The IBS Tales forum is now open!

I am very pleased to announce that the brand new IBS Tales forum is now open! This new messageboard is designed to be a safe place for all IBS sufferers to talk about their experiences and share support, tips and discussions about all aspects of IBS.

You can find the new forum here.

I very much hope that you will register with the forum and that you will find it useful. I’ve set up sections for general discussions, IBS-D, IBS-C, UK sufferers and a special “Venting and Ranting” forum for those days when nobody understands just how tough IBS is to live with.

I hope to cyber-meet lots of you in the next few weeks and months!

One Response to The IBS Tales forum is now open!

  1. i have been an ibs sufferer for more than 29 yrs. i am just learning that sometimes ibs can be an after effect of abuse, i have so many accidents and embarrissing moments. my family does not support me. only my wonderful doctors at kaiser and my dear friends…i found this site and another site called–ibs. both have been wonderful for me.. there are alot of clinical trials out there, where one can get paid for this ridiculous disease and help other sufferers as well. i applied but was not accepted, due to the fact that i have too many comoridities(diagnoses) 20 to be exact….i take one day at a time and i am comforted by the fact that there are other people who suffer just like me and all of us can come together to blog, scream, cry and rejoice )sometimes_…AND LET THE WORLD KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT FREAKS.JUST PEOPLE DEALING WITH A HORRIBLE DISEASE! cs