UPDATE: The Digestrol product was a scam and the conmen responsible have been jailed. Read the whole story here.

I’ve had a few queries lately about a product called Digestrol, so I thought I’d write an explanation about why I wouldn’t recommend it, and why in fact it’s a good example of the kind of product you probably shouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

Let’s start with what the manufacturers, Techmedica, say about the product on their own website.

Digestrol™ contains all-natural ingredients that are essential in making it gentle and effective. It contains no chemically generated compounds
There’s a very odd school of thought that says anything “natural” is automatically safe and gentle, and anything “chemically-generated” is harsh and nasty and a Very Bad Thing. Well, deadly nightshade is natural, gentle and safe, right up to the point where you’re dead.

“All natural” means nothing by itself – lots of natural flora and fauna are harsh if you swallow them, as anyone who has ever taken the laxative senna will know.

Digestrol, requiring years of research and clinical studies
Where can I read details of the research? Where were the clinical studies published? Were they independently-funded and double-blind, placebo-controlled trials? Because if they weren’t, they won’t prove anything.

Our scientists have discovered at the molecular level, how to maximize potency and absorption, utilizing our patent-pending 12 step pharmaceutical-grade blending and extraction process
Wow, that sounds AMAZING! Wait a minute though…how is that actually gonna make me feel better? Or is it just an impressive-sounding “science bit”?

I know that Digestrol works. I see it every day in customer re-orders and testimonials
What percentage of your customers re-order? Do they re-order because it works or because they are just desperate for help?

And never, ever rely on testimonials. Testimonials are the easiest thing in the world to get – find me the most despicable, pathetic, money-grubbing product on the internet and I’ll guarantee that they’ve got some testimonials.

Before you rush out to buy 100 bottles of Digestrol, let’s have even more fun and take a look at the website of MicroNutra Health, who seem to sell exactly the same products as Techmedica, and so I presume are either the same company in disguise or at least are connected in some way.


The first few paragraphs are actually fine – they say lots of people have IBS, describe the symptoms a bit, say that doctors don’t have all the answers. Fair enough. But then it gets interesting…

8 out of 10 of the patients who have IBS report it as a progressive condition that can disable them within only a few increasingly painful years from the point of experiencing the first symptom
Umm…you what? IBS is NOT a progressive condition in any shape or form. Of course some people get worse, but others stay the same, and lots more get better. This sentence makes it sound like if you don’t treat your IBS right this MINUTE you’re gonna descend into a kind of nightmare downward spiral. Complete hogwash.

But Digestrol is the ONLY solution that addresses the root cause of the actual problem at a cellular level
Wow, how lucky am I to stumble upon the ONLY product that does that! And you mean you’re actually offering to sell it to me too! I cannot believe the immensity of my good fortune.

Digestrol gives you back the balance, increases overall energy, reduces your waist size
And I’m gonna lose weight while I’m at it! I’m bouncing off the ceiling with glee!

Digestrol is the FINAL IBS and colitis answer
Wait, all of a sudden it cures colitis as well? Isn’t that a totally different illness? With a totally different cause? No, must be my mistake.

Digestrol contains synergistically blended ingredients that soothe the brain to replenish stomach nerve endings that create the painful attacks of swelling, cramping, and constipation
So soothing the brain replenishes my stomach nerve endings, yes, I see. Hang on a minute…

We even took it one step further and commissioned a clinical study on 22 Digestrol users
First, 22 patients is not enough to prove diddly squat. Second, it sounds like there was no control group, which invalidates the study. If I told 22 people with IBS to play netball with the Pope for three months they’d probably report improvements in their IBS. That’s how placebos work.

Over 50,000 people add Digestrol to their meals as least once a day
How can you possibly know that? You can’t. Fifty thousand people might have bought Digestrol, but 49,999 people might have used it once and thrown it in the garbage.

Digestrol has a 99% success rate
OK, I’m getting a bit tired of this now. Measured by what? The amount of people who don’t ask for a refund? Or did you survey 50,000 people, using an unbiased questionnaire and an independent survey company?

What’s the final word? Well over 90 out of every 100 women who use Digestrol are absolutely satisfied and healthier for doing so!
My maths is a bit shoddy – does 90 out of 100 equal 99%? And why are we suddenly talking about women – you realize that men get IBS too, right? (Maybe they don’t.)

And finally, just to round off this little marathon, my absolute favourite quote from the site, and a warning to shoppers everywhere to for goodness’ sake BEWARE…

A Few Bottles of Digestrol Now Or Surgery Later?
This is so true – if I could only count the number of IBS sufferers who have to resort to surgery. Oh, wait a minute, I can count them – zero. There is no surgery for IBS. We don’t have surgery. You are trying to scare us into buying your product, you slimy little grizzly wart-bound toads.

I feel so much better now. In fact, I think I’m cured.

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  1. Caroline (Blondie)

    UNBELIEVABLE!! I am quite literally lost for words. What a pile of crap! Did you notice it also says it “quickly reverses IBS” – as if IBS is not only progressive, but destructive to your body in a physical way, and it will reverse that process! Nuts… Oh, and how it also reduces your waist size? And the paragraph about how, basically, taking it will set a “positive living” example for those round you?!

