IBS in the News

Just a quickie today about two IBS news stories that really highlight the impact that IBS has on us sufferers…

1) IBS accounts for more than 5000 hospital admissions per year in England. The figures were collected by The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) who counted 5370 IBS admissions in 2011 and 5470 in 2010. Full story here.

So IBS is a condition that requires hospital treatment for thousands of patients. Tell that to the next person who says IBS is just an occasional nuisance.

2) A study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology looked at the willingness of IBS patients to take risks with their medication. IBS patients told the researchers that they would accept a median 1% risk of sudden death for a 99% chance of cure for their symptoms using a hypothetical medication.

Think about that for a second. We’d swap a small but significant chance of dropping down dead in return for an almost certain cure. Would you risk death to cure your IBS? Many would. Read the abstract of the study here.

8 Responses to IBS in the News

  1. I’d sure take that pill, in a heartbeat! Too bad itd isn’t a real possiblility.

  2. Hi Sophie,
    I have an IBS success story to share with you! About 7 years ago I did a year-long liver cleanse that completely healed my gut. I have been totally symptom free for 7 years and I have been eating anything I wanted during that time, including the biggest offender, dairy and wheat. This does seem like an IBS miracle but I worked very, very hard for one year on a very restrictive diet and got lots of rest and took some supplements. I have never seen the liver mentioned in any IBS discussions but in my case a sluggish liver was responsible for my IBS symptoms, which grew worse with time until I could only eat once a day because my bloating was that severe after one meal. I would love to share my story on your site because I don’t think anyone has heard about liver related causes of IBS.

  3. Sophie,
    How can I connect with you personally? I have so much to share that your readers will find so useful. I added you on Google plus. Is that the best way to message you once you approve my request? I would actually love to Skype with you if you have time to talk. I am starting a health coaching practice to help people who suffer with IBS. I have read your book and really enjoyed it. I too am a former journalist. I live in San Francisco and am completely my health coaching certificate. I have so much knowledge (both personal and research) in this field and think that it is a much needed service. People who are making diet and lifestyle changes tend to struggle with discipline, support and fear that it won’t work. I am there to support them during this difficult process and transition. I have developed both a fast and slow program for changing one’s diet as well as lots of attention to cleansing the liver (a vital but often ignored organ in the digestive system). I really hope that we can connect because we both are on the same mission and as former IBS sufferers we want to help others that are dealing with this emotionally crippling condition. Hope to hear from you soon. My skype handle is angela.privin and my website is http://www.diyhealthblog.com. I have yet to release my site and am in the process of giving it the final edit right now.

  4. By the way, magnesium helped me tremendously also, but so did zinc (found in pumpkin seeds in red meat).

  5. Hi Angela – welcome to the site, and it’s great to hear you enjoyed my book! I don’t Skype but you can contact me by clicking on the “Contact Sophie” link in the top-right hand corner, and you can choose to send in an IBS story to be published or to send me a private message.

  6. what happened to ”zelnorm” any substitutes?

  7. Hi Richard – have a look here for info on why Zelnorm was withdrawn: http://www.ibstales.com/blog/zelnorm-withdrawn/ and here for some alternatives: http://www.ibstales.com/blog/zelnorm-alternatives/

  8. Anyone with chronic diarrhea who remains undiagnosed and treated MUST investigate possibilities of Habba Syndrome. See this woman’s classic experience. She was featured on Mystery Diagnosis. Stop suffering! Treatment is easy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ79_D3Hq7A&list=UUCV8pOxx3LZ5zQEVGG6j1Vw&index=7