Gaining control

I’m still, thankfully, feeling very well on my current IBS regime, but I’m now at the stage where I’m trying to tweak it a little bit just to find out which bits of the regime are actually helping me, and which bits are just there out of habit. This situation comes about because I tend to try two or three things at a time, because when your symptoms are bad you just want them to be over, but then you end up not knowing which of the two or three things caused the change in your symptoms, or whether one of them is helping and the other two are just cancelling each other out, or what the heck is going on in general.

My basic treatment at the moment consists of: a gluten-free diet, Normacol fiber twice a day, Celevac fiber twice a day, magnesium citrate tablets 150mg in the morning and 300mg at night, and a Vitamin D capsule 400IU per day. For any new readers of the blog I should tell you that I am mainly an IBS-C person, although I get occasional dramatic D attacks from time to time for added amusement.

Now, the gluten-free thing is fairly sacrosanct, as that has been tested a few times and I do seem to do better in a gluten-free zone, so I don’t intend to mess with that. But do I really need to take two types of fiber? And could I reduce my magnesium dose a bit?

I did try stopping Celevac altogether, just to see what would happen, and what would happen wasn’t really very pleasant and I seemed to get more sensitive intestines and (look away now if you’re eating) looser bowels, so that didn’t seem terribly productive, and so I went back on it and felt fine again. And it is good to know that something is actually having an effect on your body, and you can actually change the functioning of your intestines by swallowing different things.

One the aspects of IBS which I have found most difficult to deal with over the years is the feeling that you have absolutely no control over your symptoms, just because you cannot figure out which foods are helping, or which drugs, or which supplements, because the symptoms seem to be so random. And without this cause and effect link, you have no idea how to change your habits for the better, and therefore no control.

So it would be nice to know exactly what effect each of these products has on my body, and in an ideal world I would stop taking them all and then just take each of them one by one, but of course I’m far too scared for that as it might bring the symptoms back, so I’m going to do it the opposite way and stop taking one thing and then reintroduce it if needed. I would very much like seven or eight clone copies of me to use for testing purposes, so I shall ask for those for Christmas. But until then this will have to do.

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  1. Hi, i have IBS and I have found a product over the market, called Digestive Advantage. As long as I remember to take it every day I have fewer problems. It’s available at any drug store. I was surprised that it works so well. Just a suggestion

  2. Sophie, no cramping no bloating anymore as well?

  3. Hi Sharon – my cramping and pain etc seem to be directly linked to how badly my digestive system is running, so if I’m OK in terms of no constipation or diarrhea then I’m OK in terms of pain as well – which means I’m fine at the moment. For me the key does seem to be to get the general digestive workings running as normally as possible and then the other symptoms just fall into line as well.

  4. Janet E Cameorn

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    Jan, Californa

  5. Sophie that’s fantastic. If you were like me you might have almost gotten to the point where you thought your colon was mis-shapen or non-functioning.

    I’m in the same position as you. I have moments here and there but for the most part I’m thrilled. I eliminated corn, potato, soy and sorgum as well. Dairy is a no but a mouthful here and there is inescapable. Like you I take additional magnesium – 200mg glycinate. I eat only greenish vegetables and totally sprouted bread. Then its more like vegetable bread but tastes close to regular bread. I eat red meat thats very rare in the middle and lots of fish. Like you I did everything at once and don’t know what if anything was the magic bullet. Unlike you I hate fiber in any form but vegetables and sprouted grains and some fruit.

    Now everyone else has to follow suit and find what works for them. I’m amazed by all the Zelnorm followers. I feel like there’s a subgroup to IBS that has nothing but unrelenting constipation and little to no other symptoms. My gut went bonkers on the Zelnorm. Totally unnatural feeling – like an effusion of water in the large intestine. Good luck all. Sharon

  6. I love your sense of humor in the face of adverasity. I’m Sarakastic from “The Fibromyalgia Experiment” by the way, I really appreciated all of your comments. I was misdiagnoised with Crohn’s Disease once, so I know a little bit of what a hassle all the medications can be, my brother has IBS as well, wishing you the best of luck!