    And the comment “So now you know the truth” has to take the biscuit! Yes, clearly EVERYBODY else in the world, every single expert who’s dedicated years of study to IBS, is wrong in both their understanding of what it is, and how to treat it…Aghhh, I could go on for SO long – it is literally paragraph upon paragraph of carefully crafted bull designed specifically & manipulatively at those who are most vulnerable. Playing with all this positive, ‘change your life’ crap is plain dangerous. Fuming, like yourself! Grrr…

  2. hi sophie many thanks for the email it must be an omen i saw this product a advertised a couple of days ago and was going to send for it being a bloke we are a bit gullable i suposse oh ok girls alot gullable ahha any way the email before yours sophie was telling me they want $27 to just ship one bottle to england which i thought was abit expensive so many thanks for the review wont be getting that just wondered if you saw the article in the sunday mail about john lloyd the tennis player he was having all the same symptoms cramps etc and he said he found something called Natren’s Health Trinity, dont no if you have heard of it but if anyone wants the article i have it saved on my pc and will gladly send it to them or you sophie any way many thanks for the great advice look forward to the next blog
    take care all
    allan bishop

  3. Hi Sophie
    I wish there were more of these “don’t-part-with-your-money” warnings on the various IBS websites -like myself, sufferers will be desperate for anything to alleviate symptons – but we still send our credit card details through the ether to these spurious traders. I’m in two minds about now buying “Intestaid”, which I have seen recommended on a very reputable IBS site! Cynical or what??!!
    Keep up the good work Sophie.
    Sue (Liverpool, England)

  4. Good rebuff!
    Are you sure you are net Ben Goldacre (writes for the guardian) in disguise ? He would be very proud!!

  5. I’m a big fan of Ben Goldacre and his columns, I think he does a fantastic job in debunking some of the often ridiculous claims that people make about their products and therapies. I would also say that if anyone is thinking of trying a new product (including that Health Trinity stuff that Allan mentions!) then the best way to approach it is the way that Ben Goldacre approaches everything. Which is to say “Fine, you’re saying you can cure IBS – prove it.” And if all they come up with is a few measly testimonials and a bit of blurb which was written by the marketing man, run away.

  6. I have just been into the website for Digestrol,and on reading the ingredients, realsied that they are the same as the components of a medication I already take, called Nutrigest !!! I take these to replace the enzymes, and Hcl that I can’t produce due to a partial gastrectomy, many years ago. Only the name is different . I purchase this from a UK. company called Nutri in Lancashire – £14.65 for 90 tabs – I am beginning to think that the ‘Natural’medicine industry is in a heck of a muddle, or ran by the same people, or a complete hoodwink – though I will say that my Nutrigest certainly does the trick in speeding up digestion – but doesn’t do a thing for my IBS.!!!!Perhaps it causes it – I dunno, I really don’t !!but I’ll stick with my pocket full of Imodium – see previous comments !!!

  7. Hi Sophie,
    I totally agree with you on the attitude about Digestrol.
    Take care

  8. Hi,
    I just started to get your newsletter and am enjoying it. Unfortunately, I just tried Digestrol. I did find that it helped me after taking it for over 2 weeks, but it was rather expensive. So I started taking digestive enzymes and taking Digestive Advantage. Do you know anything about this supplement?

  9. Hi Abigail and welcome! My view of Digestive Advantage is that it is certainly a better choice than something like Digestrol – their marketing is far more responsible, and perhaps more importantly they’re not afraid of actual clinical trials. There are some reviews of Digestive Advantage here: http://www.ibstales.com/digestive-advantage.htm

  10. Hi Manna. I’m afraid that I don’t actually sell Digestrol. To be honest though I really wouldn’t recommend taking it – did I not make that clear :)

  11. Kindly let us know the address and contact number of the medicine Digestrol available in India, Mumbai, Maharashtra State. I have a chronic IBS problem since last 23 years. please help me and advise the use of your medicine.

  12. Hi im 19 Female england
    my names Sophie
    Had IBS d for 6 month now
    lost 2 stone in 5 month , so really underweight at 7 stone.
    Had colonoscopy, endoscopy, small bowel biospy,
    everythings normal – told i have ibs go away and get on with it and its all in my head bla blA…
    Imodium doest work- constipates me
    mebeverine doesnt work..it doesnt actually do anything for me!is there something similar to this thats does the job more efficently?
    stress tablets and relaxing doesnt work lol
    only things ive found so far 2 help out
    psyllium husks
    probiotics in capsule form
    calcium and vit d
    yalukt, and other yogurts do 0, ive tried every 1 on the market for weeks.
    and Codiene phosphote helps but surely isnt a long term thing i can use? is that safE?
    So a combination of codiene p, probiotics and fiber, plus healthy diet is ok, but isnt making the ibs d get particularily easier, and still under weight
    Wondering firsty do any herbs actually work?
    digestive advance
    any of these work?
    and does hypnotherapy , acupuncture or chinese herbs help?
    theres so much choice,
    hard 2 work out whether 2 go for a physcological treatment for stress, or a body cleanser? etc
    and95% of things on the market dont help and are a waste of money
    ive tried doctors, hospitals every test and scan, but just persistantly given the ”its caused by stress” line, and 2 go away…grr!
    so any suggestions wud b appreciated x

  13. Sophie (the one who isn’t me!) take a look at the IBS treatment section at http://www.ibstales.com/treatment-reviews.htm where there are reviews of lots of the things you’re asking about. In general it’s probably best to start off with some of the things that have been shown to help the most sufferers in clinical trials, so that would be something like hypnotherapy. I’d stay away from the wonder cures like Digestrol.

    Helen – I took a look at the PCOS site and it certainly looked better than the Digestrol monstrosity. However I really don’t know anything about PCOS I’m afraid and so it’s harder for me to form a view of it. I think the things to look for are verifiable information, especially references to clinical trials. You can look up any clinical trial or scientific paper on the Pubmed site, and it’s a great way to check out claims from these kind of sites.

