set up a channel on Youtube for IBS Tales and all I need now is some video stories. It would be great to see some IBSers being open and honest about their symptoms in a video, so if any of you fancy having a go please email me and we can work out the details. Thanks!

    IBS Tales Blog

    A very kind reader named Luci has shared her incredible story of applying for benefits in the UK as an IBS sufferer. Luci was suffering from diarrhea up to 10 times a day and terrible stomach pain, but when she applied for benefits she was met by a Kafkaesque nightmare of bureaucracy, and medical assessors who seemed to think that looking 'clean and washed' was a sign that you were perfectly healthy and just 'lacking in confidence'...

    And please do share your own stories if you have applied for benefits/welfare in the UK or anywhere else in the world. Let's hope that one country somewhere is getting this right...

    IBS Treatment Reviews

    First, just a quick tip from Mark, who said that he finds a hot water bottle great to deal with pain and abdominal cramps.

    There were also three new, awful reviews of Dulcolax this month. Rachel said 'It was honestly the worst pain I have ever experienced in my entire life and I would not recommend this product to anyone, not even sufferers of IBS like me!'

    Read the Dulcolax reviews here: https://www.ibstales.com/dulcolax.htm

    A much more positive review of Lotronex from Patricia, although she is a bit worried about the cost of the drug. Read her review here: https://www.ibstales.com/lotronex.htm

    There was a quick review of Lomotil from Kim, who feels this anti-diarrhea drug has give her her life back: https://www.ibstales.com/lomotil.htm

    And Lela has found the magnesium has helped her deal with both IBS and proctalgia fugax (rectal/anal pain): https://www.ibstales.com/magnesium.htm

    IBS Tales

    Ellie wrote in with her story, and she has had symptoms since she was 12. She said, 'It wasn't until I was 14 that I got any medical attention, other then my father telling me 'It's all in your head', screaming it at me, my friends saying it, my other family members saying it...it was extremely painful. I soon became depressed and suffered from suicidal thoughts and anxiety, in silence, so as not to be a 'burden' on everybody else in my life, like I was apparently being.'

    That damn 'all in your head' comment just makes me want to scream! What is WRONG with people who say that?

    On the bright side, Ellie asked for her tale to be in the happy tales section as she has a great friend who has supported her through all of the pain and given her hope.

    Read Ellie's full story here: https://www.ibstales.com/teenagers-conquering-constipation.htm#ellie

    That's all folks. As ever, please just reply to this message to send in any comments or questions or use the contact form at https://www.ibstales.com/lettuce.htm/