Brilliant IBS cartoons

A fab new blog called Chronically Me is home to some very original, but very relatable, IBS cartoons. The blog owner has kindly given me permission to post one here at IBS Tales so I’ve picked one of my favorites, called “Advice”. This one’s for anyone who’s ever investigated IBS treatments and been given mountains and mountains of conflicting, confusing and sometimes downright ridiculous advice. In other words, it’s for all of us. Enjoy! (Click on the image for a larger version.)

IBS Advice Cartoon

One Response to Brilliant IBS cartoons

  1. This is hilarious! I will say that celiac was ruled out for me also but, I can’t eat any wheat without having IBS attacks. If I have any wheat in my diet I seem to have some sort of sensitivity where no matter what I eat, it can cause an attack. Wheat is in everything so it sure is hard to avoid but, I feel so much better when I do!