  14. hi i ahve another condition as well as ibs- PCOS wondered if you thought this site was as bad as the digesterol web site………. PCOS Insulitlabs
    i know its not IBS but wondered what you thought to this ‘natural web site’?

  15. i have had IBS for the last several months now and i take LEVSIN for the spasams but now my condition is much worse and i was going to buy digestrol out of desperation, with these comments have turned me off. with all the hype out there,on the internet, has anyone tried any of these herbal remedies and had any success? Are they all just a bunch of crap and making ridiculous claims?

  16. Mark Boardman

    Hi…great forum. I have had Functional Dyspepsia, which is similar to IBS except higher up in the Stomach, and like so many of you have been chasing a cure. Have had various medical implements inserted etc but all came back negative. What I did find though was that a 10 week course of hypnotherapy helped me a lot (and is apparently excellent for IBS). I then tried Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and that was fantastic! It is a very gentle acupressure technique, whereby you just tap certain points on your body.
    It was so good I have now done all the training and am a fully qualified EFT Practitioner. I would receommend this and hypnotherapy before any kind of drugs, natural or otherwise.
    I was even dumped on anti depressants for a few months which made me worse.
    Hi Ho folks, we live and learn!
    Take care

  17. Thanks for posting IBS information. I am in my 6th week of diarrhea and have been to the doctor 4 times, once to a gastrointerologist. They have prescribed Zoloft, Bentyl, and probiotics, but I am still not getting better. I find myself avoiding food until I can go no longer. I try to eat at home because the bathroom is nearby. I even have to stop somewhere on my way to work most days. I cannot do anything without fearing the urgency of an attack. Now the doctors are suggesting Elavil, which I do not want to take, but my quality of life is such that I might try it. What do you know about the use of antidepressants for IBS? I am trying to get in to see an acpuncturist, as well.

  18. I am so glad I stumbled on your website for Digestrol. I was very close to buying it…you saved me alot of money. Currently, I am using the Advantage Irritable Bowel Syndrome pills. They have been effective for me to a certain extent as long as I take a powedered laxative with it. For the gas problem, I use the Advantage Gas pill and that really works although I am sure it works differently for everyone. Just thought you would like to here of one product that seems to promise some relief and actually gives it.

  19. I was very interested in Digestrol and then I saw your comments – the voice of common sense. Thank you so much for saving me a lot of money. I also read the comments of other people to your site and agree wholeheartedly with a lot of them.
    Keep up the good work, we need more of your sort.

  20. I am so glad I came across this website. Like so many of you, I’m desparate for some kind of relief. I, too, was ready to order Digestrol, and then I found Sophie’s excellent breakdown of digestrol website. It woke me up and made me realize that I need to clear the cobwebs out of my head and think!

    I was diagnosed with IBS 3 years ago, and have been told by at least 4 doctors that patients with either constipation or diarrhea can be treated effectively. However, the patients who have both, called “alternators” by one doctor, cannot be treated. And that’s me.

    I have lost track of all the different meds that didn’t help. At this point, the constant pain and nausea is wearing me down. I haven’t been able to work outside the house for over two years(employers don’t understand IBS), and this IBS has forced me to try to get Social Security Disability benefits(no luck, yet, IBS is not recognized as a disabling condition…anyone else having this problem with SS?).

    I apologize…didn’t mean to rant(a side effect of IBS)…just wanted to say THANKS! for your website and excellent info. Sophie, wish there were more like you.

  21. Hi guys, First of all, let me say that I don’t want to start a flame war here. It’s just that I’ve had experience with digestive enzyme tablets like Digestrol and I thought my experience would be useful to the readers here.

    I had diarrhea predominant IBS for the 5 years. During the last one year, I discovered NLP, Hypnosis and supplements. The digestive enzymes I started taking literally saved my life! I was frustrated and tired of not knowing what to do … but as soon as I started taking them, I didn’t feel the need for Imodium any more. I could actually feel like my food was now getting digested and I was getting the energy from those nutrients.

    In about 4 months time, I could safely go off the digestive enzyme tablets … and haven’t needed them since. I have a theory that the digestive enzymes were like crutches … that gave my tummy some breathing room and let it heal to its normal self.

    It was only after I was healed and feeling “normal” … could I learn to relax, go through with a hypnosis program and make these positive changes permanent.

    Anyway, I respect that Sophie got turned off by the aggressive marketing off that brand … So, as someone who got a lot of benefit from digestive enzymes (I bought mine from the local pharmacy, not Internet), I thought I’d share my experience.

    Sophie, thanks once again … and keep up the great work of bringing the community together!

  22. Hello!
    Ok, here is my story.
    I keep going to Dr. After Dr., Everyone says see a shrink, take a pill you have ibs! Do you even have a clue as to how frustrating this is?
    Well, I have seen two shrinks, one for meds, the other for talking. It has been 7 months now and I feel no different. I have taken med after med for stress, anxiety etc. I cannot work, have a life, drive or anything. I am 36 and trying to raise a child alone. Am I stressed? YES, because of these so called “attacks” that I keep on having. I am not depressed or have anxiety due to my head, it is all in my stomache. If anyone, anyone out there at all has any advice, suggestions etc. PLEASE leave it on this message board. I would be ever so greatful!
    Thank You and blessings to all of you for dealing with this BS too!

