IBS mailing list moron

I received this email the other day:


I think that one of my jovial colleagues has enrolled me to your list for a joke. Please can you un-enroll me. Many thanks, (name deleted).

I am sure you’ll agree that this was very funny. Oh the hilarity – his mate’s enrolled him to a list about irritable BOWEL syndrome! It’s even got the word BOWEL in the title, oh I can hardly keep my sides from splitting.

You complete prat, is all I can say. How dare you presume to laugh at me and my IBS mates. Go right away right now.

One Response to IBS mailing list moron

  1. I just had an episode which sent me home from work at the threat of losing my job (and, thereby, my home, car, hobbies, happiness, etc…) which has left me in such a state. At any rate, this merry prank was doubtlessly plotted and executed by the most juvenile of miscreants, and he should be given stinging-nettle colonics ’round lunchtime each day, for one week so he has a deeper understanding of what this is like.