  23. Hi Sherry – welcome to the site, and I’m sorry to hear you’re a fellow sufferer! If you have diarrhea then calcium carbonate is one of the main things that seems to help. If it’s more constipation then magnesium can have the opposite effect to calcium.

  24. Can anyone recommend any good digestive enzyme product brands I can get in the UK that have worked?

  25. one thing people might look into is digestive enzymes, and probiotics. I am not supporting a brand, but heard someone talking about digestive disorders, and it made sense. We don’t properly chew our foods, and/or take so many medicines that we mess up the balance of enzymes and probiotics in the gut and it compromises digestion of food. So then it takes longer to breakdown, and forms gas, and slows the disetive track down ( constipation). I have been experimenting with different brands, and now include a alot of yogurt ( for the probiotic) and my IBS is much better under crontrol. I still have problems but not anything to what I was experiencing a couple of years ago, and I DIDNT take 1 single DIGESTROL!

  26. Hi Sophie -
    I came upon one of the Digestrol web sites. As I was reading it I kept thinking to myself “Hmm…this doesn’t sound right…” I read your article and laughed out loud! I’ve had IBS for something in the neighborhood of 30 years and I’ve found no magic bullet. But thanks for the humor!

  27. Nothing wrong in my opinion with supplementing a good diet with digestive enzymes but a simple look at the label on Digestrol (just do a google search) will show you the ingredients in it. If you go to your local Health Food store they will have pretty much the same enzymes all in one for probably a 3rd of the cost.
    Someone mentioned the UK. Just go to Holland And Barratt, they do an own brand “Enzyme formula” for about £6. Plus there are others on offer too but they are all pretty much the same..just slightly different quantities per dose.

  28. I’ve taken Digestrol, and it practically cured my IBS. I don’t really think you know what your talking about, or havent experienced the misery of IBS. I highly recommend it. All it is, are the digestive enzymes found naturally in your body, but its higher concentration.

  29. Brian – as others have said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with digestive enzymes, which may very well help some people. I have no idea about the quality of the enzymes contained in Digestrol, and I didn’t say that it wouldn’t work for some people, just that its marketing was very irresponsible. If you wish to take a product that is marketed with the line “A few bottles of Digestrol now or surgery later?” then that is your decision.

  30. Sophie…I see you recommend Digestive Advantage in your store. Have you done a review of it yourself (can’t seem to find one in the blogs) and do you know/have a link to the ingredients in it. Thanks

  31. Hi Jason – I haven’t written a review from a personal point of view as unfortunately the product isn’t available here in England. The reason I recommend it (with the caveat that individuals should always, of course, do their own research and make up their own minds before choosing a product) is that there are lots of good reviews on my IBS Treatment site, I hear good things about it on the IBS self-help group, plus it has actual clinical trials to back it up, which cannot be said for lots of these products. Ingredients can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

  32. Hi I am a Colitis sufferer who also suffers with ibs, I have just come out of hospital with a bad bout of a combination of ibs and uc, i was also trawling through the web out of sheer desperation, and was on the verge of ordering some Digestrol, I was not totally convinced of the marketing ploy but thought what the heck i just want to be well.
    So thank you for saving me some money, back to the drawing board im afraid….

  33. Thanks for all of this, i’ve suffered with IBS for 15 years now which is particularly exacerbated by exercise which is difficult because i love to exercise! The effects of my Xmas dinner made me come looking on the web! I was going to buy digestrol- who wouldn’t when you’ve been searching for a miracle cure for so long! Maybe i’ll have a look at digestive enzymes… thanks for all of the advice. Isn’t it nice to know you’re not the only one.

  34. ok…i have a combination of troubles – gardnerella, interstitial cystitis, and ibs. I just switched back to my Digestrol last night and the results in one day were astounding. I do realize that it’s not right to be “scared” into buying something, but for those of you out there that want to know DIGESTROL WORKS FOR ME..

  35. I just wanted to let everyone know that a lot of companies do not do their own advertising but hire companies to write up their advertisements. I agree that the advertisement for Digestrol is strange and not very supportive. I do know a few people who have used Digestrol and it worked very well for them. I think that if you are desperate for help then it can’t hurt to buy a one month supply and then if it doesn’t work, you’ll know! If it does or does not work, either way, you should write a review here so that others can see for themselves. Thanks for the website!

  36. As a desperate IBS sufferer for over 12 years (I am only 17 !!) I have tried many ways to overcome this problem. I have tried exercising, eating more meals with less amount, the 3 biggest online supplements, Bowtrol, Digestrin and Digestrol. I have tried each one of them for over 3 months, but none of them worked for me. Bowtrol was the only supplement that I felt a little difference, but it made me pee alot, which was also useless. I have also tried chinese medicine and many more so called ‘supplements’. I have seen more than 7 local doctors in australia and overseas, but they could not help me to improve my condition. I go to toliets doing number 2 over 3 times everyday up to 9 times(record, lol). When I get nervous it gets even worse, which I still can’t do anything about it.
    does anyone have any suggestions for me? thanks.

  37. I tried Digestrol for a few weeks and thought its not working. But I thought I spent alot of money on this product so I will keep trying. I changed my diet slightly and between the Digestrol and the diet change I feel great. The Digestrol helped me, my IBS is far from cured but I know that I feel a heck of alot better. I am able to function normally again. So all you who think that Digestrol is a fake take it from me it has worked wonders. Joan

  38. I have read a lot of your comments.Have you tried vsl#3 ? IT has some success in clinical trials.It is the only probiotic with high enough levels of lactic acid bacteria to be worth taking and is backed by clinical trials.

  39. I just searched out digestrol, was going to purchase the product went to your website decided not to. i have been diagnosed with diverticulitis in 2002. i was advised by the gastro. to do hi fiber like 6 metamucils daily. after a couple years of doing so. it has made me worse. cannot do even 1 now. i suffer with ibs every day – constipation or just the opposite. i have spent hundreds on products that do not work for me. any suggestions? i have come to the conclusion there is no magic bullet. also, people who do not suffer with this condition think its a real joke. thanks for your info on digestrol. good luck to us all.

  40. it sounds like a lot of you have a leaky gut, or is that just another name for IBS. It seems when doctors don’t know they cite IBS.

  41. Jane, I’ve addressed some of your concerns in my follow-up to this entry, here.

    I do plan to continue slating things I haven’t tried if they talk as much rubbish as the Digestrol people do in their advertising. I really can’t be doing with trying every wondercure on the market, I’d be penniless!

    Of course I can’t prove that Digestrol doesn’t work – like I say in my follow-up, I’m making no claims at all about whether the product works or not, just that its marketing was immensely misleading and often just plain wrong. That’s easy to prove.

    I’m not sure how I’m stopping people buying a product just because I don’t like it – people are free to make their own decisions. But is it my place to point out dodgy marketing and misleading claims and very strange misconceptions about IBS which are used to try to sell things? Yeah, I think so.

  42. Hi.
    Hope i don’t put a spanner in your works! both myself and my husband suffer from IBS, mine is diet controlled his isn’t. after 4 years of not being able to leave the house, trying every pill in the book and cutting out every type of food at some point we were desperate. so we found digestrol, he has been on it for one month and the difference is vast. he forgot to take it for two days when we were at his mums and he didn’t leave the loo. but back on it he is fine. b4 some clever clogs tells me it is a ‘psycological’ placebo effect. 2 years ago i brought some vit c pills and told him they would cure his IBS to see if that would work, Guess….. It didn’t. i realise that there write up is hazy, but please don’y slate something you havn’t tried. after all the world was flat for years!!! they might not be able to prove that the pills can work. BUT CAN YOU PROVE THEY DON’T. and is it your place to stop people buying a product because YOU don’t like it.

  43. Hi, I have had IBS for 10 years following a severe bout of food poisoning, its pretty debilitating, though i won’t bore you all with my symptoms, we all know what it consists of! I have tried all of the usual ‘remedies’ without much improvement, so sadly i have no good tips for anyone.
    Reading through all of the comments i would have no idea wether to try Digestrol, the opinion seems to be very divided.Obviously i would not want to spend a fortune on a product that will not work, but what if that is the one product that would’ve helped and i just dismiss it?!
    Hey-ho, i shall carry on the research for now!
    Excellent site Sophie, a real relief to know i am not alone

  44. Well.. I hope no one attacks me for my own personal experience. I have had IBS for about 10 years, but was not diagnosed until recently,..
    was forced handfuls of antacids, the “Purple Pill”, then onto Endoscopy, Cat Scans, xrays, blood work (in which I’m HORRIFIED OF NEEDLES.. cured that quick)…. a couple trips to the emergency room for my attacks (which my Fiance and I would usually try and wait out between 3-8 hours)…. it got to the point where I was afraid to eat, since it seemed ot happen randomly from month to month to years.. though this past year got much worse.
    After having no luck with specialists who got bored with not finding what was wrong with me… I looked on the internet myself.. and yes, I’ve been on Digestrol for two months now… and though I have had ONE attack in that 60 days.. it has certainly been a MAJOR difference versus the EVERY DAY of pain.. and I’m not varying from constipation to diahrrea every day anymore either…
    So.. for me, yes, its killing my wallet, but versus the insurance company now trying to sue me for $2000 of PRE APPROVED DIGESTIVE testing which led to NOTHING besides pills that made me LOOPY and STILL couldnt hold a NORMAL JOB…… I’ll waste my $60 a month until I am presribed something else that works cheaper.
    If anyone has anything better than Digestrol, please let me know!!!!!!! One less attack a month is better than anything!!!
    Meg D.
    25yrs old
    10yrs IBS, California.

  45. hi all just wondering, have been diagnoised with ibs, which i believe i’ve had for 10+ years, and was wondering, if any of you other sufferers have at any time or still, smoke? As i started very young and not long after starting, i started having D problems. So thought that possibly it was all the chemicals in cigarette that could have triggered it? cheers

  46. thanks for all the info on products. I am getting a bit desperate. I was put on a 1500 cal diet 2 weeks ago for a weight gain caused by medication. Since then, my bowels have been in an uproar. The diet has a lot of salads which I know are good for me, a lot of raw fruits and whole grains. I am losing on the diet but I don’t knoow if I can take the loose crampy bowels much longer. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I did well the first week except for gas, but now…

  47. hello, you have mentioned that you bought digestrol from a company called nutri, i would be very greatfull if you would kindly give me their phone number or address because i would like to try digestrol for myself.

  48. I tried a bottle of Digestrol, and it improved my IBS. I also thought the website sucked, but I was desperate! I just ordered 3 more bottles, I am going to keep on it and see if my improvements last. Before this I went to the restroom sometimes up to 15 times aday. I am sometimes afraid to eat, and always need to be near a restroom. I figure its worth a try!

  49. I skimmed through comments rather quickly. What I am about to say may have come up. First of all, good points about Digestrol. I was diagnosed with IBS almost 4 years ago. Wrong. It turns out I ruined my body eating the “American diet”. Most of my problems stem from food allergies. I also have hypothyroidism. Have you all been tested for food allergies? They can cause many of the symptoms you’ve described. Just a thought. I try to avoid allergen foods and eat a rotation diet and I feel the best I have ever felt!

  50. Hi, I’ve suffered with IBS for a year now, due to food poisoning. I’ve had many tests and exams at the Hospital…think you all know what your put through only to be told to basically ‘get on with it’.

    The doctors have tried me on fybogel (this made my diarrhoea WORSE), Loperamide (did seem to slow things down, but made me feel kind of hard and funny inside) and they keep pushing me to try anti-depressants….but I’m never going to try them as I’m not depressed, just sick of feeling crap all the time.
    My own investigations on reading books and internet searches led me to try probiotics in drink form, tried all makes, but none really helped so I switched to tablets and they do help a little. Peppermint oil in capsules is suppose to sooth your gut, I take this twice a day and do think it helps relax my insides. Also Aloe Vera in tablet form is suppose to be good for your digestive system, but it seemed to make me go more often.

    I read an American book about IBS and its theory is that IBS is caused by a bacterial overgrowth and suggests antibiotics to address this…. I’ve tried several times at the doctors, but they won’t prescribe me any as they don’t believe in this theory…Have any of you heard this or tried antibiotics?

    Finally I’ve seen a homeopathic doctor, who did a food sensitivity test on me. It revealed that I’m sensitive to dairy and wheat…this doesn’t leave much to eat! Tried cutting these out for a month now and I’ve seen some improvement, but just I begin to think maybe I’m getting better I have a ‘bad day’ as I call it and I’m back at square one. My last visit to the doctor was useless, I put the food sensitivity results to her and she basically said the test for them is rubbish…have any of you tried one? She also prescribed me Diarrheel a homeopathic preparation and this did reduce my symptoms, has anyone else tried this? But I only had two weeks supply and since finishing them I’m back to how I was before :(

    Any comments would be gratefully received

  51. I’ve had IBS since I was a teenager and now at 55 and it seems to be getting worse. The last 2 times now when I get the pains I start to sweat and then feel as if I will pass out. Does anyone else get this bad? I seem to always be somewhere after I have lunch and ate something greasy and have to call 911. I have learned that I can’t eat eggs or dairy unless I take an enzyme called ESSENTIAL ENZYMES made by Source Naturals. I didn’t realize til lately that a greasy hamburger will cause my IBS to flare. I was thinking about buying this digestrol, but think I will look in the health food stores now. I guess you just have to learn what triggers the attacks and stay away from them, not easy to do. Good Luck everyone and hope it doesn’t get worse for you as time passes.

  52. Hi Sophie,
    I just want to ask you that is there any product that you cvan recommend me(any) for treatment of I.B.S that I can buy from internet and please donot refer me to any website or link PLEASE NAME THEM or stop this so that we can go ahead and be fooled or be treated.Please donot dissappoint me.

  53. Hi Sophie,
    Is it really that difficult to find a genuine medicine on the internet.Is it a game of luck and if it is then I should be rushing to the priests rayher than the doctors. Plz reply with the name of some medicine.

  54. Hi all, its Marie,( my last entry was 16th jan). Kerry, please do not be temted to try antibiotics, IBS is not due to over production of bacteria in the gut, if anything , after 10 years of research, it is quite the opposite- a depletion of ‘good’ bacteria, when i first became ill the doctors put me on a very strong antibiotic, thinking i had an infection, and i kid you not , i became a thousand times worse.

    Pat, you are not alone in the suffering of sweating & passing out when having a painfull attack, this happens to me also, mostly when i need to be somewhere important & am pannicking wether i can make it. After my last log i researched more into the ingredients of Digestrol and also Digestive Advantage, the main ingredient being Lactobacillus Acidophillus, i found that we can purchase a much cheaper version of this from any good drugstore, i have been taking two tablets per day (200 million lactic bacteria in each tablet) for 3 weeks now & there is a noticeable improvement, not nearly perfect but the best thing i have tried in 10 years! So it may be worth a try to some of you guys too. xx

  55. To Vicky/Vivek – I have to give you a link I’m afraid, it’s the best I’ve got! Try http://www.ibstales.com/treatment-reviews.htm for self-help ideas. Unfortunately I can’t just name a product which will help you, it’s not that easy…

    To Marie (and Kerry) – the theory that IBS symptoms can be caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine has been put forward by Dr Mark Pimentel of the Cedars-Sinai medical center in LA. It’s a legitimate theory, called SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

    Patients take a breath test to measure the levels of certain gases in their breath, and are then treated with antibiotics. Although this is a legitimate theory, I would agree with Marie that antibiotics can be very bad for GI symptoms generally and shouldn’t be used lightly.

  56. After reading your comments, I felt that i had to write in to compliment DIGESTROL. I bought it in desperation, i knew the price was steep but i thought anything was worth a try to get my life back. From the day i started taking them until now (three months) i have had my life back. I have had no side effects and i feel great. Please don’t knock it until you have tried it. It really is worth a go. It worked for me.

  57. Steve, glad it worked for you. I’m afraid the “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it” logic can’t possibly work for medical matters though – I really don’t plan to swallow every quack remedy out there just to prove they’re useless. If a product doesn’t give me any clinical trials or actual, you know, evidence to judge it by, then I intend to carry on judging it by its marketing copy – what else is there?

    The starting point has to be that I assume a product doesn’t work, not that it does work, otherwise anyone could sell me any old garbage and claim it cures IBS. This is the logic that we apply to all other purchases – we don’t buy a car from a guy and not check under the hood, we don’t buy a house and not check out the guttering – the seller has to prove that their product is sound.

  58. Thanks Marie for commenting back on the sweating and passing out. I was worried that I had something different and couldn’t find anything dealing with this and IBS. My problem is that I don’t get this very often. I was transported to the hospital June 06 and had the CT Scan and they thought it was colitis. I hadn’t had another attack til last Sunday Feb. These last two had the sweating and wanting to pass out which is new to me from all these years to just having the really bad pains. I do have a doctors appointment tomorrow, so see what she has to say. My mother always told me to take Acidohillus though, I never listened. Thanks again Marie and thanks Sophie for this website!!

  59. Roger Hopkins

    Continuing the debate on DIGESTROL, I agree that their marketing sounds rather like an ad for snake oil. However, as a desperate long time sufferer, I took the bait and ordered a month’s supply from Amazon which arrived on my UK doorstep in just 48 hours! After only one week the results are ASTONISHING! For the first time in years I’m completely free of symptoms and able to function absolutely normally. Subsequently, the cost has become irrelevant and my order to complete the course has just gone off. Believe the enthusiastic sales pitch – DIGESTROL really does what they say it does!

  60. La Vera Chapel

    Hi, I have read all the comments here and it looks like there are a lot of different opinions. I have suffered from IBS for many many years, this past year I really rarely left the house because riding in a car even triggered my IBS. I had so many accidents that I just felt I needed to find relief. I bought a bottle of Digestrol in Feb. and have been on it now for 6 weeks and it has been a God send.

    Sure 60 bucks a pop is expensive, but when you just want to throw in the towel do to so many attacks,you are willing to do anything. I bought the one bottle to give it a shot, and then bought a 3 month supply (buy 2 get one bottle free)so that lowers the cost plus I got free shipping…and it is here in 3 business days..guess we will see just how in works in the future.

    But I will tell you I have had less accidents, My IBS was bad, I didn’t even have to eat to have attacks…and a simple cracker would set it off. Sure I haven’t lost the gut yet, but I can live wth that…..if it stays or goes. That’s my opinion on Digestrol for now. Will comment later if the situation changes. La Vera

  61. Hi Sophie,
    Have you read your own blog???? It seems that every person that wrote in, who has actually used Digersterol, reports a good result. I was about to buy it and stumbled on your blog. I agree that the marketing leaves something to be desired, but I am willing to give it a try based on the opionions of those who have actually tried it. I think it is very irresponsible of you to discourage the use of something you have never tried. Besides, you have nothing to lose. There is a 365 day money back guarantee. What does anyone have to lose????

  62. Hi Samantha – you ask if I have read my own blog, and that would be a yes. Some people say Digestrol worked for them, but it’s hardly overwhelming evidence.

    For example, Ken said he tried Digestrol and it didn’t work. Shelley, Roger and Abigail all recommend Digestrol but they have been taking it for one day, one week and two weeks respectively, which is not enough time to evaluate any product properly. Rachit says he was helped by generic digestive enzymes, not Digestrol itself. Joan said she tried Digestrol and it didn’t work, but then she changed her diet and kept taking Digestrol and felt better. Why is that a victory for Digestrol, rather than a victory for dietary change?

    This is the problem with anecdotal evidence – we often assign cause and effect without really knowing what is occurring in our own bodies, or really giving a treatment enough time to work (or not work).

    Samantha, can I ask you if you have heard of the placebo effect? Can I ask you if you have ever experienced a change in your IBS symptoms from one week to the next, which you can’t explain, which may or may not have anything to do with the supplements you are taking at the time?

    Can I ask you whether you think that anecdotal evidence alone is a high enough standard by which to judge a product, even though the psychology of human beings means that I could make most people feel better just by giving them sugar water and telling them it’s medicine?

    As I have said before, I am not telling anyone what to do, just expressing my own opinions. To be honest I am baffled by the idea that I should try every IBS product available before commenting on it, as if it is not possible to make an objective judgement without swallowing the thing myself. Do you ask your doctor if he has tried the drugs he prescribes before he gives them to you, or do you expect him to make a choice based on the evidence of clinical trials and studies?

    I am also baffled as to why you think it is irresponsible to criticise a product which provides no scientific evidence whatsoever and relies on fantastically misleading marketing.

    I’ve been running IBS Tales for about four years now, and in all that time I have never before heard anyone say that Digestrol works. I have heard hundreds of people say hypno works, hundreds say calcium works for diarrhea, hundreds say that changing their diet really helped.

    So. I could either keep criticising the wondercures who make their marketing up and don’t even bother to test their products, and keep recommending the proven, evidence-based treatments. Or, I could spend thousands of dollars on every wondercure that comes along (and I’ve seen a lot of ‘em, believe me) and then tell people to take them or not depending on whether they work for my specific individual symptoms, while blithely ignoring the possibility of the placebo effect.

    Now, which of these roads shall I choose…

  63. Hi Sophie
    I enjoy your very informed blogs, but in your latest, you’re beginning to sound like my doctor! – who nearly died laughing earlier this week when I told him how DIGESTROL has changed my life! However, It’s me having the last laugh, as years of expensive conventional medicine and the pious smiles of countless specialists has resulted in NOTHING! Now, only two weeks into the DIGESTROL course, I’m so far COMPLETELY healed. Who can claim that conventional medicine has ever done that for us IBS club members?!

  64. Hi Roger – you say I’m beginning to sound like your doctor, and I shall be taking that as a compliment! Do you really want your doc to start prescribing a supplement that has no evidence to say it works? Why should he choose Digestrol, instead of Digestrin or Molocure or Oxypowder or any of the other wondercures out there?

    He probably gets a lot of patients who say that certain supplements or fiber or foods work for their individual symptoms. Should he prescribe each one to all his other patients? How does he differentiate between all these treatments, if not through, you know, evidence and science and all that kind of stuff?

    Like I’ve said before, I’m not saying that Digestrol might not work – it’s made up of digestive enzymes, which might be just the ticket for some people. Just that I have no way of knowing whether it’ll work or not, cause the manufacturers haven’t bothered to do proper trials.

    Conventional medicine certainly has its faults when dealing with IBS, but I know a huge number of people who have been helped with things like dietary change and hypnotherapy, as well as drugs like Lotronex and Zelnorm. These are evidence-based approaches that have been proven in clinical trials. If Digestrol genuinely works for you then that’s fantastic, and I hope it continues to work for longer than two weeks. But I have to stick to my guns and say that a couple of pieces of anecdotal evidence do not a legitimate treatment make.

  65. hi there
    has anyone ever try ZEFARIL Body Detox Cleanse System Combo: Zefaril Colon Cleansing & Zefaril Fiber before? if so what is your take on it?

  66. Good volley Sophie! I’ll keep in touch and let you know how the DIGESTROL course pans out.

  67. Does anyone who has used Digestrol know if it works for IBS-C??? I have been struggling with chronic painful constipation and nothing works for me. I have tried all the fiber products, magnesium, senna, miralax, lactulose, Intestinal cleansing formulas, Super colon cleanse, you name it I’ve taken it. I still cannot go to the bathroom and it’s making me go crazy not to mention giving me awful pains in my left side. The doctor’s never seem to help me with this issue. I firmly believe if you are constipated for a long enough period of time it seriously affects your mood and outlook on life. So, for that reason something like Digestrol caught my eye. I am still undecided about it but all I have heard is how it works for people who have the opposite problem than I do. So, does it work for constipation too?? Thanks so much for your help. I’m desperate.

  68. I’m trying Colonix /Toxinout colon cleanse into 2nd month of three. I have passed some very long strung together things I wonder how much of IBS is caused by build up of undigested matter. I have gone from one bowel movement once or twice a week to at least1 or 2 a day. There is some urgency but afterward i’m fine for the rest of the day. There is an enzyme component as well as a tea with senna. It has solved my constipation problem so far. My ibs seems to come one when I have to be in the car (excited to go somewhere) I’m a type A personality, competative and outgoing sound familiar? I did try the Digestrol it did work 1 month so far, may go back to it after colon cleance. You are right their advertizing does sound to good to be true,but even if it is a placebo effect while it works it would be great. Why the hell is the medical community so unsympathetic, they should walk a mile in our shoes, at least we already know where all the bathrooms are. take care

  69. Guess Im like many out there – bloated , sometime painfull stomachs – basically fed up of avoiding foods we should enjoy etc. Ive been on the standard Amitryptelene , and Fybogel. To no real change . My doc just keeps re-prescribing them. I am determined to hang in there , and willing to try any drugs – I guess like others , ast really any cost ,because hey , whats more important than your health ? Of course , companies know this , and even on one months trial set of pills , they probably make a great mark up.

    So Digestrols advertising is over the top , but it obviously works for some. Looking at the ingredients , can these be bought from say Holland & Barret here in the UK anyway ? I also wondered what people take when they have the actual pain ? Paracetamol ? Buscopan advertise that they stop the pain, but then it goes on to say you should take it for > 2 weeks ? For the lady that goes hot and sweaty , this is probably a panic attack. Look up what these are and its very re-assuring to see its quite common – I had them. Its called a fight or flight syndrome – your body reacts to fear in the same way.

  70. Hi everyone,
    I’m the Pat that had her Doctors apt in Feb. My doctor actually laughed at me saying she was glad my body was telling me to quit eating the junk and the fat. I’m saving my money now and not buying the digestrol. I’m eating healthier, losing weight and exercising. I’ve noticed a good long walk really helps with the bowel movements. My Dr also gave me a medicine that goes under your tongue in case of bad contractions due to IBS. It is called Hyoscyamine. I went on vacation and screwed up one day and ate something fatty and started to get a pain. I tried the pill and it worked. I keep them with me just in case now and only cost me my $10 co pay. The main thing is to eat right, our bodies are telling us so.

  71. I was recently diagnosed w/collagenous colitis. A friend with IBS recommended an aloe-based product with a name similar to Digestrol and I ordered Digestrol by mistake. Took it one day and didn’t feel too good, so I stopped. For this man w/IBS the other product has been lifesaving–6 years of relief on 3 tablets daily. My question: how valid is this fascinating site for my condition, and is there a similar one addressing colitis issues? Such a help to read this. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  72. Hi Shirley – I’m afraid that my knowledge of colitis is pretty limited, so I can’t really say whether IBS situations would be similar to yours. Sorry about that. I do know that the symptoms can be very similar and some folk have both colitis and IBS together, so it seems logical that some of the IBS remedies might be useful for colitis too. I’m going to close this entry off to new comments – there are now such a large number it’s getting a bit huge. If anyone does have any further comments on Digestrol or anything else then please just go to one of my latest blog entries and comment there. Thanks.

  73. As Digestrol has now been exposed as a scam I am closing comments on this post. Read why here.